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Oct 222013

Skully Moto Helmet - HUD GPS Navigation
Motorcycle safety is not all about the rider’s skills and keeping the proper distance in traffic. The vehicle and equipment design have a major impact on avoiding fatalities as well. As technology evolves we see more and more of it’s applications into the road safety field.

The Skully Motorcycle Helmet is a DOT & ECE safety approved moto helmet that implements the Heads Up Display (HUD) technology into the visor allowing the rider to safely follow GPS navigation, listen music or answer quick calls without taking his eyes of the road – also check the Reevu Rear View Mirror Motorcycle Helmet and Predator Moto helmet we featured earlier.

The helmet integrates a 180 degree rear view camera which display rear and side images on the visor’s left hand lower corner HUD and features full Bluetooth integration with smartphones allowing the rider to control music, send texts, make calls, and change your destination all hands-free, by voice commands.The helmet is equipped with anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare face shield and has a battery lifetime of around 9 hours of usage between charges.

There’s a bad news and a good news with all this – the bad news is that the Skully HUD helmet will only hit the market somewhere in 2014. The good news is that it’s manufacturer is taking inscription for a beta testing program – so you get a cool chance to try it before it even gets to the masses.

What’s your take on installing a HUD into a moto helmet? Will it be an added safety feature or an extra distraction (think about music, and making calls while riding bike). Let’s hear you int he comments…

UPDATE 09/01/2014 – The Skully Helmet is crowdfunding at Indiegogo and you can secure of for $1,399 US 9that’s $100 US less than the regular retail price) here.

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May 022013

REEVU RV MSX1 - The Rear View Mirror Motorcycle Helmet

Last week we had some fun with the Predator Helmet, now it’s time we look into a cool, more utilitarian motorcycle helmet model.

The Reevu RV MSX1 helmet features a fully patented rear view mirror system incorporated in the head protector outshell. While this is not an entirely new idea, what’s cool about the Reevu helmets is that they are not using cameras and LCD’s to allow you check your back … so, there is no danger of malfunction, battery run downs or any other system failures.

Here’s how the guys from Reevu explain how the system works:
Its Vision system is constructed from a reflective poly carbon plate. In the event of an accident this plate has been designed to react as a crumple zone displacing load across the internal construction of the helmet, in effect a double shell.

Put simply the optical device ‘bends light’ around the shape of the head all within the outer shell casing. The outershell casing is made from a mix of carbon composites to offer alight weight with full impact resistance in adherence to the Worldsmost stringent standards.

REEVU RV MSX1 has already passed most of the Worlds most stringent safety standards it has already proved itself on and off the Track and is currently homologated to ECE 22.05. INMETRO DOT AS/NZS 1698. 2006 S.A.B. K.S.

Let’s here you in the comments … Do you already have a rear view helmet? What’s your take on this helmet?

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