Mar 262014

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Minifigure Clock SKU 9005718
Let your favorite superhero ring the clock every morning!

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Made by Lego in collaboration with DC Comics, the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Alarm Clocks are 9.5 inch (that close to 25 cm) tall figure characters made of strong ABS. The digital alarm clocks come in three shapes: Superman, Batman and the Joker and, while they have all characteristics of the original characters, they are build in pure cool Lego mode. The clocks feature a backlit LCD and an digital alarm function with snooze function!

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Dec 212013

Air-Powered Life Size Lego Car
Here’s a cool project I couldn’t pass by and not feature on!
The Real Life Lego HotRod is a super cool project by Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino. The car is fully functional, is powered by a compressed air engine with 256 pistons (all made by Lego pieces!!!), it reaches 20-30 km/h (that’s about 15-20 mph) and is completely build of Lego blocks. The project took 18 months of work, with 12 of those focused on building the car!

Check out the vid for more details and let me know your take in the comments!



Oct 072013

Lego Wrist Watch Collection For Adults

After having a kids wrist watch line for a while now, Lego decided to expand it with a watch collection for adults. The Lego Watches will be available in in November 2013 via the Lego Watch Store, they’ll come in multiple models available in a range of vivid colors, feature both digital and analog dials, they’ll have a rumored price tag between $85 and $115 US and will allow links interchangeability between the models.

I’d go with the black one featuring a yellow dial ring. Which one is your favorite? Let me know int he comments …

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