Jun 072016

Lamborghini Mizuno Wave Tenjin Running Shoes

Born from the collaboration between the Italian supercar maker Lamborghini and the Japanese sports equipment manufacturer Mizuno, the Wave Tenjin is one of the coolest running shoes ever built. Inspired from the cool and simple Lamborghini design, the Wave Tenjin packs Mizuno’s patented Infinity Wave Technology for improved support and cushioning, U4icX board midsole for underfoot comfort, stretch laces as well a lightweight mesh upper to ensure the heat is dispersed and feet are kept cool during your running sessions. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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Feb 202016

Crazy Supercar Crashes

It’s well known that money won’t buy happiness! But it surely brings adrenaline and craziness!
Hit the break to check out these super car crashes … Hopefully, very few of the drivers were injured …


May 202014

Bear Riding In A Lamborghini - by JustinTimesPranks
A bear riding in the right seat of a Lambo in Huntington Beach, Ca?
Get outta here!!! This can be true!

Well, it happened a couple of months ago in California! Check out the video and see it for yourself!!!

ALSO CHECK the Devil Baby Prank and Ferrari Owner Or Not?

P.S. Don’t believe everything you see! While for a couple of days this video turned the internet upside down, it eventually turned out to be a well directed prank set up for the launch of the Youtube channel JustInTimePranks. The bear was finally not live and the Lambo was rented, but still cool, isn’t it?
While the prank was pretty cool and well done, it still amazes me how much press coverage a simple idea can get if well executed. Imagine there are big companies out


Dec 252013

SR Auto Group Winter Tuned Lamborghini Aventador
Preparing a car for winter means for most of us to hook up the winter tires, check the liquids and make sure the car’s systems are in good shape and functional. Well, that’s for any regular person, not for the guys over the SR Auto Group, a British Columbia, Canada based auto tuner! – also check the Lamborghini Veneno – The 4.5M USD Roadster and the Mercedes SLS GT3 AMG we featured earlier.

Their latest project – the Project700 Wintermode Lamborghini Aventador – is a cool proof of they mean when they say “Winter Mode Car“.
The tuned Lamborghini was painted in carbon and wrapped in satin black vinyl for scratch protection, features of Pirelli Sotto Zeros mounted on strong powder coated finish PUR 4OUR black rims, a PUR Basics Lowering System kit, a PUR Aero Carbon Fiber set of spoilers and skirts.
One last thing that needed to be solved was the storage space for the winter gear (read skis, boots, snowboards and anything else you might need on the slopes). An 8 ft (that’s about 2.4 meters) Thule roof ski box was carefully wrapped in the same satin black vinyl, fitted and mounted on the top of the Aventador allows extra storage for the passengers sports equipment.

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Oct 222013

Lamborghini Veneno - The 4.5 Million USD Supercar
Well … that’s a nice way to stand apart from the crowd! If you have 4.5 million USD in your account and you’re in the market for a hot head turner – look no further! The Lamborghini Veneno is what you were thriving for … – also check the 1,000hp Hennessy Corvette and the Street Legal 1,226 Cadillac CTS by Hennessey!

Let’s take a closer look at what 4.5 million worth of road technology looks like:

  • Topless design
  • 6.5L V12 which outputs 750 hp and accelerates from 0-62 miles (that 0-100 km/h) in only 2.8 seconds
  • 221 mph top speed (that’s 355 km/h)
  • 7-Speed Semi-Automatic ISR Transmission

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster series is rumored to be limited to only 9 units (out of which the first 3 built units are already sold). So, pick up your cheque book, call grandma to give you a lift to the nearest Lamborghini dealer and reserve yours ASAP!

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Jan 072013

Police Super Cars

With regular cars getting more and more powerful, law enforcement teams need to keep the pace with the technology.
Think about Germany with their “No Speed Limit Highways”. Would a regular police car be able to chase down a super car?

Here you have a couple of the the most popular super cars int he world that are serving in law enforcement teams. Some of them are mockups (I can’t really imagine a Police Department driving a Bugatti Veyron) – but, hey … they’re still neat and cool to check…

As the reason of this article is to list 10 police super cars and not to start a debate on the best beast out-there, they’re ordered alphabetically, without any regards to performance, looks, manufacturers or prices.



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