Dec 142015

41 Functional Cufflinks In James Bond Style

While cufflinks are not mandatory every time you wear a dress suit, they can be an amazing opportunity to tell people around something about you! And not only, sometimes, they can be a real life saver! From danger whistles to USB storage, from calendar to carpenter levels and rulers, from thermometers to cigar punches, lighters and dices, these little stylish accessories can help you save the day!

For that matter we compiled below the coolest functional cufflinks we found around! Check them out after the break and let us know what’s your favorite pair of cufflinks!

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Feb 042014

LighterBro - Supercharge Your Bic Lighter With Multi-Tool Powers!
Having a multi-tool on you is cool and can come in handy in many situations. But, even cooler than having a multi-tool in your pockets, is supercharging a gadget you already have to carry with you every day and give it multipurpose tool powers! A while a go we featured the TaskOne iPhone case designed to add 22 handy multi-tools to your smarphone4’s case. Today we’ll take a look at the LighterBro – an innovative Bic lighter case designed to ad 4 common tools to your truster fire starter!

The LighterBro is made of mirror finished 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and sports three spring loaded tools: a knife, a screwdriver and a pair of scissors and a bottle opener integrated in the case’s bottom.

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Jan 142014

Zippo Pocket Emergency Fire Starter Kit In Action
Featuring a similar size to regular Zippo lighters, the Zippo Emergency Fire starter Kit is a nice piece of gear to have in your pockets while outdoring, camping or even hiking!

ALSO CHECK these other cool Zippo products – Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet, Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman -The Handy Camping Tool.

The Zippo fire starter sports a reliable flint wheel ignition and four water- resistant waxed tinder sticks all protected in a sealed waterproof case. Simply pull one of the tinder sticks, unroll it and activate the flint wheel. The sparkles will light the tinder and there you are … your fire is ready! Zippo waxed tinder sticks refills available here for $4.99.

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Nov 182013

The Lighter Cufflinks Or How To Light A Cigar In Bond's Charming Style
Here’s your chance to light a cigar in James Bond style. Imagine the look on that pretty girl’s face when you take of your cufflinks and meticulously light your cigar with’em! – also check these cool spy-style cufflinks we featured earlier: The Knife Cufflinks, the Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks and the Uncuff Cufflinks.

The Lighter Cufflinks feature incorporated vintage-style lighters (dah!!!), side spinning lighter wheels, their size is less than an inch and are “powered” by Zippo lighter gas.

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Aug 292013

BIC Lighter Secret Stash

Feeling like James Bond again? Here’s another cool item to ad to your spy tool-bag!
The Secret Lighter Stash looks exactly like a BIC lighter, BUT … you can remove it’s false bottom and stash inside all kinds of small stuff. The lighter is not functional (will not burn or spark) and it’s perfect for storing cash, small jewelry or even USB keys in full sight (eg: safely store an emergency $20 bill in your car’s glove compartment).

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Dec 212012

Classic Style Turbo Lighters by Alfred Dunhill

While we encourage people to not smoke, we can’t pass by without stopping to admire these amazing pieces of style. Alfred Dunhill, the maker of the Turbo Lighters, is a well known British luxury brand specialized in menswear, accessories and leather goods.

Dunhill’s Turbo Lighters sport a classic look and are made of the finest materials (check the ones with wood and leather inlays). Don’t make the mistake of looking at them like at any common lighter – these are jewelry pieces perfect for helping you make a style statement … in style!

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