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Nov 222014

Ken Block Gymkhana 7 Wild In The Streets Of  Los Angeles - Someone Gave Ken Block a 845HP Mustang And This Is What Happened
Here’s the short story: Ken Block + 845HP 1967 Ford Mustang called Hoonicorn + a ton of insanity + tire smoke + director Ben Conrad (the guy behind the past three Gymkhana videos) + another ton of insanity + more tire smoke = Gymkhana 7

And here goes the long story – after three successful Gymkhanas, Ken Bock (the owner of DC Shoes and Hoonigan) partnered again with director Ben Conrad (also directed Recoil 2 and was the creative lead for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers and Iron Man 3) for for the seventh title of the Gymkhana series: Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles. The clip shows Ken Block unleashed, driving a 845 horse power, 6.7-liter V8 supercharged 1967 Ford Mustang and drifting on the streets of LA. A crazy amount of insanity, a lot of driving skill, some cool panoramas of the empty streets of LA, a couple of Police cars involved in the Gymkhana and a lot of tire smoke make this clip the coolest one of the series. Check it our and let me know in the comments bellow.

I also embedded bellow Ken Block‘s first 6 Gymkhanas in case you missed them!

May 052013

Ken Block and GoPro Go Rallying In Snowy Russia

Ken Block is the co-founder of DC Shoes and a professional Rally driver with Hoonigan Racing Division. Other than that, he likes to show his driving skills in YouTube videos! And, believe me, he does it well!

This ad-clip features Ken Block showing his drivemanship in the snowy Russia while being filmed by a multitude of GoPro HD Hero2 cameras and, as the GoPro YouTube comments explains, he “tries to take out as many cameras as he can” …


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