Mar 182014

Roku Streaming Stick Or How To Stream The Web To Your TV
The Roku Steaming Stick was designed to offer the same goodies as the Google Chromecast and even more. If Google’s smart stick limits wireless content streaming to whatever Google Chrome can run, the Roku gadget turns your TV into a streaming mean machine and allows you to access over 1,000 TV channels, Netflix, Youtube and over 31,000 movies (new content added constantly). You can even stream Netflix and Youtube content straight from your smartphone or tablet via dedicated apps.

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The gadget streams your content in full HD mode via an existing Wi-Fi network, has a slick design (the stick or the USB charging cable will not be visible from the back of your TV) and comes with a remote controller designed to allow you full control of the device.
Available for pre-order with delivery schedule for the second part of April 2014.

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Mar 172014

HISY Bluetooth iOs Camera Remote, So Your Selfies No Longer Suck!
Cool selfies have become the norm these days!
So why not get yourself a bit of advantage over the cohorts of self-photographers out there? You know, not much … just a bit of a head start…

The Hisy Bluetooth shutter remote was designed to allow you shot selfies and group selfies from distances ranging from 1 meter up to 30 meters (that’s about 90 feet). The remote activates the shutter via Bluetooth, is compatible with iOs 7 and later devices (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 3rd & 4th Generation, iPad Mini & Pad Air iPod, & iPod Touch 5th Generation or later), is powered by a button battery which is good for about a year at a pace if 100 photos per day and comes with a headphone jack plug which allows easy and handy storage while not in use.

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Feb 122014

Winbot Window Cleaning Robot
We’re living in an age of technology. All kind of gadgets and electronic gear are build every day to ease our work and home chores, to speed up tasks and to improve overall productivity.

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The Winbot, is a window cleaning robot that brings automation into professional cleaning and makes cleaning worker’s lives easier.
Winbot is equipped with an intelligent on-board computer that scans the entire window surface and calculates the optimum cleaning path before it starts the job, a frameless window detection system that allows cleaning frameless windows such mirrors and glass doors and is fully compatible with any glass of any thickness. Simply turn it on, place it on the window, hit the start button and watch it cleaning your windows and mirrors to a shiny and spotless look! An included remote controller allows you to manually control the robot in case you want to double clean any of the glass areas.

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Feb 032014

AeroSkull HD iPhone Bluetooth Speaker
Designed by Jarre Technologies (founded by the musical legend, Jean Michel Jarre) to work with iPhone, iPad and any other music players (via line-in or Bluetooth), the AeroSkull HD is a real style statement piece of gadgetry – also check Philips StarMaker Bluetooth Speaker & Karaoke System the The Bass Egg Turns Any Surface Into A Dedicated Speaker.

The speaker outputs 80W of power (two mid-range 20W speakers hidden behind the sunglasses; one sub-woofer of 40W covering the back of the skull), is made of chrome plated ABS, comes with a bone-design remote controller with backlight buttons and is available in a range of vibrant colors. On the technical side the speaker supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC and WAV files and sports Bluetooth, NFC, APTX and A2DP codecs.

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Nov 062013

X4 First Person View Quadcopter By Hubsan Hobby

What sets the Husban X4 FPV Quadcopter apart of the pack is the live video transmission between he flying unit and the remote control. The Quadcopter is able to stream video to the controller up to a distance of 100 meters. The X4 is equipped with a 0820 coreless motor powered by 3.7 380mAh rechargeable battery (the battery allows around 7 minutes of flight on a 30 minutes charge) and features 0.3 MP camera (640×480 pixel resolution) on-board. The remote controller sports a 4.3-in color LCD for live streaming and 2GB-16GB storage capabilities for the recording mode – also check this cool video with a Google Glass Controlled Drone.

The X4 first person view quadcopter by Hubsan Hobby is available for pre-order (delivery in late November 2013)

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Oct 162013

Looq 7PM Or How To Transform Your Smartphone Into An Universal Remote Control

If you’re looking for a cool universal remote control or you simply want to play a prank to some friends I have the perfect gadget to help you do so. The Looq @7PM is an IR transmitter that, when inserted in your smartphone’s headphones plug, allows you to your your phone as an universal remote controller. Simply plug in the transmitter, choose the brand and the model or activated the Auto Scan function and you’re ready to roll – also check the Wand Universal Remote Control and the Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Controller.

The @7PM remote allows you to control TV sets, DVD players, home theaters and even air conditioners via dedicated application buttons or by using gestures (shake your smartphone to turn volume up or down, etc …). Compatible with iOs (iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones and tablets)

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Oct 112013

Geonaute 360 Video Camera - The Action Camera That Gets It All
The first and only mountable action camera that will capture everything around you“.

How cool is that? An action camera that records a all around you not only the direction where is pointed. Here’s how it works … you mount the camera, you turn it on, you choose between the photo and video modes and you’re ready to go. Behind the scenes three cameras record images simultaneously and automatically combine them into 360 degrees footage. Once the recording is completed, simply connect the camera to your laptop and the movies are downloaded automatically in common JPEG and MP4 formats and can be enjoyed immediately (no post-processing is required). The footage can be processed in any video processing software in case you need to remove or edit anything – also check the GoPro Hero 3+, the Sony HDR-AS15, and the Panasonic HX-A100 action cameras.

The Geonaute 360 Video Action Camera weights only 200 grams, is shockproof , sports a 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery, is compatible with microSD cards up to 64GB (the 360 degrees video takes about 5GB per recorded hour) and has a wide array of accessories available (including a waterproof housing and a remote controller). Geonaute also features a play platform where users can upload their movies, share them and allow other user to embed them in their website 9like I have done with this video)

Check out the attached video clip and let me know your take on the 360 degrees recording mode. The clip is interactive, so move your mouse on it, click the left button and start dragging the view in any direction (quick note – your browser might freeze for a couple of seconds but everything will run just fine).

The Geonaute 360 action camera should hit the market soon with a price tag turning around $399 US.

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