Jun 172015

Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent by Redverz Gear
Weighting only 14.5 lbs (that’s about 6.5kg) the Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent is a lightweight camping tent designed to shelter two people as well as a full size adventure tourer with mounted side panniers.

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The Atacama tent sports a flexible hoop design for expeditions in windy territories, a simple 3 pole construction which allow easy and speedy mounting and take down, flow-through venting for air circulation, hybrid floor with factory-sealed seams and bathtub curve to keep the water out as well as multiple inner pockets and hang loops for storage. The Atacama tent packs down to a 21″x9″ package (that’s 55×23 cm) which makes it easy to store and transport on your bike.

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Apr 182014

PapaGo GS330 - The Car DVR Dashboard Camera That Records Your Trips And Assists You Driving [Product Review]

Dashboard cameras are fast becoming a must-have for drivers. They record footage in case of an unhappy event (read crash), many insurance companies accept them as proofs for identifying accident liability, can be used to record trips for fun and, last but not least, can passively assist you while driving.

There are many car camera models available on the market to choose from, and even more manufacturers are turning to this niche every day. Today I’ll walk you over one of the top mid class DVR models (read packed with features but with a decent price) out-there – The PapaGo GS 330 or USGoSafe 300 as it’s sold in US. If you’re eager to see it in action, scroll down to the bottom of the post and check the 4 trip tests I did (sunny and rainy day as well as clear and rainy night) and an unboxing clip.

PapaGo GS330 - The Car DVR Dashboard Camera Safe File Saving

I used this camera for the past 2 weeks now and it was a pleasure to test it. It is compact, easy to mount and un-mount from the windshield holder (the holding mechanism was a bit stiff the first few tries, but after a couple of uses it worked perfectly), it’s made of solid black plastic (no danger if you drop it), very simple to operate (basically it starts recording as soon as you hook up the power source or start the engine if the charger is already plugged in) and set up. The four buttons below the LCD serve navigation in the menu as well as to use the emergency recording function or turn the screen ON/OFF.

The beauty of a dashboard camera or car DVR as some call it is that once you did the initial setup there is no need to tweak the settings like you would with a handheld camcorder. It simply stays in it’s place and records what’s in front of the car. That’s it. So, as recording quality counts mostly with a such gadget, I’ll let go through some of the dashcam features below and I invite you to check the video tests at the bottom of the post for the real deal – recording in action!

Let’s dive into it. As this camera is fully loaded with features I’ll list them in bullet-list form for easier following:

  • A 5MP sensor matched with a F2.0 lens offers great day time recording and performs very well in low light conditions
  • Three quality recording modes: full HD 1080p recording at 30 fps (frames per second); HD 720p at 60 fps and 30 fps
  • 142 degree wide viewing angle helps recording the entire road in front of the car as well as a good part of the sidewalks (you know … in case some crazy stuntman tries to pull one of his tricks when you pass by and jumps in front of your car!!!)PapaGo GS330 - The Car DVR Dashboard Camera 142 Degree Wide Angle Recording
  • Connectivity – the GS330 offers a regular HDMI plug, a classic AV plug (output available in PAL and NTSC), Mini USB for power and PC data transfers, Micro SD card as storage unit for the recorded videos
  • 2″ LCD screen for playback videos, live recording monitoring and camera setup
  • Motion detection mode – leave your car in the parking and if the G Sensor feels someone bump into your car the GS330 will automatically start recording
  • Stop And Go – this is a cool feature. If your anything like me, your stops at the red light are full SMS and browsing sessions. The Stop And Go feature monitors the car in front of you and when it detects it departed lets you know via a beep that it’s time to let your friends alone and start driving
  • Lights Reminder – Detects low light conditions and let you know via a beep and a visual display that it’s time to turn the lights ON
  • Driver Fatigue Alarm – You can set this feature to remind you to take breaks every now and then to avoid driving fatigue
  • Speed Restriction Signs – this is another cool feature – the car DVR constantly monitors the sides of the road and notifies you whenever it notices a speed sign. The new speed restriction is also displayed on the dashcam’s LCD screen.PapaGo GS330 - The Car DVR Dashboard Camera F2.0 Lens 5MP Sensor
  • Cycle Recording – the dash camera saves the recorded file every 5 minutes and automatically starts a new one. The last 10 files are saved on the Micro SD card and, when recording an 11th file, the oldest one is overwritten. This way, by cycling the files, you always have available the last 10 recording (that’s the last 50 minutes of your driving trip)
  • Auto Bump Files Copy – this features automatically saves the files when a hit/bump/accident is noted by the camera. This way, if you’re involved in an accident, you’re sure the recorded files are not overwritten by newer files and you can use them in your defense
  • Emergency Recording and Snapshots – Simply press the Emergency button on the camera and it will record a new fill which will not be included in the cycling recording
  • Auto Start – If you decide to leave your dashboard camera in the car, simply start your car in the morning and the GS330 starts recording automatically
  • Mounting Options – Windshield mount (included with the GS330) and Dashboard (a dashbag is needed for this option)

Take a minute and check the test recordings below to see the Papago USGoSafe 330 in action and let me know in the comments your take on it or if you have any questions about it.

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Jan 272014

Do Your Park Magnetic Insult Cards - Because Someone Has To Teach Those Bad Parking Drivers A Lesson

If you have a driving license, chances are you this already happened to you: You’re driving through the crowded parking lot looking for a spot to leave your car and, as you go slowly, you notice an empty space. Happy to end your parking sufferance, you get in front of the spot and … you find a Bozo parked his own vehicle in such way that the near space is useless!
Some people park on two spaces because they want to protect their new shiny ride, which is still not cool for the rest of us … but some other people (most of these bad “parkers”) do it because it’s easier to just dump the car there and they simply don’t care about the rest of the world.

While you can always leave a little note in the windshield or play the guy a little parking prank, came up with an ingenious way of attracting their attention and letting them know that they parked in an un-cool manner! The Magnetic Park Cards are funny messages printed on magnetic material which will stick to the offender’s car body (without bringing any damages) and will patiently wait there to teach him a lesson!!!

The cards come in assorted 10-packs, are waterproof and can be re-used. Simply leave a card on bad parked vehicle and, hopefully, it’s driver will pay more attention next time. At his turn, the driver can re-use the card by leaving it on somebody else’s bad parked car! An so on … Check the vid and the below gallery for a cool selection of magnetic cards …
Hopefully, with enough cards out there, everybody will soon park in a decent way!!!

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Jan 132014

The Janitor's Revenge - Hilarious Hidden Camera Prank
Cold winter day. A yard full of snow. A cool janitor. A hidden camera.
What else do you need for a cool winter prank? Check it out …

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Jan 072014

Sweet Parking Revenge - Check What Happened To This Guy When He Stole The Parking Spot
Parking revenge at it’s best!
While some comments suggest a staged video, let me tell you something … staged or not it’s still hilarious!!!

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Dec 252013

1951 Cadillac Spare Tire Parking System
Here’s a cool parallel parking system build in the 50’s by Cadillac. The system was never implemented “at large” but this doesn’t remove anything from it’s coolness. Basically, a series of hydraulic pumps and gears pushes the spare wheel out from the trunk and rotates the back of the car easing the parallel parking process.

The Cadillac project was developed by Brooks Walker from Walker Research in San Francisco, US. There was another prototype developed by same inventor where he modified a 1953 Packard Cavalier to achieve the same results. featured the Walker’s Packard Cavalier in one of their posts, and the present owner of the car got in touch with them confirming the parking system exists and it’s fully operational.

While there is not much information available on the net regarding this cool project, I was able to find this 1932 US patent attributed to Mr Walker where the entire mechanism is explained and charted. Another reference of the fifth wheel parking system was made by the Life magazine (November 17th, 1952 issue) which also shows some images of the actual mechanism.

Should you have more info about it, please let me know via the comments and I’ll update the article accordingly.
Let’s hear you in the comments below …


Mar 082013

BlueID - Bluetooth Smart Car Operation, Keyless Drive, Keyless Engine Start and Kill

Bluetooth SMART is a low energy technology that allows further usage of the classic Bluetooth. Also known as Bluetooth 4.0, it offers manufacturers the possibility to incorporate new functionality in their gadgets.

One of such new gadgets based on Bluetooth Smart is the BlueID that proposes car operation via Bluetooth.
Wait a sec … we’re not thinking James Bond here … yet. The BlueID app is designed to lock and unlock the doors of your car as well as start or kill the engine remotely.

We see a nice future to this kind of technology – think keyless driving, thing easy car sharing, car renting, seamless car unlocking in case you loose your smartphone (enter the pin into another phone that has the app, turn on the Bluetooth and you’re ready to go)… etc. Of course … there’s also the dark side of it, so the technology needs to assure extended security to make sure your car stays safe in the parking ans no-one drives it away!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – would you entrust the access to your car to such smartphone app?

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