Mar 282013

Swipe Control Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
Wireless headphones did not change much in shape and functionality since they were introduced on the market. One of the biggest disadvantages using wireless headphones, apart the battery life, is the blind fumbling after the buttons when you want to use a function (skip a song or turn up/down the volume, etc …). While, as time passes, you might get used with the location of the buttons, swiping your fingers around the headphones to achieve the same actions seems a lot more intuitive and less prone to errors.

The Finger Swipe Headphones allow you to use predefined movements on the external surface of the earpiece. This way, you can turn the volume up or down with a simple vertical finger swipe and advance or rewind a track with a horizontal swipe.

The headphones connect to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 via Bluetooth, feature a rechargeable battery that allows you to continuously listen to around 10 hours of music, have a built-in microphone so you can answer calls if needed, fold away for compact storage and come with an auxiliary port that allows you to use them on non-Bluetooth devices.

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Mar 252013

Get Into The Beat With The Beat Booster Wireless Boom For iPhone and iPad

Take a trip to the 80′ and re-enjoy the cool beat of the boombox!

The Beat Booster was specifically designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, although, as the connection between the devices and the box is made by Bluetooth, it will be compatible with nearly any device allowing music streaming by Bluetooth.

The boombox features sliding speakers (to allow docking of various size devices (from iPhone to iPad), Lightning plug connection for docking your device (a 30-pin adapter is available for older devices), a rechargeable battery and it is made of chrome-plated metal and high quality plastic.

The Beat Booster Boombox will be available for purchase soon via Quirky.

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Mar 232013

Mophie iPhone 4-4S and iPhone 5 Battery Extension Case

There are two things your iPhone constantly needs: charging and protection.

The Mophie iPhone battery case combines the convenient extra power of a battery pack with the useful protection of a quality iPhone case. The battery case is ultra-thin and offers an extra 1500 mAh of power to keep you running through the day (that’s about 80% extra power than what you iPhone already has by it’s internal battery).

The case also features a battery level LED indicator, and gets charged simultaneously with your iPhone. The Mophie Power Pack Case is available for both iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

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Mar 202013


Star Wars Fans! Get ready for the best adventure of your lives!
The Millennium Falcon Is Ready To Take Off!!!

The remote controlled Millennium Falcon features two counter-rotating rotors which allows it to function like a regular RC Helicopter. Han Solo would be proud to see how easily the Millennium Falcon moves forward, backward, sideways, up and down controlled from up to 30′ (that’s about 10 meters) by a 3-channel remote control. The remote controller is powered by four AA batteries and it also serves as power source for the Falcon. A 20 minutes plug into the remote controller will offer the bellowed Star Wars starship around 5 minutes of flying around … just enough to get you to a galaxy far, far away!

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Feb 262013

Wikipad - The Tablet Designed For Extreme Gamers

There’s a big pile of tablets out there and most gadget manufacturers focus to produce even more of them. With so many tablet models, you can easily find the perfect tablet for your needs – cheap, expensive, slim or bulky, brand or no name, powerful or average – you name it …

One of the tablet niches we like the most is the gaming tablet niche. We love to see how manufacturers pack amazing processing power into small packages optimized for gaming. Of course, you can play on any tablet, but having a gaming specially designed tablet is just … super cool!

The Wikipad is a new gaming tablet set for release in the spring of 2013. While it’s concept is not unique, we like the mix of high power tablet with detachable gaming specific controls. Here are some of it’s features:

  • Detachable gaming controls with: 2 analog game-sticks, directional pad, four front buttons, two shoulder buttons and two trigger buttons
  • Combines the power of the tablet with the usability of a console
  • Certified for Sony PlayStation Mobile – gives access to some popular Sony titles like – OMG Zombies, Samurai Beatdown, Super Crate Box
  • nVidia Tegra 3 quad core processor
  • 7″ 1280/800 multi-touch wide screen
  • Thin design – only 0.42″ (that’s 1cm)
  • Light weight – only 0.71 lbs (322 grams)
  • 2 MP front facing camera
  • 16GB storage plus MicroSD slot
  • GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Gyroscope
  • 4100 mAh rechargeable battery
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Feb 182013

Men, Women Hands Free Facial Muscle Toner

The Hands Free Facial Muscle Toner is another cool product from

The device was designed to tighten and tone your face by working the facial muscles. The facial muscle toner is worn as a telephone headset and transmits harmless electrical impulses to your face muscles via gel pads. The device comes with a remote controller that allows you to adjust it’s intensity on a variation of 99 levels.

Some other features of the facial muscle massger are: rechargeable battery (around 20 sessions per charge), AC adapter, available in two colors (white and black) and comes with 12 free sets of gel pads (each set of gel pads allows around 20 minutes of usage).

As always when we feature articles that may have a direct or indirect impact on your health – please make sure your physician is OK with the usage of the facial muscle toner.

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Feb 142013

ClamCase Pro Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case

The ClamCase Pro is a full keyboard high quality iPad case, designed to protect your tablet and help you type long texts easier.

The case features a durable aluminum and polycarbonate enclosure, auto iPad wake and sleep and a 360 degrees hinge that allows you to use the tablet in any position (tablet, laptop, horizontal and vertical stand). The keyboard connects with the iPad via Bluetooth (one touch easy pairing) and it has it’s own rechargeable battery which can be used months between charges.

Basically, the ClamCase Pro offers what many other tablet cases out there offer – it protects your tablet while adding an external keyboard for easy typing. Where the ClamCase PRO excels over many of it’s counterparts is the high quality of the build, good looking stylish design as well as the ease of use.

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