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May 202014

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards
If you didn’t like the Jedi workout we posted earlier, or you’re simply looking for a cooler, more fun way to workout, check out the Stack 52 fitness cards.
The fitness cards come in 3 packs (regular, expansion and insane) and are designed to lower body fat, increase muscular strength, increase cardiovascular fitness an strengthen and stabilize your core. The cards are easy to interpret, are color coded based on muscular groups and feature a minimalist silhouette to give you an idea about the exercise and a quick description to help you well perform it. Even more than that, each card sports an unique QR code which, when scanned with a QR reader, takes you straight to a video showing the exercise being performed.

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So why a stack of playing cards instead of a booklet, PDF file, wall poster and an electronic reader gadget? It’s simple – the cards are numbered from 1 to 114 and allow you to play motivational games and have fun exercising with friends or family. Check out the website, there’s a page full of free games to be played from 1 to 6 players!

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Dec 092013

Cool Carbon Fiber Playing Cards Deck - Queen And King
Before all this smartphone and tablet craze people used to meet more and play board games, cards, rummy and other society games!

The Carbon Fiber Playing Cards is designed to bring you back the pleasure of playing cards. The cards deck is made of 100% real carbon fiber cut to the standard poker size (2.5in x 3.5in), features classic design figure drawings and is available to pre-order on Kickstarter for $120 (delivery set for May 2014) – also check the Gentlemen 52 Hairy Twist Playing Cards.

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Nov 142013

Card Appears in Panties and Bras Magic Prank  by Rich Ferguson

So you like street magic … Before we go further make sure you check these two amazing pieces of street performance: Criss Angel Ripping Bodies Apart and James Galea’s Cards Story Trick.

Check out Rich Ferguson performing something you never saw before – a street magic prank! Rich is taking advantage of his magician image and tricks people into believing he hid playing cards int heir panties … Hilarius

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Nov 012013

The Gentlemen 52 - Playing Cards With A Hairy Twis

Support Movember in style! While not specifically designed for Movember, The Gentlemen 52 Playing Cards deck “pays homage to all the splendor of growing hair from the chin, cheeks and upper lip.

BTW – not sure what Movember is? Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: “Movember (a portmanteau word from mustache and “November”) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities.” So, now that you know, grow your self a moustache and support Movember!

The playing cards features a large variety of of facial hair styles (hey, they even included a couple of bearded women in the deck!) and come with a matching card guard and a dealer button. The Gentlemen 52 cards deck is in project mode over at Kickstarter. You can get one by supporting the project and pledging $11 or more.

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