Jun 022015

Orange Portable Evrgrn Campfire Rocker - Unfolded and Folded As Messenger Bag
Get more comfy in your next outdoors trip with the new evrgrn Campfire Rocker.

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The evrgrn is a portable rocking chair designed to be as comfortable as possible while being very easy to transport and store. The rocker is made of easy to clean durable outdoor materials, is 10 in. seat height and 27 in. overall height, sports a stable base to avoid unwanted accidents, a small stash pocket for your phone, flashlight or a deck of playing cards and a carrying case so you can easily take it everywhere with you.

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Feb 282014

Mammut Pro Avalanche Protection Airbag Pack
I don’t know about you but I was always afraid of avalanches! While skiing and snowboarding in official resorts seems a bit safer, not the same can be said about wild trails! Make sure you always stay protected by using an avalanche airbag like the Mammut Pro 35L Airbag Pack.

Just as the NorthFace Patrol 24, the Mammut avalanche airbag is designed to deploy in case of avalanche emergency and keep you at or near the surface. The airbag deploys in 3 seconds and, as it is placed on your shoulders, will not interfere with your field of vision. Other than the useful airbag feature, the Mammut Pro also features a generous storage space, a removable snowboard carrier, a soft-lined ski goggles pocket, an U-shaped aluminum frame to support the load and helps transfer weight to the hipbelt, padded shoulder straps and a thermoformed back panel for improved comfort and and ventilation.

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Jan 152013

Solar Rechargeable Battery Pack To Feed Your Electricity Hungry Gadgets- Solar Cells & Battery Pack
There are many solar chargers on the market (ex: check the SolarMonkey), but most of them have low capacity and long recharging times

GoalZero took the challenge to manufacture a solar powered charger that can help you charge multiple devices multiple times (ex:their Sherpa 50 model, can charge your smartphone up to 7 times)

The kit is built for use in wilderness, comes with two solar panels (combined output 13.5 watts) and features USB, 120V and 110W plugs. Between other cool specs we can spot:

  • waterproof solar panel
  • chain charge capability (you can charge multiple gadgets at the same time)
  • LCD display for battery status
  • small compact shape
  • charger controller chip
  • capable of sustaining 75 watts of power continuously
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