Jan 032016

Best of - 2015 Edition!

Another cool year passed by! Thanks for stopping by and checking our cool gadgets. I appreciate it …
After the jump I listed the top 10 posts on for 2015. Some are more recent than the others, but hey, this is what people checked on the site! Enjoy and be nice … share them to your friends as well …

Dec 312014

Best of - 2014 Edition!

Another cool year passed by! Thank you for being a visitor. We appreciate it …
Bellow we gathered a list with the most popular post on our website for 2014. Enjoy! …more

Aug 272014

Coolest 53 Skull Coffee Mugs You'll Find Around - Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Handmade Skull Coffee Mugs

Here’s a cool selection of skull coffee mugs to help you kicks tart your morning like a real Gothic king Boss!
We searched the net for the coolest skull shaped mugs and we tried to stay away from the regular with painted skull designs. It’s not that they’re not cool enough (hey, we even included one or two models in our selection), but 3D design mugs rule! Anyway, enjoy and make sure you share with your friends, they also want to feel the power of Viking kings flowing through their veins and giving them wings in the morning!

P.S. BTW – We were not able to find the cigar skull mug above for sale anywhere. If you find it in your web surfing quests, please make sure you share it in the comments bellow.
UPDATE 01/16/2015 – Thanks Abi for letting us know that the creator of the Cigar Mug above is GetClayByDan.

1) The Coffee Skull Mug




Aug 062014

Black Ceramic Skull Coffee Mug, Because It's Cool!
Nothing better than kick-starting your morning with a hot coffee in a cool mug!
But cool doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone! So for all you Gothic style lovers out there – here’s a cool Skull Coffee Mug to kick-start your morning!

ALSO CHECK the Stoneware Skull Coffee Mug we told you about earlier.

The ceramic skull mug is 4 inches (10.15cm) tall, 3 3/4 inches (9.5cm) deep and 6 inches (15.25cm ) wide including the bone shaped handle and can hold up to 12 ounces (355ml) of hot or cold beverages. All mugs are hand-glazed, so the glazing on your skull mug might differ a bit from the one in the pics.

$16.50 | BUY NOW
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Feb 172014

Cool Funny Dry memo Coffee Mug
Geek or not, a cool coffee mug is a must!
While many mugs out-there have cool designs and funny messages (check “Have A Nice Day” Secret Message Coffee Mug; “This Mug Is Stolen” Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug By Thumbs Up and The Morning Mug Gets You Smiling When The Mornings Are Rough), after a while (read max a couple of weeks) they become obsolete and no longer have punch!

Enter the Dry Wipe Memo Mug and have a brand new cool mug every day! Simply subscribe to any joke site, find a funny quote, grab the mug’s market, write it down on your mug and get ready to impress your friends or co-workers! Wipe, rinse and repeat every day and be have your morning coffee Like A Boss!

$14.42 | BUY NOW


Jan 082014

Bat Coffee Mug By Thumbs Up!

Enjoy your morning coffee in Dark Knight style!
The Bat Coffee Mug is designed to protect your coffee and not only (!!!), it’s made of microwave safe quality ceramic and features two bat wings as handles – also check the Ghostbusters Coffee Mug and the Stormtrooper Mug.

$9.37 | BUY NOW


Dec 122013

CyberMug - The Transformer Coffee Mug Concept

The CyberMug is a cool coffee mug concept by Helton Mainardi – also check these cool mugs we featured earlier: “Have A Nice Day” Secret Message Coffee Mug, The Coffee Skull Mug and the MugTails.
Unfortunately, there’s no info about when or if this cool mug will be released to the markets but we strongly hope this will happen soon. The CyberMug is too cool …

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