Apr 142014

Chivote 2Face Double Faced Leather BackPacks
Made by Chivote, an European start-up built around manufacturing high quality leather gear, the 2Face Backpack sports an innovative double-sided design.

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Remember those cool jackets you simply turn inside-out and you get a totally different style to wear? Pretty much the same idea here – simply turn the backpack around and you get a different style gear carrier. The 2Face Backpack is available in three leather tones (Black, Nubuck and Redrum), sports a laptop dedicated compartment, a tablet internal pocket, three external pockets for smaller gear such as smartphone, wallets, keys and one main compartment for other stuff you might need to carry around. The back straps are side-attached in the lower part of the backpack and, on the upper part, a metallic hook allows easy switching between wearing sides. Perfect for daily commute.

The Chivote 2Face Backpack is available at Kickstarter. You can encourage the project and secure a one at an early bird price of $259 (will retail at around $310).

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Mar 142014

Urban Modular Backpack By Ember
The concept of modular gear which can be used individually or as a whole becomes more and more popular.
Based on the same cool idea of combining multiple pieces of gear and customizing the final piece based on the needs of the moment, the guys from Ember Equipment brought to life the Modular Urban Pack – a cool backpack than can be easily adapted to fit your personal needs.

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Inspired by the outdoors, built for life in the city, and designed to address the challenge of global travel.” the modular backpack is made of cordura nylon and features a main 20-liter compartment and a wide range of modular accessories including a padded laptop and tablet sleeve, weather proof military pouches, smartphone case, hard cases for sensitive gear, two handles, utility straps as well as a bike u-lock strap.

The Ember modular backpack is in project mode on Kickstarter and you can secure one for an introductory price of $209 (retails for $265+). Delivery scheduled for July 2014.

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Mar 042014

Case Logic 15.6-in Laptop & Tablet Backpack [Product Review]
Working in today’s world implies (most times) carrying gear back and forth between your home and your office. And this is not an easy job … laptop, tablet, mouse and cables, chargers, headphones, paper files and who knows what else … gear packs up and gets more and more difficult to carry around.

The Case Logic 15.6-in Laptop & Tablet Backpack is designed around this issue and offers a convenient solution for storing and carrying your gear while you roam around. The backpack sports a laptop and tablet dedicated compartment padded for anti-shock protection and a middle compartment designed around carrying more bulky items like books, laptop chargers, umbrellas, some light clothing or paper files. Other than these two main compartments, we find a handful of other useful smaller pockets such us: a top loading pocket with plush lining for smartphones, 2 side pockets (one sports an incorporated key ring to secure your keys, the other one has a headphones thread designated slot for easy music listening), a lumbar anti-smuggler pocket designed to keep your most precious gear away of prying eyes, a top-front pocket for small gear you need handy at any moment (thing about pens, USB drives, external HDD, etc …) and a front larger pocket which can easily hold a newspaper, sunglasses case or a smaller umbrella.

The backpack features lumbar padding for comfortable transport, the thick foam back padding with breathable mesh is designed to allow a constant air flow for increased comfort, a secondary front bottom handle allows easy grip in case of carrying heavy gear, an adjustable sternum strap secures the backpack while the padded shoulder straps provide comfort while carrying the backpack for longer periods of time.

I used this backpack for around 1 month and I am pretty impressed with it’s quality and storage capabilities (check the attached video to have an idea how much I fit in it and there was still plenty of room available for other gear). Before using it I was never a big fan of laptop backpacks and I always preferred classic laptop cases such as this one or this one. Well, this Case Logic backpack changed my opinion and became pretty quickly my preferred laptop bag. Check it out …

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Jan 132014

DSPTCH MacBook 11, 13 and 15 And iPad and iPad Mini Minimalistic Cases
The latest DSPTCH line of MacBook and iPad cases are designed with utilitarian minimalism in mind!

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For increased resistance to day-to-day wear the cases are made of ballistic mesh and lined with nylon packcloth to protect your laptop or tablet against scratches and accidental bumps. The sleeves feature one main pocket made for the iPad or MacBook laptops, a front smaller elastic pocket for various smaller gear and an elastic management system to secure your cords.

Available for the regular iPad, iPad mini and MacBoock 11″, 13″ and 15″.

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Dec 282013

RFID Protection HackShield Backpack

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is a protocol designed to use radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data and identify, tag, track and monitor tags attached to objects, animals and even humans. Laptops, smartphones, tablets and many gadgets out there can still send and receive information even if they’re powered off!

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Let’s not get paranoid here, this doesn’t mean everyone can check those nasty websites you’ve been surfing lately, it just means that some information can leak from your gadgets if someone is close enough and has adequate technical capabilities to capt it.

The HackShield Backpack is designed around the RFID protection need. The backpack fits most laptops up to 15″, is made of waterproof polyurethane exterior, and heavy-duty nylon interior so all your gadgets are safe from the elements, it features 2 RFID protective sleeves made of RFID blocking fabric, 9 pouches and 1 zippered pocket.

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Dec 202013

Barbour Wax Leather Briefcase
The Barbour Wax Leather Briefcase is designed to be one’s best commuting friend! Other than the high quality Barbour build, we can’t pass by without noticing the minimalistic yet efficient design of this bag – also check the Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Messenger Bag, the Hard Graft Old Fashioned Italian Leather Laptop Bag and the ViVAX – The Crushproof, Waterproof, Shockproof, Dirtproof Laptop Case we featured earlier.

The bag is made of heavyweight wax cotton, features brass buckles and adjusters, a main internal compartment which fits laptops up to 17″ (a laptop case is needed as the bag does not have protection reinforcements) and two large front pockets covered by a leather flap closure. The pockets are large enough to accommodate regular daily gear such as cables, chargers, a mouse and anything else you might need to have on you.

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Dec 172013

Bombproof Laptop Bags By Goruck - 15L and 20L Shoulder Bags For 15in and 17in Laptops
Here they are! The Bombproof laptop bags from Goruck! – also check the Welded Waterproof Laptop Postbag, the Authentic II Skatepack By Vans and the Booq Cobra Business Backpack.

Keep you gear and your laptop safe in case of a bomb explosion! The laptop bags are built in USA, are made of durable Cordura and water-resistant material to fit laptops sized up to 17-in and and come in two versions: 15 liters and 20 liters. Both models feature a main laptop bombproof compartment and two open pockets for gear, magazines and newspapers (the 15 liters model) or a second zippered pocket to carry your valuables in safety (the 20 liters version).

While Goruck rates these laptop bags as “Bombproof” we really wish you never have to test them in real life conditions.

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