Jan 262016

Removu RM-P1 Wi-Fi Remote Viewer for GoPro Hero

The Removu RM-P1 is a cool wrist adapter that allows you use your BacPac as a full featured remote controller and LCD viewer for your GoPro action camera.

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Especially useful when using a recording stick or when mounting your camera on helmets or vehicles, the Removu RM-P1 is compatible with GoPro models Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 and protects your Bacpac from impacts and water (down to 3 feet for up to 30 Minutes).

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Sep 202015

Air Hogs Star Wars RC Millennium Falcon Quadcopter
She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” said Han to Luke! The rest is history …

Check out the new Millennium Falcon interior drone by Air Hogs! Powered by 4-ducted propellers hidden within it’s body and a 2.4Ghz remote, the Millennium Falcon Quad Drone can fly up to 250+ft away (that’s about 75 meters), can activate hyper-drive stunts with a simple push of a button and comes equipped with iconic LED lights and authentic sounds!

Check it out! “She’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.“!

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Mar 142015

Auug Motion Synth For iPhone And iPod Touch

The Auug Motion Synth turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fully functional musical instrument and allows you use your phone to create and play music and sounds. The Auug Motion Synth comes with the Auug Grip which attaches to your hand and holds your iPhone in a position where you can play it with your fingers and the Auug App which which uses motion data from your iPhone to shape the music and allows you to interact with external devices like hardware synths or vocal harmonizers as well as control audio or visual software on a laptop. The last part of the Auug Motion Synth is the Auug Cloud which helps with music storage and sharing with other members. Check the video to see it in action and let me know your thoughts int he comments below …

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The Auug Motion Synth acts as a MIDI controller allowing you to play and control sounds and music from other iPhone apps or external devices and is compatible with iPhone models 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and the 5th generation iPod Touch.

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Feb 072015

Anki Drive Starter Kit - The Smartphone Controlled Toys You'd Steal From Your Kids
If you ever enjoyed Nintendo’s Super Mario Kart or other similar car racing and fighting games you should really pay attention and continue reading the following lines!

The Anki Drive Smart Robot Cars RC kit brings racing car battles to life and allows you to race and virtually fight your bros with 100% real cars. Part toy, part video game, the Anki Drive system uses real RC cars and racing tracks combined with a dedicated iPhone or Android app to create a virtual world where everything is possible. Control your toy on the racing track in your living room and upgrade it’s weaponry, activate it’s defense shields, fire upon your enemies via the smartphone apps to take your opponents out for a couple of seconds and gain the upper hand and so on … Each car has it’s own personality, strengths and weaknesses! ! Simply amazing! Check out the video to see it in action!

The Anki Drive is compatible with most iPhone and iPad models as well as most Android devices on the market and can be purchased as a starter kit (including the starter track and two cars – Kourai Agile Striker and Bonson Fast Attacker) as well as additional expansion fighter cars and tracks.

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May 062014

PowerUp 3.0 iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane
Get hours of RC flying pleasure by combining your classic paper airplane making skills with modern propulsion and Bluetooth technology.
Simply build the best paper airplane you can (don’t worry, if you never got this right there’s a quick tutorial included to show you how to fold a sheet of paper into a solid airplane), attach the motor, fire-up the the free iPhone or Android app to control the plane and you’re set for the next adventure.

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The PowerUp 3.0 iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane works via low-power Bluetooth 4.3 smart technology, has a flight duration of around 10 minutes on a full battery charge, features a durable crash-proof design and comes with a spare propeller and rudder. Available for pre-order with delivery in mid July 2014.

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Feb 222014

iPhone Controlled Bluetooth Wall Climbing Car
Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control this cool gravity-defying wall climber car toy!

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Sounds incredible? Here’s how it actually works – the car has an USB rechargeable battery powered small internal motor which creates a vacuum between the car’s body and the wall or the ceiling, giving you the impression the car is stuck to the wall. The RC toy can be controlled via Bluetooth and a free dedicated app by any iOS device.

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Oct 212013

Romo - The iPhone Powered Robot
Meet Romo! Romo is a cute iPhone powered robot that can be trained to become your best virtual friend you can also call it a virtual pet if you prefer). Here are some of the coolest things you can do with the Robmo Robot – also check the iPhone Spy Tank (not really an iPhone robot, but still a cool iPhone controlled RC toy)

  • First – It needs an iPhone to work
  • Romo features face recognition (it can follow you around, play faces, etc …)
  • Romo can be controlled over the internet via another iOS device or computer
  • Romo learns basic stuff as you you train him (Customize your own robot in seconds with Romo’s in-app mobile training platform.)
  • Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4. The iPhone 5 version is on it’s way (available for pre-order)

The Romo Robot is the winner of the Best High-Tech Toy at Toyfair 2013 and is designed as an app ecosystem. Developers can code new apps and “teach” Romo new skills – so, hopefully, in the near future we can have Romo fetch us a cold beer in a hot summer afternoon!

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