Jul 052014

LG Harman Kardon HBS-900 Tone Infinim Bluetooth Headset
Born from a collaboration between two giants in the gadgetry industry, the LG Harman Kardon Tone Infinim (HBS-900) is a premium Bluetooth headset optimized for the LG G3 smartphone but compatible with most devices on the market.
The Tone Infinim has a “behind-the-neck” format and is deemed to have the longest standby time in the industry (550 hours of standby). The device if powered by a 220mAh battery which is good for 17 hours of phone talk or 14 hours of music/video/game play, is compatible with all Bluetooth devices running Bluetooth 3.0 and features the A2DP (stereo audio transmission), AVRCP (acts as a audio/video remote controller), HFP (car hands free function), HSP (phone headset connectivity) profiles.

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The LG Harman Kardon Tone Infinim (HBS-900) will hit the markets this summer. No pricing information was released yet by Harman Kardon or LG, but, if we consider LG’s HBS-800 model featuring JBL audio ran for $120 US when it was released, we appreciate the Tone Infinim will be north of this price point due to Harman Kardon‘s implication in the project.

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Jun 242014

Kablam - The Ultimate Smartphone Screen Protector
A while back we introduced you to the Rhino Shield which is a great way to protect your smartphone screen against any kinds of impacts. The Rhino shield is available for a range of devices and manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and Motorola.

But what if you have a different brand of phone? What if you want to protect your tablet screen or your smart watch? What about your digital camera‘s screen or your MP3?
Kablam is the answer. Kablam is a 0.01-in (0.26mm) thick polymer screen protector (that’s 0.03mm less thicker than the Rhino shield) designed to efficiently protect your gadget’s screen. The Kablam features anti-shock absorption layers, crystal clear transparency with anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch technology.
Apart the thickness (0.03 mmm less than the Rhino Shield) and the price (about half price than the Rhino Shield) what’s really outstanding about the Kablam is that it can be configured to any gadget screen. Simply let the manufacturer know the device you intend to use it with when you place your order and they’ll deliver you the proper size to fit your screen!

The Kablam is in project mode at Kickstarter and you can secure one for as low as $5 US for smart watches, $7 US for digital cameras and MP3 players, $12 US for smartphones or $20 US for any type of tablet. Delivery scheduled for August 2014.

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Mar 032014

LG Pocket NFC Photo Printer
If you want to print pics while on the go and you’re not into instant film cameras like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and the Polaroid Z2300, the LG Pocket Photo Printer is the gadget to carry in your bag!

The LG mini printer allows you to print picture stored on your Android smartphone wirelessly via NFC or Bluetooth. Snap a picture or select an existing picture in your phone gallery, open it via the free LG Pocket Photo App, hit the print button and watch the magic happen. The Android app also allows basic picture editing, QR code creation with pic taken date, location, and a quick memo as well as automatic upload to the most popular social networks. Works with Zink paper packages available on Amazon or any other major store that carries photo gear.

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Dec 112013

Cabelet Charging Bracelet By Kyte And Key - Worn On Man And Woman Wrist

Never forget your charging cable home again! The Cabelet is a fancy leather bracelet you strap around your wrist and hides a MicroUSB or Lightning charging cable under the woven leather! How cool is that? – also check the Nordwik USB Flashdrive Leather Bracelet and the TsirTech Wrist Band Charger.

The Cabelet is made of quality braided leather and features a stainless steel or bronze closing clasp which secures the bracelet on your wrist and protects both plugs. The wrist charging cable comes in 4 colors (classic white and black, natural brown and fancy orange), is available in MicroUSB (fits any smartphone around but the iPhone) and Lighting versions (fits the latest iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models) and is designed in sizes ranging from Small to Large ( small 5″- 6″, medium 6″- 7″, large 7″- 8″ ).

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Oct 222013

Google Nexus 5 by LG

Here you go … That time of the year when Google releases his new smartphone is here!
Google Nexus 5 is designed to be powerful mid-range smartphone on the cheap. While there’s a lot of buzz around the Nexus 5, Google did not announced it officially yet (there was a leaky hole on the Google’s Nexus site where some users were being able to see the Nexus 5 while some others were redirected to the Nexus 4 page as reported by Engadget). Anyway – here are the leaked specs: made by LG with a Qualcomm 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor, LTE connectivity, 16-32GBs of storage and a 1080p 4.95″ inch screen. Prices are reported to turn around $349 US for the 16 GB unlocked version.

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Sep 092013

LG Meteor Prank - LG Commercial Advertising 4K UHD Lechnology
Here’s a cool way LG decided to advertise their latest UHD (Ultra HD) TV’s.
They set up an interview room, placed a 84-in LG UHD TV where the room window was supposed to be and played some city screenshots. But wait, in the middle of the interview, the sky starts to burn …
I hate to ruin the clip and tell you what happens further. Check out the vid to see how this cool prank ends ….

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Jul 292013

LG Touch 3D Virtual Reality Smartphone
The LG Touch is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2012 LG Mobile Design Competition. This new breed of smartphone features a high-tech polymer membrane touch surface that changes it’s physical shape based on what application runs to allow you to best interact with the gadget. This way, should you write an email the polymer membrane takes the shape of a keyboard, should you start a guitar app the membrane transforms into something similar to the actual strings and so on. Sky is the limit … – also check some other cool futuristic gadget concepts as the Obento Note and the Fujitsu LifeBook 2013.

Another cool feature is that the LG Touch with raised touchscreen features native implementation of Braille so people with sight impairments can easily interact and have access to the entire smartphone ecosystem. Here’s how how the project’s advantages are described by it’s designer Andrea Ponti: “Thanks to the raised touch screen, vision impaired users will be able to interact with the smart phone, elderly users will find it easier to type and surf the internet, and everyone will benefit from the unprecedented level of interaction and dual feedback – visual and tactile. Users will be able to feel the texture of a fabric or a surface by touching the embossed image at the bottom of the screen: virtual reality is here and now!

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