Nov 062013

X4 First Person View Quadcopter By Hubsan Hobby

What sets the Husban X4 FPV Quadcopter apart of the pack is the live video transmission between he flying unit and the remote control. The Quadcopter is able to stream video to the controller up to a distance of 100 meters. The X4 is equipped with a 0820 coreless motor powered by 3.7 380mAh rechargeable battery (the battery allows around 7 minutes of flight on a 30 minutes charge) and features 0.3 MP camera (640×480 pixel resolution) on-board. The remote controller sports a 4.3-in color LCD for live streaming and 2GB-16GB storage capabilities for the recording mode – also check this cool video with a Google Glass Controlled Drone.

The X4 first person view quadcopter by Hubsan Hobby is available for pre-order (delivery in late November 2013)

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Sep 202012

AppSing AppToyz Portable Karaoke Overview

Karaoke Night? Count me in!!!
Now you can hook up your iPhone or Android Smartphone and use the AppSing from AppToys to host your Karaoke night!

AppToyz AppSing Features:

  • Android and iPhone compatible (case opens up to 6.5 inches)
  • Full stereo sound speaker
  • Holds phone landscape or lortrait
  • Volume control on mic and speakers
  • Microphone measures approx. 21cm x 4cm x 3cm
  • Speakers measure approx. 15cm x 16cm x 11cm
$60 | BUY NOW
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