Feb 052016

LG Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector With LG Smart TV Apps

Designed for Full HD 1080p home entertainment, the LG Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater is perfect for gaming, TV shows, movies. The LG Electronics PF1000U sports a 1,000 lumens lamp with up to 30,000 hours of life, projects an image of 100″@15 inch (from back side to screen), sports numerous wireless connections such as DLNA, Miracast, WiDi and Bluetooth Sound-Out as well as SMART TV features for streaming online content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.

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Jul 012015

PicoPro Ultra Portable Laser HD Projector
Compatible with most Android and iOs devices (iPhone and iPad require an Apple Lightning Adapter and an HDMI A to D cable) as well as with most HDMI, DLNA and Miracast enabled gadgets, the Celluon PicoPro is a powerful pocket projector designed to help you professionally display your work presentations or watch high quality HD media and movies while on the go!

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The PicoPro outputs full HD (1920 X 720p) at 16:9 wide screen with a large screen size Throw ratio of 1:1.3, sports a rechargeable battery which allows up to 2 hours of wireless projection or 3 hours and more of HDMI projection on a full charge and generates vivid images with a contrast ratio of 80,000:1 and 16.7 million colors!

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Feb 042015

Universal Pocket Wall Projector For iPhone, Android And Laptops
Either you’re a professional always on the road and you need to make a sales presentation, you’re a family guy who wants to enjoy some cool recorded videos on your iPhone, play a game on a big screen or watch a movie, or you’re at the office and you want to make a video conference call with your business partners or even with your buddies, a portable micro projector might be the best solution for you! Small, portable and lightweight enough to always carry them in your bag or laptop sleeve, pocket projectors have all chances to become your new best friend and help you better accomplish your work tasks as well as better enjoying those cool family moments recorded on your phone’s memory!

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The Smartphone Pocket Projector from Hammacher is a one of these cool portable projectors designed to work with iPhone, Android smartphone and tablets, iPad, Windows and Mac laptops and desktops, home media players – basically any gadget that can output video signal via HDMI or VGA plugs. The pocket projector outputs 55 lumens and 720p HD resolution, sports an internal audio speaker for playing audio and video files, features a microSD slot and an internal media player which can play most audio and video formats, includes a MHL adapter for connecting compatible Android devices and it’s powered by internal rechargeable battery which allows around 1.5 hours of continuous projection on a full charge.

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Nov 172014

44 Coolest Utilitarian iPhone Cases To Make Your Life Easier

Either you’re going out with friends, heading to work in the early morning or partying late at night, shopping or enjoying a meal, snowboarding or having a a cold beer on hot sunny afternoon there’s one piece of gear you always have on you – your smartphone! And that’s perfectly normal – just think about it – your bellowed iPhone replaced most gadgets you carried in your backpack just 10 short years ago! It replaced your GPS unit, your MP3 player, your reading book, your newspaper, your photo camera and video recorder and, given the traction virtual wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Amazon Wallet get, it’s on its sure way to replace your whole wallet in a couple of years!

So, if you already have your phone always on you, why not improve it even more and give it new powers? Bellow you have a collection of the coolest iPhone cases around designed to improve even further your iPhone. Most cases I featured bellow are available for all iPhone models – simply go to the product page to check the availability for your iPhone model.

Enjoy … and make sure you you share this post with your friends! I am sure they’d love want to supercharge their bellowed iPhone too!

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Sep 192013

Light Touch - Projected Virtual Touch Screen Technology by Light Blue Optics

Based on the same principle as the CTX Virtual keyboard, the Light Touch is ready to turn the touch screen device world up-side down. Well, I am not saying you should throw that brand new iPhone 5s away, I am just saying the Light Touch technology is super cool and has numerous possible applications in the real life.

Basically, what we have here is a holographic laser projector that can transform almost any solid surface into a touch screen. An user can interact with the machine by simply touching the solid surface on the buttons “light-drawn” by the projector … How cool is that?

Check out the vid for more info and a real life example of how the Light Touch works …



May 082013

Star Wars Multi Projection Watch

The Star Wars Multi Projection Watch is a cool gadget for any Star Wars lover. The watch is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and it has an internal projector that allows you to project on any nearby surface one of the 10 random Star Wars characters included. This way, you can have a quick glimpse to your favorite Star Wars saga characters as R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda or Darth Vader.

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Apr 022013

Cool Item Piles - 10 Premium iPhone Cases To Protect Your Precious Smartphone
Either you want to protect your iPhone or simply make a style statement, a well crafted quality case can do the job for you.
Here’s a cool selection of 10 premium iPhone cases to choose from:

1) Piel Frama 525 Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S
2) Gradual Swarovski Crystal iPhone 5 Cases – Pink
3) Mophie Juice Pack Pro Ruggedized Rechargeable External Battery Case for iPhone 4/4s – 2,500 mAh Outdoor Edition
4) iOuter Jacket for iPhone 4S/4 (Boombox)
5) Apple Iphone4 4s DLP Pocket Projector, 2100mAh External Power
6) CalypsoCase Austin Chill handcrafted leather case for iPhone 5
7) MAPi Cases Orion For iPhone 5 – Flip Style Leather Smartcase, Folding Cover Stand Design, Black
8) HITCASE for Iphone 4/4S
9) Urban Armor Gear IPH4S-COMP-CBT iPhone 4/4S Composite Case With Impact Resistant Bumpers – Cobalt
10) LifeProof Black Waterproof Cover for iPhone 4s, 4 with Car Charger, House Charger with extra long cord, Dock Extender Adapter and Radiation Shield


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