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May 232015

Zombie Desk Pencil Holder
Made of high quality hand painted designer resin, the Zombie Desk Pencil Holder is one of the coolest desk upgrades we ever saw! Just imagine … every time you finish jotting a quick note and you want to let the pen down you have to stick it into the zombie laying o your desk … and kill it … over and over again! How cool is that?

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Mar 052015

Moleskine Smart Notebook ISBN  805-12-7289-029-7
Designed for writing and sketching, the Moleskine Smart Notebook is an interesting collaboration between two big names: Moleskine and Adobe. The Smart Notebook takes to classic notebook as we know it and brings it to the modern world of technology by allowing you to comfortably write/draw with a pen on a piece of paper and digitally scan, process, edit and store your art works in Adobe Creative’s digital cloud.

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The Moleskine Smart Notebook has 160 5×8.25-in (13x21cm) plain paper pages, features a hard cover with expandable inner pocket for storing additional documents, an instructions folder and a short history of the Moleskine company and comes with a handy iPhone app (Android and Windows users are out of luck … hopefully only for the moment) which allows you to scan your art and upload it to the Adobe servers for processing and storing. Once a drawing is uploaded to the Adobe Creative’s cloud

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Jan 172014

Aluminum Minimalist Pen And Ruler Sleeve
Combining a minimalistic design with an utilitarian concept, the Tech Force Pen is designed to target tech-savvy users (read: architects, artists, students, and designers).

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The pen features a HI-Tec C Ink Cartridge which is well appreciated by the above professionals for it’s ink composition, tip design and fine line capabilities and is made of precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. The coolest part about the Tech Force Open is it’s housing sleeve – sporting a triangle design, the sleeve doubles as a metric and imperial ruler.
The pen comes in two finishes: brushed aluminum and anodized black coating and can be reserved on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $50.

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Oct 182013

Post-It Sticker iPhone 5-5S Case

While there’s an app for almost everything under the sun there are some things that still require the good ol’ pen and paper. Use the paperback iPhone case to ease your life and jot a quick memo, leave a note to some-one or decorate your PC screen with reminder posit-it notes in style. The case is designed to fit the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S models and features 80 post-it sheets per case. Best used with a minimalistic pocket sized pen such as the EDC Pen, the TelePen or the Jac Zagoory Scroll Pen.

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Sep 192013

EDCpen - The Minimalistic Pocket Friendly Pen

If you’re still hanging out on the ol’ trusted pen and paper for your daily note taking needs here’s a cool writing instrument designed to be pocket friendly and always handy when you need it – The EDCpen – also check the Jac Zagoory Mini Pen and the TelePen Keychain Telescopic Pen.

The EDCpen comes in three flavors – Aluminum (weight 1.1 oz / 31 grams), Brass (weight 3.2 oz / 90 grams)and Stainless Steel (weight 3.0 oz / 86 grams), will be equipped with the Fisher Space Pen (PR4) cartridge which will allow it to perform in extreme conditions (-30ºF to +250ºF, -34ºC to +121ºC, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle, even upside down) and will have no moving parts – which should give it an increased resistance for day-to-day usage.

The EDCpen is in project stage at Kickstarter and you can secure one for an early bird price of $40 US (the project already reached the funding cap and it is set for delivery in December 2013).

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Sep 092013

Jac Zagoory Paper Scroll Pen

Stop running around like a headless chicken, after a piece of paper, every time you want to jot down something.
The Paper Scroll Pen was designed to make sure you have a pen and paper available every time you need them.

Here’s how it works – the pen’s cap hides over 2 feet of scroll paper. Remove the cap, pull the scroll paper, jot down whatever you have on your mind and either roll back the note for storage or simply tear it down. The pen also features an extendable top barrel, which, when extended, allows you to comfortably write longer texts.

The Jac Zagoory Scroll Pen is available in multiple colors and required Scroll Refills to work (the first scroll paper refill is included with the purchase).

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Aug 282013

Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Fountain Pen

The Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pen is a beautifully crafted writing instrument from Montblanc. Made of their trademark high quality black resin the pen uses a two-step screw mechanism, located on the back of it’s body, to operate both the retractable nib and the piston filling mechanism.

The fountain pen has a classical design which reminds of the early 20th century and features the Montblanc logo on the cap top coated in pearl colored lacquer and encased in transparent resin. As always, the Montblanc fountain pen comes with free engraving (if desired) and a gift box.

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