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Nov 122015

The Lampster - A Lamp with Attitude by Radu & Andrew
The guys from Chivote are hitting all the right buttons with their latest desk lamp design, the Lampster!

The Lampster is made of an original tractor headlight tuned up with 2 RGB LED light sources, smartphone connectivity for controlling the light intensity and color, a 360-degrees swivel steel head attached to a recycled high-density polyethylene body and a weather resistant build! The lights are all recycled or reused old vehicle headlights!

Cool, isn’t it? The Lampster comes win a wide range of colors, is can bu customized with your own logos and models, is currently in project stage at Kickstarer and you can order it for as low as $179 with delivery scheduled in June 2016. Check it out, it’s well worth the time!

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Nov 072015

Smartbar USA Smartender Automatic Beverage System

The Smartender is a cool robotic robotic drinks mixer designed to help you prepare and serve cold drinks to customers in county clubs, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, and anywhere else someone might be thirsty!

The Smartender is made of stainless steel, wood veneer and quartz (countertop), sports 4 casters for easy moving from place to place, holds up to 16 large bottles of drinks and 12 mixers for cocktails such as tonic water, cola, lime and orange juices and so on, sports an ice cube try on the top counter and can prepare in record time any of the 600 drinks in it’s internal database. Cool, isn’t it?

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Sep 142015

Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer Hangers
Here’s nice way to find some extra space to cool a couple of beverages in your overcrowded fridge!
The Bottle Loft is a strip of super strong magnets that attaches to the inside of your fridge and allows you to save space by hanging bottles with metallic caps, food cans and even larger jars. Cool, isn’t it?

Simply pull the adhesive cover on the Bottle Loft back, fix the plastic strip to the top of the fridge and you’re ready to roll! The regular Bottle Loft can hold up to 6 bottles up to 20lbs (that’s 9 KG), while the XL version has an pull strength of up to 50 lbs axial pull (22.5 KG).

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May 282014

Hockey Puck Bottle Openers From Buffalo Bottle Craft
Designed for the Hockey lover (and not only!!!), the Hockey Puck Opener is one of the coolest bottle openers around!
The guys from Buffalo Bottle Craft, the manufacturer of the puck opener, use real hokey pucks in the manufacturing process. The pucks are drilled on one side to make room for the opener stainless steel plate and a countersunk neodymium magnet is included so the cap doesn’t fly off when you open a cold beer! Cool and ingenious … more excuses for you grab a cold one and enjoy the playoffs!

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Dec 022013

The Chart of Hand Tools Wall Decoration Poster
The Chart of Hand Tools is a cool wall poster designed to celebrate the tinkerers and the doers: those who build, repair, and create – also check the cool A Gentleman’s Visual Guide Of Moustaches and the Acme Corporation Complete Inventory Poster we featured earlier.
The poster is printed on 24″ x 36″ 100 lb recycled stock using brass and aluminum metallic inks. The poster features 300 hand tools drawn in five categories: tools that measure, stabilize, mark, divide and manipulate and represents a nice gift for anyone working or in love with hand tools.

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Oct 302013

Beerouettes By Spin Chill - Make Cool Beer In 30 Seconds
Another huge humanity problem was just solved by the guys from SpinChill.
Thanks to them we now have a device which allows beer cooling (from regular temperature to “cold and tasty”) in less than 30 seconds. So what we have here: SpinChill and Beerouette – they both do the same thing – they grab the beer can and spin it in ice until it’s cold enough to be fully enjoyed. SpinChill is a drill addon (so you can use your own drill to “work” some tasteful coldness into the beer) while Beerouette is a stand-alone tool which allows hands free beer cooling.

And NO, the beer will not explode when you open it. Check out the video for living proof …

So let’s hear you in the comments … How easier is your life now???

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Oct 242013

Heineken Sub Or How To Get Premium Draft Beer Right In Your Man Cave!
The Krups Heineken Sub is a joint effort from Heineken and Krups (better known for their home coffee brewers) to target guys who want to recreate the premium draft pub-like beer experience at home.

The Heineken pourer features a beer cooler which keeps your draft at exactly 2 degrees. The draft refills are called “torps” (short for torpedo) and contain two liters of beer each. The entire system is very easy to use – simply insert a top in the back of the Sub, pour a glass and start enjoying a cold draft. Multiple beer choices are available.

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