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Dec 142015

41 Functional Cufflinks In James Bond Style

While cufflinks are not mandatory every time you wear a dress suit, they can be an amazing opportunity to tell people around something about you! And not only, sometimes, they can be a real life saver! From danger whistles to USB storage, from calendar to carpenter levels and rulers, from thermometers to cigar punches, lighters and dices, these little stylish accessories can help you save the day!

For that matter we compiled below the coolest functional cufflinks we found around! Check them out after the break and let us know what’s your favorite pair of cufflinks!

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Oct 292013

WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks With 2GB Data Storage Drive
After bringing to life the USB storage cufflinks Ravi Ratan takes the utilitarian gadget cufflinks concept one step further. The WiFi Hotspot cufflinks allow user not only to carry 2GB of data with them wherever they go, but also transform any laptop/desktop PC to WiFi hotspot.

Simply plug the cufflinks into a free laptop USB plug, instal the hotspot software (free download) and enjoy high-speed WiFi on the rest of your devices. You can also access media servers from the host computer via the USB Cufflinks.

$249.95 | BUY NOW


Sep 242013

Star Wars Death Star Cufflinks by Ravi Ratan

Here’s a nice opportunity to make a cool fashion statement and let people know you’re a Star Wars fan without being too flashy – also check the R2-D2 USB Cufflinks and the Stormtrooper Official Cufflinks.

The Ravi Ratan Death Star Cufflinks are made of Silvertone plate/enamel.

$60 | BUY NOW
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Mar 022013

Ravi Ratan Iron Black Woven Oval USB Cufflinks-CLI-RR-435-WB

We saw USB drives inserted int he most uncommon shapes – check the USB bracelet or the Mimobots. Today we’ll check another unusual place for a USB flash drive – dress cufflinks.

The USB cufflinks have a capacity of 4GB (2GB each), are fully engravable and are produced by Ravi Ratan, a specialized luxury cufflinks designer manufacturer.

The price tag of $199 seems to be a bit high considering the limited storage they offer, but if you let your imagination run wild and you see yourself James Bond stealing military secrets, hiding them in your cufflinks and fooling the security they might not be that expensive.

On the more real side of things, having the USB flash drives attached to your cufflinks allows you to always have the files you need with you.

What’s your take on it? How do you make sure to always have your USB drive always with you and not loose it or forget it at home?

$199 | BUY NOW – US Market


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