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Nov 122014

Amazon Echo And Amazon Echo App For Fire OS, Android And iOs And Desktop Browser

Amazon just recently announced their latest gadget – the Amazon Echo!
Amazon’s Echo is a hybrid speaker designed to interact with users via voice recognition, accomplish simple tasks such as managing to do and shopping lists, answer simple questions about news, weather, set alarms, play local music or online music streaming services such as iHeartRadio or TuneIn and so on …

Just as Google’s “OK Google”, Apple’s “Hey Siri” or Xbox’s “Xbox” activation commands the Echo is triggered by a wake word. Simply call it “Alexa” and the Echo will be ready to take your commands! The Amazon Echo needs to be constantly connected to the internet as it does all information processing in cloud. Amazon announced that the Echo’s processing power and accuracy will increase in time as the device is capable of learning while interacting with users. Check out the video!

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With regards to pricing, the Echo follows the same direction as all previous Amazon gadgets – while regular customer can get it for $199, Amazon’s Prime service members will get a cool $100 US discount lowering the device price to $99.

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Sep 092014

Yo, The Box That Transforms Your Smartphone Into a BoomBox
Berlin BoomBox is a German company specialized in creating partially recycled cardboard boomboxes for smartphones and MP3 players. Yeap, you read it right … now you can transform that shiny new iPhone into a real boombox!!!

Their latest series, the Yo! MTV Raps BoomBox is built to pay a tribute to the greatest Hip Hop show in the TV history and features a cool 90’s design with vibrant colors and patterns! Don’t worry, if you’re not much into 90’s Rap, there’s a plain beige version available as well as a design-it-yourself model.

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On the technical side, the Berlin Boombox is made of 3mm, double layer cardboard and features a stereo amplifier (Class D SMD, 2×5 watts, 92% efficiency), two Mivoc Pro speakers (75mm/3” full range 4 Ohm, 60 – 20.000 Hz), is powered by 3AA batteries and connects to any smartphone and tablet (including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile phones and tablets) and MP3 player (including iPod and iPod Touch) via a 3.5mm audio jack.

Check it out and get one … You never know … Eminem once said: “The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.

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Jul 072014

MicroSD Adapter With WiFi Super Powers - SCDAD002200  -With And Without microSD Card
The WiFi microSD Adapter is one of those simple gadgets that make you go: “WOW … Why no one thought about this before?”

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The adapter is designed to work with all gadgets that rely on SD storage (think about compact digital cameras, camcorders, DSLR cameras, older MP3 players, etc…) and allows wireless transfers to up to 3 devices at the same time. Simply put a microSD card in the adapter, insert it in your camera, make as many pics as your storage allows you than grab your iPhone or Android device, fire up the free app, connect to the WiFi network created by the adapter and you’re ready to transfer your files like a boss!
Nifty little gadget!

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Jun 242014

Kablam - The Ultimate Smartphone Screen Protector
A while back we introduced you to the Rhino Shield which is a great way to protect your smartphone screen against any kinds of impacts. The Rhino shield is available for a range of devices and manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and Motorola.

But what if you have a different brand of phone? What if you want to protect your tablet screen or your smart watch? What about your digital camera‘s screen or your MP3?
Kablam is the answer. Kablam is a 0.01-in (0.26mm) thick polymer screen protector (that’s 0.03mm less thicker than the Rhino shield) designed to efficiently protect your gadget’s screen. The Kablam features anti-shock absorption layers, crystal clear transparency with anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch technology.
Apart the thickness (0.03 mmm less than the Rhino Shield) and the price (about half price than the Rhino Shield) what’s really outstanding about the Kablam is that it can be configured to any gadget screen. Simply let the manufacturer know the device you intend to use it with when you place your order and they’ll deliver you the proper size to fit your screen!

The Kablam is in project mode at Kickstarter and you can secure one for as low as $5 US for smart watches, $7 US for digital cameras and MP3 players, $12 US for smartphones or $20 US for any type of tablet. Delivery scheduled for August 2014.

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Jan 202014

The Runners Speaker Vest Or How To Stay Safe And Monitor The Traffic And Surroundings While Jogging
If you’re a jogger you must know how important for your safety it is to be able to monitor the traffic around and the surroundings! Unfortunately, dis-considering the risks, many people run with ear-buds to have access to music, audio-books or school lessons.

While there are solutions to running and music listening while keeping your ears free to monitor the surroundings (check the FINIS SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player With Bone Conduction Headphones and the AfterShokz Sports M2 – The Open Ear Headphones), Hammacher comes with a new, creative approach – wear your speakers on you!

The Runner’s Speaker Vest is made of durable lightweight nylon mesh which allows the body heat to easily dissipate, sports reflective fluorescent strips to assure increased night visibility and feature three special designed pockets to allow you to listen your favorite tunes while keeping your ears free of buds and attentive to what’s happening around. Two pockets are positioned on the vest’s shoulder built to accommodate two speakers that project sound just below your ears and one chest pocket built to hold your smartphone or MP3 player handy.

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Jan 172014

SleepPhones Or How Comfortably Listen To Music While You Sleep
Regular headphones are not exactly comfortable to sleep with. Turning or even simple movements in bed can make them fall out of your ears. The SleepPhones on the other hand, are designed with all these inconveniences in mind.

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The SleepPhones are lightweight, removable and washable and feature a fleece padded interior for improved comfort. They connect to your MP3 player or smartphone via a single cord with a 3.5mm plug or wirelessly and come with a relaxing sounds CD for those who prefer them to music.

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Oct 302013

Sony All-In-One - Headphones, MP3 Player And Loudspeakers Via Walkman WH Series

Sony has announced a new model in the Walkman WH seriesSony Walkman NWZ-WH505 – also check the Amadana SAL and the Jabra Revo Wireless premium headphones we featured earlier.
The Sony headphones sports a 3-in-1 suite featuring a MP3 player, wireless headphones and loudspeakers for a complete music listening solution. The headphones come 16Gb of storage included available for the MP3 player and allow up to 20 hours of continuous music play one full charge (a quick charge mode is available with 1 hour of music playing from a quick 3 minutes charge). Release and pricing information not yet available.

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