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Jan 222013

Nest T200577 Learning Auto-Schedule Thermostat

The T200577 learns your habits and use it’s knowledge to adjust the temperature in your house/office for best. While many thermostats can be fixed to drop or increase the temperature based on predefined schedules, the Nest 2nd generation thermostat stands apart of the crowd with it’s smartphone connectivity feature. Basically, once connected to your WiFi network, you can remote control the temperature in your house via the Android and iOS mobile apps – you can increase or decrease the temperature, start or stop the AC unit, get consumption and temperature history reports, maintenance reminders (remember to change the AC filters, etc…), and save on energy costs via the preset scheduling feature of the Next thermostat.

$249.99 | BUY NOW


Sep 252012

Belkin WeMo Home Automation iPhone Switch

Control Belkin’s WeMo Switch via your iPhone, iPad or iPod to turn or or off any devices that plugs into an electrical socket. The mobile app allows on/off time scheduling and helps you manage your home devices while away.

Imagine you left home and you are not sure if you unplugged the ironing machine or not… pull out your smartphone … open the WeMo app … and check it out. If the ironing machine was indeed left unplugged, simply turn of the electrical outlet from the iPhone app and you’re good to go! Piece of mind and safety.

$49.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£48.50 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


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