Nov 082013

Have A Nice Day Secret Message Coffee Mug

Sometimes things are not what they seem! So be ready to adapt to any morning situation with the “Have A Nice Day” Coffee Mug. Greet your colleagues in style and deliver the proper message every time … without fail!

Also check these cool coffee mugs we featured earlier – the Battery Thermo Mug, the Fingerprint Coffee Mug and the Happy Face Mug.

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Oct 252013

The Side Up Skull Egg Shaper Helps Your Cook Killer Eggs

Start your day in fun style with the Funny Side Up Skull Egg Shaper. Simply place the mold into the frying pan, crack a coup0le of eggs and watch the miracle happen – your eggs will turn into a skull shaped breakfast. Throw in some bacon and you’re ready for a morning meal worthy of a real pirate!

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Oct 082013

Amazing Italian Space Saving Furniture From Via
Well designed furniture can help you save a lot of home or office space. The attached video features some cool space saving furniture designed by the Italian manufacturer Clei.

All models featured in the video clip are available for purchase in North America on the website and in their New York (NYC), Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver showrooms.

What’s your take on space saving furniture? Do you think the saved space justifies the extra furniture costs? Let’s hear you in the comments ….

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Aug 302013

The Coffee Skull Mug

After we told you about the Skull Of Doom Beer Stein and the Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass we’re back with another cool skull piece of glassware to complete your Kitchen Of Doom collection: The Skull Mug.

The Skull Mug is hand cast from durable stoneware, comes in sets of 4 pieces, can hold up to 10.2 oz (300 ml) and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s design reflects closely enough the shape of a skull and the details are glazed with iridescent graphite gray to give it an old worn-out look.

Let me know in the comments – what’s your own favorite Doom Kitchenware?

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Aug 292013

Star Wars Han Solo Refrigerator

The Han Solo frozen in carbonite fridge is a concept created by artist Quentin Devine for the “Fridges” challenge on The mockup catches the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back scene where Han Solo is sealed in carbonite and redyed to be delivered to Jabba the Hutt.

Unfortunately, the design is only a Photoshop detailed image, but he have hopes some sticker manufacturer will pick it and make it available as a fridge decal … Or, why not? Some refrigerator company to put it in production for all Star Wars fans out there!!!

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Aug 082013

Soup And Cracker Ceramic Mugs
The Soup And Cracker Ceramic Mugs are a very convenient way to serve … soup and crackers (dah!!!). The mugs are made of dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic, can hold up to 8.5 oz (that’s around 250 ml) of liquid and can also be used for chips and dip, cocoa and cookies.

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