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Jun 012015

BlueLounge Portiko Portable Multi-Outlet Extension Cord
With portable devices becoming more power hungrier than ever, most of us have to carry bulky power outlets in our bags to feed them while on the go! The Portiko from BlueLounge is a such power outlet designed to help you charge up to four devices at the same – two via 110V outlets and two via USB ports.

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The Portiko sports a 6-foot extension cord, a 45-degree angle plug to allow easy access to the other sockets as well, a self adhesive metal plate to mount the hub on walls or desks, can charge two laptops at the same time as well as a regular USB powered device and an iPhone or iPad at full charging speed.

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May 012014

Finsix Dart - The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter
Did you ever ask yourself why power adapter are so big and bulky? In a world where mobility and adaptability are the main keywords in the business world, laptop chargers are as bulky as they used to be 10 years ago! I always get frustrated about this when I pack my laptop and get it ready for a trip or for commute. I even considered the charger size as decision factor for the purchase of my actual laptop – you can read about how I chose my laptop here.

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Now, after this little bitching session, let me show you a cool gadget – as ugly, bulky, heavy and big your laptop adapter is, you don’t have to worry about it! The Finsix Dart charger is here to save you from the hassle of carrying a bring in your bag. The Dart laptop adapter is similar in shape with an iPhone charger but twice as long and it also includes an USB plug for charging smartphones and tablets. The Dart packs 65W of power and it’s compatible with most laptops out there (validate your particular model’s compatibility on the product page).

Finsix Dart is is project mode over at Kickstarter and you can secure one for an early bird price of $89. Delivery scheduled as of November 2014.

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Mar 012014

PowerQube - 6 Plugs Power Strip With 3 USB Charging Ports
Tired of your ol’ classic power strip laying on the floor below your desk? Well, tired or not, you should stop by for a minute and take a look at the PowerQube!

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The PowerQube is a modern design power strip which allows you to power up to 9 devices at the same time. The power outlet sports a 5ft cord (that’s about 1.5 meters), 6 standard electrical plugs, 3 USB charging ports with an output power of 2A. A built in circuit breaker offers surge protection and it will protect your devices in case of power fluctuations.

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Aug 262013

Monoprice Mini Surge Protector - The Travelers Charging Station With 3 Power Outlets and 2 USB Chargers

If you’re often on the road traveling from a place to another or simply going to the coffee shop around the corner to get a couple of hours of work done, you must know how annoying is to want to plug your laptop into a power outlet and to find none available!

Here’s a cheap solution to make sure this never happens to you again. The Monoprice Mini Surge Protector sports three power outlets, two USB charger plugs and a 1050 Joules surge protector packed in a small, very portable package. The USB chargers come with 2A of available charging power (that’s four time more than a laptop USB plug), which assure lower charging times than other choices on the market – also check the RCA Wall Tap Surge Protector.

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Aug 052013

RCA PSWTS6R Wall Tap Surge Protector with 6 Swivel Outlets Black and White

The RCA PSWTS6R is an ingenious way to manage your power cords, especially when you don’t have a lot of space available – it’s space saving design is perfect for locations like: behind furniture, small wallet outlets or when you simply need more plugs without en extension cord.

The PSWTS6R comes in two colors (black and white) and features two 90-degree swivel outlets with three plugs each. The swivels pivot independently allowing you to direct the power cords in the desired direction.
A 2100 Joules surge protector is included in the wall tap to protect your equipment.

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Oct 132012

Waterproof Power Outlet by Wet Circuit

The Power Strip is a waterproof power outlet made by Wet Circuit.

Either you need to work outdoors and you get caught by the rain, you need an electrical plug near the pool or simply want to protect yourself of accidents involving electricity and water, a waterproof outlet is what you need.

Click the below link to check all the features as well as to see a vid of the outlet plug in action.

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