Apr 162014

Conqueror UEV-440 - The Ultimate Camper Trailer
The Conqueror UEV-440 is one of the best equipped caper trailers out there.
Here’s what Conqueror Australia, the manufacturer of the USV-440, says about it:
The UEV-440 is a true Jack of all trades, it offers the maneuverability and capability of a camper trailer as well as caravan benefits such as a hard roof, sides and floor.
The 440 has a number of sleeping arrangements to suit both couples and families.
With luxuries such as diesel hot water system, interior heating, air-conditioning, microwave, shower, fridge/freezer, full kitchen complete with cutlery and crockery and even a flat screen DVD player you will fall in love with this truly ultimate off-road camper.”

Not much to ad! Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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Feb 212014

Mustard And Ketchup Bottle Monster Tops

Dress up your mustard and ketchup bottles with the Evriholder monster bottle caps and dress your hamburgers and hot dogs like a boss! – also check the Dual Condiment Dispenser Gun.
The caps are made of BPA-free food safe plastic and attch to the top of standard ketchup and mustard bottles. Simply replace the original tops and you’re ready for a fun cooking session!

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Feb 172014

Cool Funny Dry memo Coffee Mug
Geek or not, a cool coffee mug is a must!
While many mugs out-there have cool designs and funny messages (check “Have A Nice Day” Secret Message Coffee Mug; “This Mug Is Stolen” Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug By Thumbs Up and The Morning Mug Gets You Smiling When The Mornings Are Rough), after a while (read max a couple of weeks) they become obsolete and no longer have punch!

Enter the Dry Wipe Memo Mug and have a brand new cool mug every day! Simply subscribe to any joke site, find a funny quote, grab the mug’s market, write it down on your mug and get ready to impress your friends or co-workers! Wipe, rinse and repeat every day and be have your morning coffee Like A Boss!

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Feb 062014

Nine-In-One Handy Kitchen Multitool
Kitchen tools are great, not only to help you quicker and easier accomplish various food and beverages preparation tasks, but also to … clutter the already crowded kitchen space!

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Here’s where the All-in-One Kitchen Set comes into the game! The kitchen set is a veritable cooking multi-tool packed into a bottle shaped design to save you space while storing between uses. The tool includes: flower vase, funnel, lemon juicer, spice grater, boiled egg dicer, cheese grater, lid opener, egg separator and a a 1 1/4 measuring cup.

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Jan 212014

Espresso Veloce V12 - The 12 Cylinder Engine Coffee Machine
Are you in love with Italian coffee and big muscle engines?

Just in case you love’em both and you have a $15,000 pile of US bills waiting patiently for a coffee machine to pick your attention – we bring you the Espresso Veloce V12 Coffe Machine Machine.

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The espressor is built with an automotive design in mind and is handcrafted from aluminum, magnesium and titanium … Just like a real race car engine!

Hurry up and make your move! The Espresso Veloce is limited to only 500 pieces!

$15,000 | BUY NOW
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Jan 142014

Choc Edge 3D Printer Or How To Print 3D Edible Chocolate Objects
3D printing chocolate sculptures? How cool is that? Cool enough to make me want one!!!

CHECK TOO – Peachy – The $100 3D Printer and Scanner, The Cube – Small Sized 3D Home Printer Form Cubify

UK’s Choc Edge is one latest food 3D printers that hit the market. The printer works just like any other 3D printer by making multiple layers of chocolate until the desired shape is completed. You can 3D print patters, sculptures, objects forms, names and chocolate text massages … sky is the limit! simply feed the plan into the printer, allow it melt the chocolate required for the selected shape and watch the magic happen (check the vid for a real life printing example).

While cool enough to make me want one in my kitchen, the $4750 US price tag makes the 3D Chocolate Printer more targeted business owners in the sweets niche. I am looking forward to the day when I’ll walk to Walmart and buy one of these as simple as I can buy a toaster today!

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Jan 062014

Floating Duck Tea Infuser
Apart the obvious use of making tea, tea infusers need to have two more characteristics: easy to insert/remove and be … COOL!

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So here’s one that does all three things success – the Floating Duck tea Infuser. Simply place the tea in the stainless steel mesh basket, hook it up to the ducky and let it float in your cup.
Other than being cool and cute while it prepares your tea floating in the tea cup, the duck infuser also comes with a drip cup which makes it a breeze to store after the tea infusion is complete.

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