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Dec 312013

Cyanics i-Bridge Multi-Function Desk Organizer For iMac Or Desktop PC
Organize your desk in style with the Cyanics i-Bridge Organizer.
Designed in pure Apple-ish style, the organizer is set to help you get back the lost space on your desk and allows you arrange your gear in a neatly way.

SEE ALSO – The iStick Desktop Organizer and the U-Board – 3 Port USB & 1 Cup Holder Multifunction Desk board.

The organizer features a tempered glass board to keep things handy, a 2 in 1 smartphone holder with an incorporated 3 USB port HUB and a coffee cup holder with an included storage space.

$49.99 | BUY NOW


Feb 042013

Star Wars The Old Republic Keyboard With LCD Touchpad And 10 Customizable Keys

A couple of days ago I featured the Razer Blade Gaming laptop. One of it’s coolest featured is it’s backlit keyboard with the LCD touchpad on the side.

If you’re into serious gaming and you feel you NEED that LCD touchpad, but you’re not in the market for a whole gaming laptop, we have your back.

ThinkGeek has just what you need – The Star Wars: The Old Republic Keyboard. Don’t get fooled by the name, although the keyboard is named after the famous SWTOR game, it;s fully compatible with any other MMO you feel like playing. Here are some of it’s cool features:

  • Star Wars edition – How cool is that? … It’s a Star Wars Edition!!!
  • 10 adaptive tactile keys
  • Multi touch color LCD track-pad – can be used as secondary screen (display gaming info) or as trackpad
  • Synapse 2.0 enabled (store, access, share your macros, settings)
  • Backlit keyboard (gold color)
  • USB wired keyboard – Amazing response time (1000 Hz Ultrapolling/1ms)
  • Design – SWTOR themed

As it was not cool enough, the keyboard allows the unlocking of an unique color crystal that improves your lightsaber in the actual game.

$259 | BUY NOW
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Dec 262012

IronKey Powered Imation Personal Flash Drives S250 D250

Either you’re walking around the world, your a James Bond kind of spy or you simply want to keep your data with you in a secure encrypted way – you should take a couple of moments and consider the IronKey powered Imation Flash Drives. Here’s why:

  • Always-on Hardware side encryption helps you keep your data secure
  • Secure, private web surfing (a secure browser that protects your online data is preloaded)
  • Plugin and go
  • Military grade encryption
  • Self-defending – to protect your identity the flash drive will auto-wipe and auto-distruct is a wrong password is entered 10 times
  • Made of rugged metal to protect the internal components
  • Waterproof
  • Available from 1GB to 32GB
$92+ | BUY NOW – US Market
[…Thanks to Sylvain B. for sharing]


Dec 262012

Improve Your Office With The iStick Desktop Organizer Black Orange

We’re always looking for ways to better organize our office and our computer desk (check the U-Board and the LowKey stands we previously featured).
One of the coolest desktop organizers we found around is the iStick. And by coolest we mean good looking and multi-functional! The iStick features:

  • Made of ABS plastic and metal
  • Coffee cup holder
  • Smartphone stand
  • 3USB port hub included on the right side
  • Business card box
  • Pencils and Post-It notes holder
  • Letter opener
  • Multi-storage box
  • Measures: 21.3 x 4 x 3 inch (54 x 10 x 8 cm)
  • Weight: 1.54 lbs (0.69 kg)
$39.95 | BUY NOW


Dec 182012

Ultra Compact USB Flash Drive (Encryption Secured) Laptop

USB drives are great for moving information from one place to another. Especially when you do not have access to the internet and Cloud Storage solutions.

Most USB drives on the market are cumbersome and they’re always in the way when they’re plugged in the USB port of your laptop or tablet. No longer this should be an issue if you go for an Ultra-Compact USB Drive.

Here are a couple of the technical details of this little USB gadget:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and Mac (OS X) compatible
  • Available in 16GB and 32GB
  • Security encryption software included – PASS (Password Authentication Security System) and PASS x AES 256 bit
  • Measures: W0.7 x D0.64 x H0.26 in, 0.07 ounce ( W18xD16.4xH6.8mm, 2g)
$58+ | BUY NOW
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Nov 062012

U-Board 3 Port USB 1 Cup Holder Multifunction Desk board

Organize your desktop in style! The U-Board can be used to:

  • Stand for your PC Screen
  • USB Port extender (it has 3 extra USB ports on the side)
  • Hide your mouse and your keyboard while not at your desk
  • Keep your coffee cup safe in the cup holder
  • … Looks COOL!

Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments.

$69.95 | BUY NOW – US Market
£43.95 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Oct 312012

Frohne Florida Key Metric Ruler USB Drive Keychain Metalic

Past month we featured the eClip Metric Ruler USB Drive from Frohne. BTW – I updated the eClip’s price from $106 to $29.99!

We’re back with another great Frohne Product – The Florida Key Metric Ruler USB Drive. The Florida Key will be a great addition to your keychain ring allowing you to carry data with you and measure small projects.

Here are some features of the Frohne Florida Key:

  • Size: 55mm x 22mm x 2.82mm
  • Weight: 14g
  • Capacity: 4GB
  • Material: metal
  • Data Retention: 10 years
  • System Requirement: Mac or PC
  • Dust, extreme heat, rust, shock, water (salty and fresh), alcohol, scratch and electromagnetic resistant gold memory connector
  • Makes a great holiday gift!

Check more details about it and let me know in the comments what uses you see for this USB drive ruler.

$18.99 | BUY NOW


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