Nov 222013

Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pen

Bring nature to your office!

Korea’s Zeup Design Studio created the Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pens to help you replace your old fashion pen holder cup with a newer, natural-like holder. The pens have the shape, length and color of natural grass leafs, feature 0.05mm ballpoint and are available in three tones: forest green, spring green and yellow green. Simply buy a bunch of pens, place them in a pencil holder and there you are … you just created a little cool office “garden”.

Also available on Amazon in 10 pieces sets @ $49.99.

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Oct 252013

Business Card Stylus - Keep It In Your Wallet, Use It With You Smartphone Or Hand It Out To Contacts
I am not a big fan of using a stylus on smartphones and tablets. I tried that for a couple of days an I always found myself loosing the stylus. Although i would probably never use a stylus again (unless something drastically changes actual technology and the stylus becomes THE only input ay possible) I have top admit that the Stylus Business Card idea is pretty cool.

There are a handful of things to take in consideration: many people like using a stylus; many people (if not all) carry a wallet on daily bases; many professionals hand out business cards; most business cards out there are boring. The Cypher business cards stylus addresses them all and pulls a nice gadget to hand out to your customers and business partners. I bet they’ll all remember who gave it to them… – also check these other cool wallet gadgets – the WiFlux Smartphone Charger and the CarZor the Wallet Shaver.

There’s also a bad news coming with it. And No, the bad news it’s not it’s $4 US price tag although that’s not very exiting either!!! The bad news is that the Cipher is only in project mode and we don’t know when or if it’ll ever be released to the market!

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Oct 182013

Booze Sneaking - How To Dissimulate A Beer Can Into A Coke Can
Sneaking some booze into the office, at the movies or in the club is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially if you do it in style! In the past we featured a couple of cool ways to bring a booze reserve with you wherever you go – check the Perfect Reseal Batter Bottle Cap, the iFlask or the Flask Tie.

Today we check another way of achieving the unachievable! Today we “dress” a beer can into a nice, reassuring Coca-Cola can. Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments …

P.S. While the above “techniques” can help you save a couple of bucks in day-to-day situations please remember that alcohol is not good for your help and only consume it responsibly and only where allowed by law.


Oct 082013

Amazing Italian Space Saving Furniture From Via
Well designed furniture can help you save a lot of home or office space. The attached video features some cool space saving furniture designed by the Italian manufacturer Clei.

All models featured in the video clip are available for purchase in North America on the website and in their New York (NYC), Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver showrooms.

What’s your take on space saving furniture? Do you think the saved space justifies the extra furniture costs? Let’s hear you in the comments ….

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Oct 072013

BalKonzept - The Balcony Railing Mounted Desk
Working habits differ from one worker to another. While there are some workers that need a complicated setup (multiple screens, laptop coolers, specific keyboards and mice), others only needs a minimalistic setup to start them rolling and get things done – also check the the balcony BBQ for a cool way of cooking steaks on a small balcony!

If you’re the minimalistic office type, you need to check our the Balkonzept – this simple yet ingenious balcony railing mounted desk allows you to work outside, in full air on your balcony. Designed by product inventor and innovator Michael Hilgers, the Balkonzept is made of light, durable recycled plastic, it features a main “shelf” large enough for a laptop and some other basic work gear and even sports a planter to allow you to bring some nature “into the office”.

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Oct 072013

This Mug Is Stolen Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug By Thumbs Up
Heat sensitive coffee mugs are designed to be great gifts for family, friend and especially co-workers – also check the these cool heat sensitive mugs we featured earlier – The Battery Mug, The Dino Mug and the Smiling Mug.

The “This Mug Is Stolen” mug looks just like any ordinary coffee mug – a simple, classic, black cup. What happens when someone snaps it and pours hot coffee (or any other hot liquid) in it? Surprise …

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Oct 012013

Fancy Macally Ecofanpro Bamboo Laptop Stand

Today’s laptops pack more and more power while constantly shrinking their “package”.
This is cool for the end user as he gets a slick, thin and powerful ultrabook, but it sometimes leads to heating issues.

The Macally Ecofanpro Bamboo Stand was designed to assure proper laptop heating dissipation while being stylish and looking good in your home or office. The laptop stand is made of 100% organic bamboo, has three adjustable heights and sports two 2.5″ USB powered fans that blow cold air to your laptop helping it stay cool.

$29.24 | BUY NOW


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