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Feb 282015

Luminox Wristlight Watch With 300 Lumens Flashlight
Either you need to always have a flashlight on you, you want to be ready for anything life throws at you or you simply love James Bond-like gadgetry, the rugged and lightweight Luminox Wristlight Watch should be very high on your accessories list!

ALSO CHECK the Leatherman Thread QM1 Multi-Tool Watch and the Hyetis Crossbow – The 41 Megapixels Camera Wristwatch we wrote about earlier.

The Luminox Watch is an US made fancy looking classic wristwatch made of lightweight aerospace aluminum and sports a high-quality Swiss quartz movement, self-illuminating tritium hands, a rotating bezel with timer markings and a built-in LED flashlight powered by an USB rechargeable Li-Io battery. The watch outputs a broad light beam with 3 power levels – 300, 60 and 15 lumens – and features a durable rubber wristband designed to allow easy interaction with the light adjustment buttons as well as automatic light alignment when used with a hand gun (two handed grip).

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Nov 182013

The Lighter Cufflinks Or How To Light A Cigar In Bond's Charming Style
Here’s your chance to light a cigar in James Bond style. Imagine the look on that pretty girl’s face when you take of your cufflinks and meticulously light your cigar with’em! – also check these cool spy-style cufflinks we featured earlier: The Knife Cufflinks, the Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks and the Uncuff Cufflinks.

The Lighter Cufflinks feature incorporated vintage-style lighters (dah!!!), side spinning lighter wheels, their size is less than an inch and are “powered” by Zippo lighter gas.

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Oct 292013

WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks With 2GB Data Storage Drive
After bringing to life the USB storage cufflinks Ravi Ratan takes the utilitarian gadget cufflinks concept one step further. The WiFi Hotspot cufflinks allow user not only to carry 2GB of data with them wherever they go, but also transform any laptop/desktop PC to WiFi hotspot.

Simply plug the cufflinks into a free laptop USB plug, instal the hotspot software (free download) and enjoy high-speed WiFi on the rest of your devices. You can also access media servers from the host computer via the USB Cufflinks.

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Aug 312013

Terrafugia Transition - The Flying Car

Hybrid vehicles get more and more traction these days. And when I say hybrid I do not necessarily mean gas/electric powered vehicles (although those are getting a lot of traction too) but I am referring more to vehicles ready to assure transportation in various mediums – take for example the Rinspeed sQuba Submersible Car which acts as both a submarine and a sports convertible or the Track N Go system which allows regular pickups to transform in snowmobiles.

Today we’ll see a new breed of transformer cars. The Terrafugia Transition is a street-legal car which turns into a fully functional airplane in less than a minute. Drive it or fly it upon your wish …

Here are some of the Terrafugia Transition features:

  • It can fly in and out over 5,000 public airports in US
  • Public roads and highway legal and safe
  • Automated electromechanical wings folding takes less than a minute
  • Takeoff roll – 1700 ft (518 m) over 50 ft obstacle
  • Features two places and a small cargo area
  • Factory built – no assembly required
  • Cruise speed – 100 mph (160 km/h)
  • Flying range – 410 mi (660 km) plus 30 min. reserve
  • Car mode mileage – 35 mpg (6.7 L / 100 km)
  • Equipped with a full vehicle parachute for emergency situations

While the Transition already sells in US for $270,00o. Terrafugia has big plans about improving the car-plane‘s aesthetics and functionality. Their next model, the TF-X, will be available in the following years and will feature vertical take-off, transportation for up to 4 passengers and many more.

Let’s hear you in the comments … What’s your take on these new multifunctional vehicle approach? Do you see yourself driving/diving/flying one soon?

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Aug 292013

BIC Lighter Secret Stash

Feeling like James Bond again? Here’s another cool item to ad to your spy tool-bag!
The Secret Lighter Stash looks exactly like a BIC lighter, BUT … you can remove it’s false bottom and stash inside all kinds of small stuff. The lighter is not functional (will not burn or spark) and it’s perfect for storing cash, small jewelry or even USB keys in full sight (eg: safely store an emergency $20 bill in your car’s glove compartment).

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Aug 212013

Rinspeed sQuba - Zero-Emission Submarine Sport Car

Drive it! Sail it! Dive it!
The Rinspeed sQuba can do them all in style! The convertible sport car is powered by a zero-emission electric engine (powered by rechargeable Li-Io batteries) and has underwater diving capabilities which transform it into a veritable submarine!

The sQuba can drive on regular roads like any other car ( it’s top speed is 75 mph or 120km/h), can sail like a boat (on the water speed is topped at 3.7mph or 6km/h) and can dive like a little submarine (in the water speed is topped at 1.8 mph or 3 km/h and can reach a diving depth of maximum 10 meters).

Here’s the way it actually works – drive the sQuba into the water and it will float. Open the doors to let the water in and it will dive. The occupants breathing air is supplied by an integrated tank of compressed air.
The sQuba was first announced back in 2008 for a base price of $47,250 US. Although there were several requests from buyers, Rinspeed founder Frank M. Rinderknecht decided against building the vehicle himself as the project would cost over1.5 million to develop.

Let’s hear you in the comments – what’s your take on this James Bondish vehicle?

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Jul 302013

Mace Pepper Spray Pen Personal Defender
A while back I featured the SprayTect iPhone Pepper Spray Case which is meant to disguise a pepper spray into your smartphone’s protective case. The idea of merging a defense tools into a smartphone case is simply amazing. Can you think of any other object you ALWAYS have on you?

Today we’ll see another cool implementation of a self-defense tool into a day-to-day object – The Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender. The pepper spray is very well incorporated into a high quality ball pen which is very convenient to carry around and use. It’s 3 gram spay reserve contains a powerful 10% pepper formula and allows approximately 6 bursts that can reach up to 5 ft (that’s about 1.5 meters).

Grab one and keep it in your pocket for self defense, or for any James Bond adventure you might get involved into! Just make sure it’s legal to use in your country …

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