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Dec 142015

41 Functional Cufflinks In James Bond Style

While cufflinks are not mandatory every time you wear a dress suit, they can be an amazing opportunity to tell people around something about you! And not only, sometimes, they can be a real life saver! From danger whistles to USB storage, from calendar to carpenter levels and rulers, from thermometers to cigar punches, lighters and dices, these little stylish accessories can help you save the day!

For that matter we compiled below the coolest functional cufflinks we found around! Check them out after the break and let us know what’s your favorite pair of cufflinks!

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Oct 162013

RAD Emergency Bra - Designed To Bring You Piece Of Mind

Either you’re some kind of evil sorceress dealing with highly radioactive materials on daily basis, a highly trained international super-spy (you know, the feminine version of James Bond) or a simple soccer mom you might want to check out this amazing bra with incorporated radiation detector with two respiratory face masks … just in case!

The bra’s radiation detector features a sensor strip that changes colors and lets you know of the surrounding radiation levels, is made in USA (thanks heaven some one thought about it and made it available to the masses) and should be used “for warning purposes only in emergency situations when other dosimeters or specialized detectors are not available.”

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Mar 142013

The Ring That Would Make James Bond Jealous - The Titanium Escape Ring!

After the Multi-Tool Ring, a new ring with special powers comes around – this time … to help you escape captivity.

The Titanium Escape Ring is a US made piece of practical jewelry. Hidden inside the ring you find a saw and handcuff shim pick combination tool waiting to be used when needed. The shim can be used to open single-locked handcuffs. The saw is made of stainless steel, it measures 2″ x 1/8″ x 1/64″ (that 5cm x 0.31cm x 0.03cm) and it’s very flexible allowing you to easily cut zip-ties, disposable handcuffs, duct tape, rope, and other non-metallic materials..

The saw and shim ring is an ingenious system, and we are sure it’s simplicity and multi-use functions would make even James Bond jealous … but who knows … maybe he even got one since we published this article!!!

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Feb 082013

Skyfall James Bond 007 DVD and Blu-ray, Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Sam Mendes

Skyfall is one of the best, if not the best, of James Bond movies series.
Big names like Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Noemie Harris and Sam Mendes contributed to the enormous success of Skyfall. The entire movie is an epic battle of the good fighting the bad … all spiced up by amazing special effects. A real Must-See movie.

All this being said, the DVD / Blu-ray edition of Skyfall is available for sale – so if you didn’t have a chance to watch the movie in tethers or you want to make a great gift to someone, now it’s the right time to grab a copy of 007 last movie.

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Dec 272012

Coca Cola Zero Unlock The 007 In You Advertising Commercial

Coca Cola is one of those companies that have great advertising campaigns.
You really need to check out this nice Skyfall / Coca Cola Zero initiative – Commuters in a train station are challenged to pass an obstacle course to win a pair of Skyfall tickets. People have to run, mount stairs, jump over luggage piles, sing … and all this in only 70 seconds! Of course, the Coca Cola crew is there to increase the difficulty of the course … [… open the article to check the commercial)


Nov 082012

Bond on Set Filming Skyfall by Greg Williams

While not as comprehensive as The James Bond Archives by Paul Duncan, the Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall by Greg Williams let’s you check backstage “secrets” from the filming of the latest movie from the James Bond series – Skyfall (while already released in most Europe, Skyfall is set for release in Canada and US only on November 9th).

So … what’s your take: is the greatest savior of the planet overrated or he deserves all the buzz?

$26.31 | BUY NOW – US Market
£20.00 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


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