Jan 272015

LaCie Mirron USB 3.0 External Portable Drive With Ebony Desk Stand - On Office Desk
Designed by French industrial designer Pauline Deltour, the LaCie Mirror is one of the fanciest portable drives around!

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The LaCie Mirror drive features an 1TB of portable storage encased in mirrored Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a cool Ebony wood display stand for office use, a soft carrying case for while on the go, it works with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices powered by Windows Vista or higher and Mac OS X 10.5 and latter and comes with LaCie Backup Assistant and LaCie Private-Public (AES 256-bit encryption) software suite.

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Jan 132013

LaCie Blade Runner 4TB Of Storage Space With a Super Cool Design

Usually, there are not much to be said about storage drives. They store data and that’s it! From time to time, external hard drives companies show some aesthetic spirit, and create nice looking storage units.

Now it’s time for LaCie to go the designer storage drive way!
LaCie presented their newest high capacity storage drive featuring 4TB offline storage, 10GB online storage (free for the 1st year), fast 3.0 USB connectivity and a super cool aluminum design. Apart that we have the classic software encryption, Mac, Linux and PC compatibility and power saving mode by automatic standby.

$300 | BUY NOW
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Oct 012012

Rugged Portable LaCie HDD With USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt Mix

Keep you data safe. One of the most important things in the digital era is to backup your data and make sure the back up is safe. LaCie has a rugged solution to help us achieve this.

LaCie Rugged USB3 Features:

  • Connectivity: USB3 and Thunderbold
  • Speed (up to 380MB/s – SSD Version)
  • Accident Resistant (1.2 meters drop height)
  • Automatic BackUp
  • AES 256-bit password encrypted
  • Available in 120GB (SSD), 240GB (SSD) and 1TB (HDD)
$199+ | BUY NOW
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