Apr 142014

Chivote 2Face Double Faced Leather BackPacks
Made by Chivote, an European start-up built around manufacturing high quality leather gear, the 2Face Backpack sports an innovative double-sided design.

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Remember those cool jackets you simply turn inside-out and you get a totally different style to wear? Pretty much the same idea here – simply turn the backpack around and you get a different style gear carrier. The 2Face Backpack is available in three leather tones (Black, Nubuck and Redrum), sports a laptop dedicated compartment, a tablet internal pocket, three external pockets for smaller gear such as smartphone, wallets, keys and one main compartment for other stuff you might need to carry around. The back straps are side-attached in the lower part of the backpack and, on the upper part, a metallic hook allows easy switching between wearing sides. Perfect for daily commute.

The Chivote 2Face Backpack is available at Kickstarter. You can encourage the project and secure a one at an early bird price of $259 (will retail at around $310).

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Mar 242014

Mercedes Viano Business Luxury Van
The Mercedes-Benz Viano it’s a multi-purpose vehicle made by the German manufacturer. Normally, the Viano is just like any other van you see out there on the street. But that’s until it got on the handy hands of the guys over at Klassen

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The basic Viano model was “stretched” (read extended) to allow more room to the mobile office. The luxurious interior can easily serve as office for 4 persons, is fully loaded with high quality leather and high tech gadgets controlled by an iOs app (yeap … not only this van will set you back a considerable amount of Benjamins, but you also have to be an iPhone or iPad fan to fully take advantage of all it’s features)! No price is available on the official website (don’t worry, if you really want one you can drop them a contact form and I am sure they’ll get back to you quicker than you can hit the SEND button!!!) but rumor has it it’s about 1 million per piece!

Check the video below for a virtual tour of one of the fanciest road offices ever built!


Mar 192014

CalypsoFlip Macbook Stylish Case By Calypso Crystal
Expensive by any means, CalypsoCrystal’s latest CalypsoFlip is a stylish MacBook Air and Pro case which focuses more on fashion than functionality.
The case is designed to be used without removing the laptop and features a lateral frame which secures on your MacBook to it’s bottom. The case lid magnetically snaps to the outer shell of the laptop or can be folded below giving the MacBook a slight angle, just perfect for longer typing sessions.

Made of smooth, black leather lined with Alcantara material on the interior, the CrystalFlip comes in a range of vibrant colors and it’s available for a whooping $299.

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Mar 182014

Komono The One - One Handed Wristwatch
The Komono The One wristwatch is designed to be a head turner. Not only it features a classy, simple design, but it also “tells” the time with only one hand!
The watch sports a case diameter of 46 millimeters, a 21 millimeters wide leather strap, Japanese Quartz movement and an analogue display.

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Here’s how it works – the markings on the analogue display show hours (from 1 to 12) as well as graded markings for minutes. There’s one little line for every 5 minutes and slightly bigger markup for each 15, 30 and 45 minutes blocks. By simply checking where the unique hand is positioned on the display one can easily tell what time it is leaving people around wondering how come a “broken’ watch can give the right time!

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Mar 132014

Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet Leather Case
The Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet is a fancy piece of gear designed to carry your daily stuff in style.
Made of Italian vegetable tanned leather with wool felt interior lining, the wallet case sports a front pocket for 1-2 credit or ID cards, a main slot to protect your iPhone and a third pocket for cash bills and other small stuff you need to carry around. Compatible with all iPhone versions and similar sized smartphones from other brands.

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Mar 072014

Black Leather Wrap Around Cufflinks by CuffCrazy
Another day, another pair of cufflinks! Either you wear cufflinks on occasional situations or daily bases, it’s important you own at least a good couple of pairs! Either you go for multifunctional cufflinks like the Adjustable Date Cufflinks, the Lighter Cufflinks or the WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks or simply stylish cufflinks like the Skull Cameo ones, your links say a lot about you – think about them as a fashion statement if you’d like!

For those of you who prefer to wear warm, organic accessories, and not only, today we’ll take a look at the Black Leather Wrap Around Cufflinks by CuffCrazy. Made of high quality black leather with rhodium backing, this pair of cufflinks has an ingenious design which allows it to wrap your dress shirt sleeves. I see them going very well with classy black and white outfits, maybe a tuxedo? Ingenious, isn’t it?

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Mar 042014

5-in Smartphone Distressed Leather Wallet Case
Safely carrying a smartphone in your pockets is no longer an easy job. While most people protect their smartphones with cases, pouches or sleeves, most of protective gear out-there is not that fancy at all. More than that, most cases make your smartphone bulkier.

So, why not protect your smartphone with something else than a case? Why not protect it with something you already have on you every day? Why not carry it in your wallet?

The Smartphone Distressed Leather Wallet Case does just that, and it does it in style! Compatible with smartphones up to 5 inch (works with Samsung Galaxy S4 and smaller models as well as all iPhone versions) the wallet case is handmade of sturdy distressed leather and can carry up to 3 card, and few bills as well as you smartphone.

I use this wallet since about a month ago and it took it only one day to make it to the top of my proffered wallet list (now, keep in mind that I am a wallet freak and I own about 15 wallets. I used to rotate wallets on almost daily basis … until one month ago). The thick leather, it’s vintage look, the cool design make this wallet case a real head turner (now … bear with me … I am trying to be as unbiased as possible here … but this wallet is so cool, that it’s tough for me to hide my excitement!!!).

So, back to business – it’s simpler you check out the video review in this post and you judge for yourself. Please note that this particular model requires folding USD and CAD bills in order to fit properly in it’s bill pocket. If you’re in EU and using Euros, smaller EUR bills might fit unfolded, but bigger bills need to be folded as well. Not really a big issue, but I felt I had to mention it. Check it out now …

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