Feb 182015

Withings Home HD Camera Monitor System
Our homes are getting smarter and smarter everyday! Cool gadgets such as the NEEO Smart Remote, the Goji Smart Remote, the Peq Smart Home Sensor and many others hit the market everyday and use the latest technologies combined with fast internet connections to allow you better monitor, control and interact with your home.

The Withings Home is another such cool gadget designed to allow you better interact with your house and increase your overall comfort. The Withings Home is a features a wide angle 135-degree 5MP HD camera with night vision which allows you to constantly video monitor what’s happening in your home, a 2w high quality speaker and 2 digital microphones, noise and motion detectors which allow the camera to record footage only when something it’s happening in the room, an air quality analyzer which, matched with an iPhone or Android app, can analyze and track the quality of the air inside your house as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for fast wireless and cable data transfers.

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Feb 132015

iRig iPhone And iPad Digital Stereo Mic Field by IK Multimedia
The iRig Mic Field is IK Multimedia‘s latest audio gadget for iPhone and iPad that allows you to record high definition sound in audio and video shootings.

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Designed for devices using Apple’s Lightning plug (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), the iRig Field microphone is compatible with the free iRig Recorder App as well as with another couple of iOs partner apps, rotates 90-degrees for optimal positioning in landscape and portrait mode, sports a 3.5mm audio-out plug for real-time audio monitoring and features two high-quality capsules in XY stereo, a 24-bit A/D converter with 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate, a 115 dB maximum SPL rating and a low-noise/high-definition pre-amp to ensure the best possible recording quality.

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Jan 242014

Knight XV Armored Luxury SUV By Conquest Vehicles
Built by the Canadian company Conquest Vehicles, the Knight XV is an “ultra-luxurious, handcrafted fully armored SUV” ready to defend your life when needed.

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The bad-ass looking 6 tons Behemoth is fully hand-crafted in Canada from high-grade steel, ballistic aluminum and other high-resistance materials, features a 6.8 liters V10 bio-fuel engine, exterior back and front cameras and microphones, LCD screens, air ride suspension and under vehicle magnetic attachment detector (to keep you safe from those nasty magnetic explosives). Two custom packages are available – A $108k Luxury Group which includes “electrostatic tinting (rear windows, sunroofs, partition), rear power windows, retractable ballistic glass partition, retractable flat screen television, siren, 2-way PA system with loud speaker, hidden front VIP strobes lights, forward and backup sensors and an external intercom communication system and Playstation3 or X-Box entertainment system” and a $90k Security Group including “under vehicle blast protection system, opaque floor armor protection upgraded, under vehicle magnetic attachment detector, Black box, security safe, fire extinguisher, exterior surveillance camera system, positive pressure defense system against gas attacks, oxygen survival kit which offers protection against tear (CN/CS) as well as solid, liquid and gases contaminants.”

If you ever get one, I really hope you buy it because you like it, not because you need it!!!

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Jan 082014

Harman Kardon Esquire Or How To Have Good Quality Music While On The Go - Top View, Control buttons
The Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is a cool way to enjoy quality music and business conferences while on the go.

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The Esquire features a dual-microphone system with integrated noise canceling capabilities designed to capt every word in the room, a stereo Hi-Fi speaker with built-in bass, Bluetooth wireless transmission to smartphones, tablets and laptops and a rechargeable battery which provides up to 8 hours of music streaming or call conference. The cool part about the Harman Kardon Esquire is that it doubles as a charging power station – simply hook up a USB cable into the charging port and start charging your smartphone.

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Apr 222013

Spark Digital Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone by Blue Microphones

iPhones are good for just about anything – phone calls, internet surfing, business conferences, videos and pictures, drawing tool, you name it … Obviously, to due to the small pack and the large volume of functions you should not expect high professional quality for any of these functions.

This is where Spark Digital microphone comes into the game. For those of you in need of a potent condenser microphone capable of out-putting the sound on an iPhone, iPad or even regular PC (via USB), Blue Microphones has you covered. Here are some of the Blue Microphones Spark Digital model:

  • Studio-grade condenser with high-fidelity recording
  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4S, iPad, iPad2, iPad3 and iPhone 5 (via the Apple Lightning Adapter)
  • Compatible with Windos and Mac computers
  • Works with Garange Band and other sound recording apps
  • Zero-latency real-time monitoring
  • Plug and Play
  • Source Focus Control
  • Tech Specs: 26Hz-20kHz frequency response, 28 mV/Pa Sensitivity, 65-128 dBA SPL handling range, 84dB S/N Ratio, 10 dB (A weighted) noise level

With all of the above, the Spark Digital will instantly turn your iPhone/iPad into a pro recording system and allow you to record music, business meetings or speeches at the highest quality.

$174.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£159.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Mar 022013

Microcone Allows You make High Quality Virtual Group Meetings While On The Go

If you ever were part of a virtual group meeting you know how important the quality of the equipment is.
Good speakers and microphone can make or break the meeting. Imagine a group of 3-5 persons, in a meeting room, around a 12-15 feet table. One microphone in the middle of the table gets all the meeting sounds of the group and transmits the info to the meeting partners at the other end of the country. How important is that microphone for that meeting?

Normally, companies have especially designed and equipped meeting rooms featuring advanced speakers and microphones of the last generation. But, many times, meetings have to be help on the spot while on the road, in hotel rooms or improvised meeting rooms. For those times, Microcone will assure you the high quality technology needed to safely conduct your meeting (also check the Oyo Ball potable speaker)

Here are a couple of features of the Micocone:

8 channel USB microphone array

  • Designed for group conversations
  • Automatically tracks and separates voices from 6 different directions
  • Active background noise reduction
  • Small and portable
  • Free apps for Mac and Windows as well as a Skype specialized app
  • Meeting recorder included
$359 | BUY NOW – US Market


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