Jul 272015

Olympus Air A01 Or How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A DSLR
The Olympus Air 01 is a cool smartphone addon that allows you to transform your regular phone into a full features DSLR.

ALSO CHECK the Sony DSC-QX100 Attachable Lens for iPhone And Android Smartphones we told you about earlier.

Equipped with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount that makes it compatible with a large array of lens, the Air 01 sports M.Zuiko Lenses, 16.1 MP 43/ Live MOS with up to 1/16,000 second shutter speed, a TruePic VII Image Processor, 200-12800 ISO range, 1080p video capture as well as easy and reliable Android, Kindle and iPhone connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Air 01 can fully be controlled via dedicated apps for iOs, Android and Kindle, stores pictures and videos on an external micro SD card and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which can take up to 320 shots on a full charge.

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Dec 192014

Plinth - The Ultimate Universal Tablet Stand - Opened And Closed View
Plinth is a minimalist, universal tablet stand designed to make your life easier at home, at the office and while on the go! The Plinth is a truly universal device and works with all iPad models, Android and Windows phones and tablets, Kindle, iPhone – with or without cases. Not bigger than an iPhone 4, the Plinth stays quiet in your pocket, bag or tablet sleeve waiting to help you when you need it. Once you’re ready to fix your tablet into a more convenient reading or working position, the Plinth deploys with a touch of a button and is ready to offer a more comfortable and ergonomic position in less than a second – check out the video for a full demo on how it works.

I used the Plinth for about two days and I find a perfect mix between portability and usability. Big enough to comfortably and securely hold a 10.1-in tablet, while small enough to fit in your jeans pocket (literally), the Plinth is one of the most convenient tablet stands I came across. Not only that, but, as my regular PC is a small 11.6-in laptop, I used the Plinth as a laptop stand for these two days and it worked out perfectly. On the lowest angle position, the Plinth allowed me to raise my laptop to about 3-4-in (that’s about 10-12 cm), just what I needed for a more comfortable working position and better heat dissipation.

The Plinth is available in 4 color variations (graphite/grey, graphite/teal, white/grey, white/green) and will set you back $32 US, which, given it ingenious design and increased portability it’s a very reasonable price. Check it out …

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Nov 012014

The Zombie Survival Guide - Complete Protection From The Living Dead by Max Brooks
Now that the Halloween is over and we finished celebrating and remembering the dead, it’s time we get to more serious things: prepare to the Zombie Apocalypse!
While most of “The Walking Dead” series fans have already acquired a lot of experience if fighting the undead, there are still people out-there who need to polish their zombie fighting skills and get ready for when the moment comes!

ALSO CHECK the Zombie Survival Crate, the Halloween Survival Guide we featured earlier to learn to stay safe when the time will come, and, if you’re looking for a fully equipped vehicle to help you out-run the undead, check the Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine and the Jeep Wrangler ZS1 Zombie Slayer.

Available for Kindle, in Hardcover, Paperback or Audiobook formats, the Max Brooks’s Zombie Survival Book is your one stop guide to learn how to fight the hoards of undead and survive in the rough times ahead us!!! The manual is fully illustrated, exhaustively comprehensive and guides you through zombie psychology and behavior as well as through how to find a protect a shelter, the best weapons and defense tactics to help you stay safe, survival and adaptation in any territory or terrain and so on …

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Mar 042014

Cooking for Geeks - Real Science, Great Hacks, And Good Food By Jeff Potter
If you’re surfing, it’s because you have something geeky in you! And if you do so, the “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” by Jeff Potter should be your Holly Cooking Book!

The “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” is published by O’Reilly, comes in Kindle and paperback versions and was described by The Washington Post as: “One of the most useful books on understanding cooking, kind of like a rock-and-roll version of Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking.” What’s your take on it? let me know in the comments below ….

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Dec 112013

eyeTV Wireless Allows Your To Watch Live TV On Your iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets
A while back we showed you how to play live TV on your iPhone and iPad – check original post here: EyeTV Mobile – Turn Your iPad and iPhone Into a Classic Live TV. Now, we’re back with an improved way of getting classic live TV on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The EyeTV W, the EyeTV Mobile’s younger brother, features a Freeview (DTT/DVB-T) tuner which allows it to tune into free over-the-air TV broadcasting and a built-in Hotspot which transforms the TV stations broadcast into a Wi-Fi Live TV stream. Although this looks pretty complicated, it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s how it actually works: turn on the the eyeTV, go to your smartphone or tablet and hit the eyeTV iOS or Android app (the app is free and available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Apps for Kindle) and you’re ready to watch Live TV on your handheld device.

The eyeTV W comes with built-in rechargeable battery which allows up to 4 hours of continuous TV watching on a full battery charge and runs on 802.11b/g WiFi with a wireless range up to 33ft (that’s about 10 meters).

Let’s hear you in the comments … does the eyeTV fit into your home video setup? What other cool uses can you find it?

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Dec 042013

How to Swear Around the World By Jay Sacher - Paperback, Kindle
How to Swear Around the World by Jay Sacher quick funny guide to swearing, a nice gift for the traveler in your family, at work or withing your friends!

Also check The Man’s Book: The Essential Guide for the Modern Man by Thomas Fink, The Complete Beer Course Hardcover By Joshua M. Bernstein and the Bike Owner’s Handbook And Repairs Guide for some other books we featured earlier

The guide promises to make you a swearing champ in dozens of languages no time. The book comes in Kindle and paperback formats and features cool and funny illustrations as well as visual guides and phonetic pronunciations which will make the reader a respected “swearer and curser” in many languages!

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Nov 182013

The Mans Book - The Essential Guide for the Modern Man by Thomas Fink
From how to tie a tie to drinks mixing and potato guns building, from cooking to science, from how to speak to a woman to health and sports, The Man’s Book: The Essential Guide for the Modern Man is a comprehensive collection of essentials (graphs, lists, drawings, instructions, you name it …) for men – also check the The Complete Beer Course Hardcover By Joshua M. Bernstein and the Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty.

Great gift for a bellowed family member, friend or coworker, The Man’s Book is available in Kindle and hardcover formats.

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