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Aug 102015

Cool Messengers, Backpacks, Travel And Photo Leather Bags Collections From Harmattan Design

Get a gorgeous vintage leather bag to pass on to your grandchildren!
Either you know it or not!!! you like it or not, you need to carry an impressive amount of gear on you every day! Just think about it: you have your laptop, mouse and laptop adapter, then you have your smartphone and wallet, sunglasses with their bulky protection case, phone charger (or at least a USB cable), and, if you’re tired paying those premium prices to have a decent lunch downtown, you’ll also carry at least a bottle of water, a sandwich and a couple of fruits!

And this is where Harmattan comes into the game! Their new line of city and travel bags are design around day-to-day needs. Handmade of premium vegetable tanned saddle leather, the Harmattan collection comes with 4 lines of bags totaling 14 designs. The bags are made of light brown leather and can easily be darkened by using various treatments and waxes.

Harmattan Messenger Collection - Inside View The Harmattan Messengers bags come in 5 models and feature one or two roomy main compartments for your main gear such as laptop, tablet charger, etc … and one or two smaller pockets (depending on the model) for smaller gear you need quick access to. The Specials line targets the professional on the road and sports a camera bag, a cyclist bag, a Blueprint tube for architects as well as a roomy weekender for business trips. If that’s not enough for you, keep reading and check the Backpack line which includes 3 different designs: The Hip, The Archer and The Backpacker.
Ladies, don’t feel left aside! Harmattan has your back covered with two fancy models: The Fashionista and The Companion!

All Harmattan products come with Lifetime Warranty and premium packaging including an owner’s card, a leather sample for testing various leather treatments, a dust bag and a key fob label. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out right away and let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!

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Jun 032014

Saddless Barbican Hard Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag By Brooks England
Designed as a biker bag, the Barbican Hard Leather Shoulder Bag from Brooks England is a premium messenger bag made of high quality black or brown vegetable tanned saddle leather. The bag features an innovative shoulder belt system which allows the rider, after adjusting it to the right length, to secure the bag around the waist and benefit of increased stability during the ride. The waist belt can be easily fastened and unfastened for riding or walking.

ALSO CHECK the Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Messenger Bag, the Brixton Antique Leather Messenger Camera Bag By ONA and the Whipping Post Vintage Messenger Bag Street.

The Brooks messenger bag features an internal detachable pocket for documents and small gear such as pens, chargers and USB cables and is spacious enough to be used as a laptop bag (width: 39 cm; height: 28 cm; depth: 12 cm).

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Oct 182013

Welded Waterproof Laptop Postbag
Stand apart of the pack and carry your daily gear in style. The Welded Postbag features a cool design and is “made to be worn over the shoulder, carried in hand, or strapped onto a bike rack or basket” – also check the Cocoon Laptop Bag and the Star Wars Chewbacca’s Messenger Bag
The Welded Bag it’s made of weatherproof 600 denier TPU coated outer shell and includes a removable 15-in laptop sleeve with individual U pockets for small gear (pen, keys, phone and USB cables).

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Sep 302013

Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Messenger Bag

The Ralph Lauren Polo leather messenger bag (style #13335732) is a cool cross-bag to carry and protect your day-to-day gear. Made of high quality leather, the messenger bag features a top flap secured by two front buckles, flap pockets on the front and sides and a full sized patch pocket on the back. All pockets are secured with buckled tab closures – also check the Whipping Post Vintage Messenger Bag and the Hard Graft Flat Pack Leather bag.

The interior is fully lined and sports a zippered welt pocket. While there’s no dedicated laptop compartment, you can easily carry around your portable PC by using a laptop sleeve or a protective case.

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Sep 162013

Anti Theft Backpack & Bag Protector by Pacsafe

Being able to protect your gear while on the go it’s something you should constantly be worried about.
While a dedicated anti-theft solution as the Camsafe 100 can bring you some piece of mind if you want to safely transport your DSLR, what happens with bigger messenger bags and backpacks?

PacSafe, the “world’s leading travel security brand”, brings an interesting solution on the table – The PacSafe BackPack and Bag Protector. The bag protector is basically an exomesh cage system that keeps your goods away of thieves. Put your bag inside the metallic mesh, close it, attach it to a secure fixture with the included padlock and you’re ready to go.

While the system is not 100% infallible and someone with the right equipment (read cable cutters) can manage his way to your gear, it is a good solution when traveling for the simple fact that it makes it difficult for thieves to snap your bag and run. Why battle with the protective mesh and risk to be caught when there are so many other “free-to-grab” bags out-there???

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May 182013

Vintage Messenger  Medical Bags
It’s amazing to see how some items just keep on being fashionable as years pass by.
One of these cool items are the classic Medic Messenger Bags. Made of hard, resistant cotton canvas with only one large compartment, leather buckles and large shoulder strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder (dah!!!) or crossing your chest, the classic red cross printed on the flap enclosure, medical messenger bags are an urban fashion icon since more than 70 years ago!

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May 142013

Chewbacca Wookiee Star Wars Messenger Bag

So … it seems we’re going for a Star Wars Day!
Sooner today I featured the Seiko Star Wars collection, now, it’s time we bring some Wookiee love on board.

The Chewbacca Messenger Bag, is a re-creation of the famous bag our bellowed Wookiee wore in the Star Wars series. The bag is made of vegetarian-friendly faux leather, has the Star Wars logo embossed on the frond flap, features a large shoulder strap in bandolier style and can accommodate laptops and tablets up to 11″, as well as the small gear you need to carry around day-today (chargers, cables, smartphone, mouse, etc …)

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