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May 232013

STITCH-LESS PALM WALLET - Yellow From The Leather Shop

Here at we love leather gear. We love to buy leather stuff, wear it, test it and enjoy it’s warm touch. I am not gonna go that far as to entitle myself a leather expert, but I can honestly say that I have a fair share of “leather experience”, just enough to be able to distinguish an amazing product that stands apart of the crowd, when I see it!

Today I will talk to you about the Stitch-less Palm Wallet by the guys from I use it everyday since about a week ago, and I must say it’s just the item I was wishing for my daily gear. The Palm Wallet bridges the gap between regular wallets (too small to carry anything else but a couple of cards and cash) and waist bags or small shoulder bags and it allows you to carry basic gear in a small shaped package.

The wallet is formed of three compartments – one compartment just below the flap (can carry up to five credit cards), another one on the front side (perfect for a couple of bills) and a main compartment that allows you to carry the bulk of your gear. So here’s what I was able to carry around in different instances:

  • 3 cards, 4 $20 bills, Bluetooth Headphone, 1 USB flash drive, Blackberry headphones
  • 4 cards, 4 $20 bills, Bluetooth Headphone, 1 USB flash drive, 2 home keys, 1 car key
  • 4 cards, 3 $20 bills, 4 home keys, 1 car key, 1 car remote, change (10-12 coins) and a little pen
  • 4 cards, 4 $20 bills, 2 USB flash drives, 1 car key, 1 Victorinox small pocket knife, 1 SD card

As you can see, this little wallet is big enough to help you go through your day with “gear-free pockets“.

On the manufacturing side, the first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the leather used to build it. Handmade in USA from a single piece of thick saddle leather with only six metal brass rivets to hold it together, the palm wallet is a minimalistic, durable piece available in 5 colors (blue, green, red, yellow and black) to perfectly match your fashion style. Another cools feature is the stitch-less design – although there are absolutely no stitches used to held the wallet together, it closes very well and keeps you stuff safe – I never lost anything, nor anything slipped off the wallet in 1 week of full, intense usage.

At the beginning, when I saw the $120 price tag, I was a bit reluctant at this product and I was not sure how will it hold the road. Now, after 1 week of usage, countless times I had to answer questions like “What’s that?, “What? You keep everything inside?“, “Where did you get it from?” and taking in consideration the quality of the build – I say “It’s a steal“. It’s rare I get so excited about an item – but this wallet’s mixed purpose of carrying basic gear along with cards and cash was a perfect hit for me.

Let’s hear you in the comments – what’s you favorite daily gear holder? Would the Stitch-less Palm Wallet be enough to hold your gear through the day?

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