Jul 162015

Origami One, Slim BiFold Cork Wallet
Handmade in UK of one single piece of cork leather, the Origami One is a cool bifold wallet designed to carry daily gear in style!

The Origami One sports a stitchless slim design (only 15mm loaded with 5 bank card, a couple of business cards and some banknotes), features two main pockets and a main banknote compartment, ribbed top edge, laser engraved logo and pocket details and can easily fit most bills sizes. Cool, isn’t it? Check out the product page for more info and to order yours!

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May 062014

PowerUp 3.0 iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane
Get hours of RC flying pleasure by combining your classic paper airplane making skills with modern propulsion and Bluetooth technology.
Simply build the best paper airplane you can (don’t worry, if you never got this right there’s a quick tutorial included to show you how to fold a sheet of paper into a solid airplane), attach the motor, fire-up the the free iPhone or Android app to control the plane and you’re set for the next adventure.

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The PowerUp 3.0 iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane works via low-power Bluetooth 4.3 smart technology, has a flight duration of around 10 minutes on a full battery charge, features a durable crash-proof design and comes with a spare propeller and rudder. Available for pre-order with delivery in mid July 2014.

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Oct 282013

How To Make A Paper Plane Fly Forever - Infinity Paper Plane

If you ever wondered how to make a paper airplane fly longer you really have to invest two minute of your life and check out this cool video. You’ll learn not only make a nice paper plane design but also how to fly it indefinitely! Yeap, you heard me well – this plane will fly forever – also check How To Fold A Shirt In 2 Seconds and How To Expel Hot Air From Your Car In Seconds!

Check it out and let me know your thought in the comments.


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