Aug 102015

Luxury Carbon Fiber Wallets by Dark Gryphon

Carbon fiber is one of those materials that looks cool on just about anything!
So why not combine it with the only piece of gear you always carry on you? Your wallet! Well, there’s also your phone, but the world has seen too many carbon fiber phone cases yet, so that’s no longer the coolest trend …

The Luxury Carbon Fiber Wallets by Dark Gryphon are exactly what you need to spice up your fancy! The wallets come in a variety of models ranging from slim bifolds and lightweight Carbon Fiber/Kevlar clips to vintage looking leather pocket carriers and women’s wallets, are made of premium leather with specially coated and flexible Carbon fiber and kevlar clips and inserts, come in multiple colors and sport sleek, modern and elegant designs that will match most outfits in your wardrobe!

The Carbon Fiber Wallets are in project mode at Kickstarter and you can support the guys from Dark Gryphon by pre-oredering any of the models now. Check their KS page for more info and pics!

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Jan 222014

Aurisonics Rockets IEM - The Headphones Generation 2.0
Should you have the habit to wear headphones while you work, travel or workout you must have already encountered numerous of their annoyances. First, it’s a real hassle to find the right buds to fit your particular ear form and that’s not because the headphones are “not good” but because the human ear size and shape differs from one person to another and it’s almost impossible to nail a model to perfectly fir everyone! Second, just when you found the right model, they break! Just kidding … but, being always in your pocket, backpack or in use, headphones tend to deteriorate at speedy pace!

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The Aurisonics Rockets are IEMs (internal ear monitors) designed to fix the two above annoyances and be your trusted companions in your daily whereabouts. The headphones are waterproof, the shells are made of titanium for light-weight and improved resistance, the cord is made from strong Kevlar and anchored to the shell at three Kevlar points which confers the headphones a strong resistance to daily abuse and, at last but not the least, a tri-tab silicon retention collar designed to grab onto the interior part of your ear and assure a secure fit.

The Aurisonics Rockets IEM are in project mode at Kickstarter, they reached their funding cap and will be available for delivery in May 2014. You can grab a pair for an early bird price of $149 (the regular price once the crowd funding campaign will end the retail regular price will be $249).

UPDATE 03/02/2015 – The Aurisonics Rockets IEM Headphones reached the funding cap and are available to purchase via the BUY NOW button below (updated link).

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Oct 282013

Backslider Gear Minimalistic Wallet
The Backslider Minimalistic Wallet is a minimalistic piece of gear designed to stay light in your pocket – also check Machine Era Wallet and the Capsule Essentials Wallet.

The wallet is made of rugged Kevlar sailcloth which helps keeping a low profile while staying strong for day to day usage, features RFID protection against information theft and can easily carry a handful of cards and bills.

The backslider is in project mode at Kickstarter and you can secure one for an early bird price tag of $20.

$20 | BUY NOW
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