Mar 062014

Check How This Guy Completed Super Mario Bros. With The Lowest Score Possible
If you ever played Super Mario Bros. (and you should have, unless you lived the last 30 years under a rock!) you must know it’s not an easy play! You have to defeat various foes, collect coins, discover secrets and beat bosses, all this by jumping around over and over again!

But how about playing the game in a different way? How about playing it to collect the less coins possible and kill no foes? This is what Youtube user NotEntirelySure did and his results are simply impressive. The first vid above shows a 600 point game play with no deaths (note that the lowest possible score is 500 points). The second video shows a 500 points game (although he lost a life at level 8-1 where you need to make it accros a very large gap without grabbing any coins).
Watch his impressive play!


Sep 062013

Nintendo 2DS - The Little Brother Of The 3DS Nintendo Family

A couple of days ago Nintendo unveiled the new 2DS model. Part of the 3DS family, the new handheld game console offers the exact same features as the 3DS and 3DS XL models minus the 3D viewing function.
Nintendo dropped the classic clam-shell form for a simple pad-like form factor, but assured customers that the new model is fully compatible with all the packaged and and downloadable games designed for the 3DS and 3DS XL models. The Nintendo 2DS will be available for purchase as of October 12, 2013.

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Aug 162013

Retro Gaming Suitcase By Salvador Bachiller

Here’s another cool airport suitcase from Salvador Bachiller. Just as the Express Wood Trolleys, the Retro Gaming Console Suitcase is made of strong ABS and Polycarbonate and it features a closing zipper secured by a built in padlock, four 360º-turn wheels for increased mobility, an extensible truck and two handles (one on the top and one on the trolley’s side).

While not a 100% match, the Retro Gaming Suitcase’s design remembers the cool looks of a Nintendo Gameboy.

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[... Thanks Juan for sharing]


Aug 102013

Surface Tension -  The Arcade Table For Your Living Room

Surface Tension is the perfect replacement for your boring, classic coffee table.
The arcade and entertainment systems are hand-made, come in various wood finishes and dark glass covers and allow playing games, surfing the web, playing music, watching movies and even wireless streaming via the Sonos service.

The Surface arcade tables come in 3 configurations – Dual, Double7 and Arcane with Dual being the lower end device that allows only game playing and Arcane being the high-end system which offers all the above described features.

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Aug 092013

Super Mario Bros Realistic Drawings - Super Mario

Just as my previous post about the Popeye The Sailor realistic drawings, the Mario Realistic Character drawings are are mockups of how the famous Nintendo game characters would look like in real life.

Unfortunately I was not able to trace the original artist so, if you have any info about him/her, please note it in the comments.



Jul 172013

Whack-A-Space-Invader Keychain Game

In an era when iPhone and Android Smartphones can play games that just a few of years back were launched for PC, it’s difficult to believe that classic keychain games might still present an interest. Seriously, who would choose an obsolete game with physical buttons, no downloadable apps and no touch screen???

Well, think again! The Space Invaders Keychain Game from proves that old type games are still addictive even for the younger, so called iPhone generation. Based on the simple game principles of the classic Whack-A-Mole of our youth, the Space Invaders game requires speed and good reflexes to smash the aliens trying to land on “our planet”. The game comes with three levels of difficulty and it’s small enough to be used as a day-to-day keychain.

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May 292013

Transform Your iPad Into A Cool Pinball Machine

If you liked the Ion iCade and how it transforms your iPad into a classic arcade station, you should definitively stop by for a few moments and check out the cool iPad Pinball Game Console.

Featuring a real spring-loaded launcher, side buttons to control the flippers, one or two player games, five free pinball tables (Wild West, the Deep, Snow Pinball, DaVinci and Jungle Style), Bluetooth data transmission between the pinball case and the tablet and full compatibility with all iPads, the Pinball Console a realistic playing experience for all ages.

$15.00 | BUY NOW


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