Dec 132013

Airtame - Wireless HDMI Connection Between Devices
Remember Google Chromecast? The Chromecast is an amazing gadget – it allows you to wirelessly transfer a Google Chrome tab to a TV screen allowing you to watch Youtube clips, browse website and even play browser games on your TV set. While all this is amazing, the Chromecast has a limitation – it can only transfer a Chrome tab to the TV screen – no Firefox tabs, no local movie watching, no local pictures slideshows … you get the point.

Enter Airtame – Airtame is designed to use a regular WiFi connection to make a link between your computer (works on Windows, Mac, Linux, desktops and laptops) and any other screen (including TV sets and PC screens). Simply hook up the Airtame into the HDMI port of any screen, turn on your laptop and choose to share or extend your desktop on the newly added screen. That’s it! As simple as it can get – also check the Sony FMP-X1 – The 4K Ultra HD Media Player and the Roku 3 HD Streaming Box for two other ways to stream content to your TV set.

The Airtame is in project stage at Indiegogo and you can secure one for an early bird price of $89 (delivery set for May 2014).

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Nov 042013

Planon PrintStik 905M - The Pocket Sized Bluetooth Printer
For those of you “always-on-the-go” professionals out there who already got into trouble at least once for not being able to quickly come up with a printed sheet of paper – enter the Planon PrintStik 905M – The Pocket Sized Bluetooth Printer.

The PrintStik is a direct thermal printer that features 200×400 dpi monochrome printing up to 3 pages per minute. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery (a 3 hours charges gives you enough power to print up to 25-30 pages), comes with a 20 pages paper cartridge, is connects to PC and Mac computers, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets via USB cable or Bluetooth.

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Oct 042013

3,000 Classic Books USB Drive
You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
? Ray Bradbury

The 3,000 classic book USB drive is a very practical way to catch up on your reading. The USB drive features the works of Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Oscar Wilde, Emily Bronte, H.G. Wells, Conan Doyle and many more. Simply plug it in your laptop of desktop PC and start reading literature masterpieces. The USB drive is compatible with Windows and MAC systems and no additional software is required for enjoying the books.

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Sep 092013

Translator Mouse - Your Trusted Office Companion On Steroids
Just as the LG LSM-100 we featured a while back, the All In One Mouse has scanning and OCR capabilities. But … other than the generic 1200 dpi mouse and the 400 dpi scanner under the hood – the All In One mouse is able of some cool software wizardry – it scans the text, it recognizes it and, via the included software, opens Google Translate by it’s own and pastes the text for translates the text to the desired language.

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Sep 092013

iDentity for iMac by Apple - Customized Designs For Your iMac
The iDentity is a simple minimalistic yet effective way to personalize your iMac. Made of solid aerospace grade aluminum (just as the you iMac), the iDentity has no moving parts, adhesives or screws – it uses a magnetic field to “stick” to you iMac – also check the iMac Wooden Keyboard Cover and the LowKey iMac USB Stand.

The iDentity comes in a variety of vibrant anodized colors, works on all iMacs since mid-2009 (including both “Thick” and “Thin” models) and is available for both 21.5-in and 27-in iMac versions. Another cool thing about the iDentity is that you can customize it with your own logo or design.

The iDentity is in project stage at Kickstarter and you can secure one at an early bird price of $35 (the regular price once the project is funded will be $50).

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Jun 192013

LandingZone 2.0 PRO - The Sleek Macbook Docking Station

The LandingZone 2.0 PRO turns your Macbook Air (fits both the 13″ and the 11″ versions released mid 2012 and 2013) into a full powered desktop. Simple to use, it helps quickly setup your work station and start getting things done without the hassle of connecting all your cable connections.
Leave all your cables plugged-in, snap-in your Macbook and you’re ready to work in seconds. The docking station features 4 USB 3 ports, and Ethernet plug, high speed charging port to power your laptop, a mini display port as well as a Kensington security lock.

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Jun 182013

Chameleon X-1 Gamepad Mouse - Work And Play Like A Boss

The Chameleon X-1 is an ingenious new breed of gadget that combines a PC/MAC mouse with a gamepad and wireless presenter in one device. When using the X-1 as a mouse, you get an ergonomic plug-and-play device with 7 programmable buttons and a scroll wheel perfect for usage with laptops or desktop based computers.

The device features a control button that allows easy switching between the the three modes. Once the switch is turned on gamepad, the gadget becomes a wireless game controller featuring 16 buttons and two analog sticks. As wireless presenter, the Chameleon X-1 allows you to control Microsoft’s PowerPoint to advance and return slides and operate as a PC remote with media center controller functions such play and pause, volume, track forward and back, and more. The Mouse-Gamepad-Presenter features an internal storage place for it’s nano-receiver, is powered by one AA battery, and, if you use a rechargeable battery, you can even recharge it via the included USB cable without the hassles of removing it every time you need extra power.

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