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Mar 202014

Wooden Playstation 4 Cover
Here’s a cool way to integrate your fancy, new Playstation 4 with your stylish living room furniture. The Wooden Playstation Cover is made in Germany and features a two tone design including 0.7mm thin Walnut, Bamboo, Zebra and Cherry wood types to make your PS one of a kind! The cases can be purchased in a complete kit including the gaming console or individually if you already own a PS.

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Feb 242014

Staiway To Darkness Home Rug
The Stairway To Darkness Rug is designed to give your visitors the cool impression that your living room is a gate to other dark worlds!

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The rug is made of 100% polyester yarn, features a non-slip bottom, has a pile coverage of 10 stitches per inch, 6mm (1/4 in) thickness and measures 3 x 5 feet (0.9 x 1.5 meters). Perfect to decorate a bedroom or any other piece.

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Jan 312014

Kozo 2 Plumbing Inspired Desk Lamp
The Kozo 2 is cool desk lamp handmade of re-purposed iron pipes. The lamp sports a 3 legs design which allows the user to position it on the edge of a desk or against a wall to save desk space – also check the Lombardia Wooden Home Lights Collection.

Kozo 2 is activated or turned off by an actual tap that acts as light switch, is branded with an authentic logo plate with an individual serial number and is a great fit for any engineering lover!

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Jan 312014

The Diagram of Dogs Wall Print
For all dog lovers out there!

The Diagram of Dogs is a cool 24″ x 18″ (that’s 60 cm x 45cm) wall poster which features chart drawings of 181 dog breeds grouped on main categories such as Working Dogs, Toy Dogs, Hounds and so on. The poster is pressed on an offset lithographic press with vegetable-based inks on 100 lb. archival recycled stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council. Various finishing options such as hanging rails or frames are available – also check Handmade Retro Travel Posters – Decorate Your Wall With Famous Movie Destinations and The Chart of Hand Tools Wall Decoration Poster.

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Jan 212014

Handmade Retro Travel Posters - Decorate Your Wall With Famous Movie Destinations

An empty wall is like a body without soul! – Don’t quote me on this guys, I am not sure if I heard it somewhere or I just made it up, but, anyway, it sounds cool!
Now you can decorate your wall with your favorite movie destinations! You can choose scenes from Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit or Game Of Thrones.

ALSO CHECK Minimalist Superhero Illustrations In Vibrant Colors by Calvin Lin and Star Wars Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Wall Poster.

The Retro Travel Posters are handmade, are available in a range of models, are printed on high quality 265gsm Pro Photo Satin/Oyster Paper which gives them clean and vibrant finish and can be customized upon request. The posters come with individual destinations printed on one sheet or multiple destinations printed on the same sheet.

I’d go for the Star Wars one with 10 locations … What’s your favorite?

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Dec 022013

The Chart of Hand Tools Wall Decoration Poster
The Chart of Hand Tools is a cool wall poster designed to celebrate the tinkerers and the doers: those who build, repair, and create – also check the cool A Gentleman’s Visual Guide Of Moustaches and the Acme Corporation Complete Inventory Poster we featured earlier.
The poster is printed on 24″ x 36″ 100 lb recycled stock using brass and aluminum metallic inks. The poster features 300 hand tools drawn in five categories: tools that measure, stabilize, mark, divide and manipulate and represents a nice gift for anyone working or in love with hand tools.

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Oct 142013

A Gentlemans Visual Guide Of Moustaches y Charley Chartwell

Featuring 50 mustache styles printed on a 18×24 poster, the A Visual Treasury Of Moustaches is a “salute to upper lip grandeur” and is an ideal gift “for moustache experts and beginners, as well as clean-shaven fans of the glorious ‘stache“.

The prints are made of vegetable ink lithograph pressed on 100lb. recycled paper. Made and shipped from US.

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