Mar 302014

Wolf DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet
If you wasn’t impressed by the Predator Helmet, Spiderman Helmet or the Batman Motorcycle helmet we featured earlier and you’re still in the market for the perfect biker skull protection, you must stop by for a minute and check the Wolf Helmet.

Custom made in US and DOT certified, the wolf helmet sports a scary, creepy and funny (all at the same time … imagine that!) realistic wolf head fully covering the protective helmet and designed to instantly transform you in a badass biker werewolf! A real head turner … What’s your take on it? Let me know int he comments below …

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Feb 282014

Mammut Pro Avalanche Protection Airbag Pack
I don’t know about you but I was always afraid of avalanches! While skiing and snowboarding in official resorts seems a bit safer, not the same can be said about wild trails! Make sure you always stay protected by using an avalanche airbag like the Mammut Pro 35L Airbag Pack.

Just as the NorthFace Patrol 24, the Mammut avalanche airbag is designed to deploy in case of avalanche emergency and keep you at or near the surface. The airbag deploys in 3 seconds and, as it is placed on your shoulders, will not interfere with your field of vision. Other than the useful airbag feature, the Mammut Pro also features a generous storage space, a removable snowboard carrier, a soft-lined ski goggles pocket, an U-shaped aluminum frame to support the load and helps transfer weight to the hipbelt, padded shoulder straps and a thermoformed back panel for improved comfort and and ventilation.

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Apr 192013

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Removable Visor

The Predator Motorcycle Helmet is one of the coolest motor bike helmets I ever saw – also check the Bell Rogue and the Carbon Helmet Carbon Motorcycle Helmet by Bell Star Sports.

The Predator helmet model is manufactured by the Russian company NLO Motor, is made of fiberglass, carbon fiber and polycarbonate, has a removable visor and it even has a 3 LED side mounted light to emulate Predator’s targeting system.
There are a number of optional add-ons offered by NLO Motors to make their motorcycle helmet even more cooler than the base model: laser controlled target, smoke face shield, improved graphics, carbon dreadlocks spearheads and even canines!

I really want to hear your comments on this helmet. What’s you take on it? Which model would you wear while riding the winds of Earth?

UPDATE – 06/03/2013 – There was a lot of buz on the forums about the Predator helmet not being DOT or ECE certified. Please make your due diligence and check if the helmet meets that standards required in your residence country before purchasing it.

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Feb 092013

The Camsafe 100 Camera Shoulder Bag by Pacsafe - Efficient Anti Theft Protection For Your Photo Gear

If you like photography, you know how difficult can be to keep your photo gear secure while traveling around. Luckily, there are photo gear manufacturers that provide photo bags specifically designed with camera anti-shock and anti-theft protection protection in mind (check the Pelican U140 for anti-shock protectionand the Lowerpro Dry Zone 200 camera bag for great protection against the elements).

The CamSafe 100 camera bag made by PacSafe is a good option for those in need of anti theft protection for their photo gear. The bag is made of 400D nylonk with Exomesh slashguard insertions on the front and bottom panels to make sure no one will cut it’s way through the material and steel your camera or lenses. The Shoulder strap is slashproofed as well and secured for snatching by using strong combination lock which anchor to the bag while the Zippers have a lockable mechanism protecting against accidental (or not) bag opening.

The interior of the CamSafe 100 is is fully padded, features padded dividers and multiple pockets for your photo gear.Learn how you can protect your gear while vacation traveling or even roaming around in your city …

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Jan 282013

Red and Black Foldable Bike Helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding your bike IS A MUST! But wearing a bike helmet also brings a main issue – you have to take care of your helmet and store it somehow while you’re not riding your bike. While this is easy if you use your bike for pleasure it can become a big hassle if you use your bike as a day-to-day transportation – think about those rapid courier guys passing their days biking around and delivering packages …

Overade is in the market to offer a solution for this issue – the Foldable Bike Helmet.
What we basically have here is a helmet that folds and restrains it’s volume 3 times to allow you easy transportation while not riding your bicycle.

The Overade Folding Helmet can be procured via the website and it will be available for delivery in the 2013 spring – just in time for you to start the biking season in foldable safety!

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Jan 262013

Ortovox Avalanche Transceivers Help The Rescue Team Find You In Case Of Avalanche

If you’re one of those that like free skiing or snowboarding in unmarked or unpatrolled areas, you must be aware of the risks and the constant danger of avalanches.

A while back we featured the North Face Patrol 24 ABS which was specifically conceived for this type of situations. There are also other solutions on the market to help you in the unfortunate case when you’re caught in an avalanche and today we’ll take a look at some avalanche transceivers made by Ortovox.

A transceiver is basically a gadget that will allow the rescue teams to locate you and save you in case you’re caught in an avalanche. The Ortovox transceivers are high quality, battery operated gadgets that are able to read the victims position and transmit the information to the rescue teams. In average, the Ortovox transceivers have a weight of around 250 grams, based on the model, they can be discovered down to 50 meters below the snow level and they can locate multiple snow burials.

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£178+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Jan 102013

Rogue Helmet by Bell Will Give Your A Rogue Look Solid Matte Black

Bell Helmets is a well known sports helmets manufacturer which delivers high quality protection equipment.

The latest addition to their helmet line is the Rogue Helmet – also check their hot seller Carbon Motorcycle full helmet.

The Rogue is basically a 3/4 helmet with the cool look of a 1/2 helmet that features an adjustable and removable muzzle. The helmet is made of lightweight, ultra protective composite shell, provides a very comfortable interior with integrated speaker pockets and comes in 4 color tones: solid matte black, gunny, army green or shinny black.

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