Dec 112013

Slate MobileAirDesk - The Wooden Lap Desk To Help You Work In Comfort
Made by iSkelter, the creators of the Desktop Caddy and the Chisel 5 iPhone Bamboo Dock, the Mobile AirDesk Slate allows you to work (or even better – to play!) from the comfort of your couch.

Not that this was not possible before (check the ergonomic bed laptop stand, the Lounge-Wood and the Ecofanpro Bamboo Laptop Stand we featured earlier) … But the Mobile AirDesk brings the couch-work to the next level. The slate is made of ultra-light and strong premium bamboo and features an air ventilation system to keep your laptop from heating, a special designed space for using a mouse, a note book or a post-it pad and a smartphone/tablet dock which allows you to constantly keep an eye on your mobile notifications.

The iSkelter AirDesk Slate is chiseled, hand-sanded, and polished to mirror the feeling of glass, fits laptops up to 17-in and is available for both left and right handed users.

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Apr 012013

The Station - The Modernist Desktop Caddy by iSkelter

Remember the guys from iSkelter who manufactured the cool iPhone dock called the Chisel 5?

They’re back on the market with a new col product – The Station which is designed as a modernist caddy for all your day-to-day gear. The iSkelter Station is made of 100% Eco-Friendly Bamboo and it features three main slots to help you un-clutter your desk or counter top: one slot is specifically built to accommodate your phone (comes in two sizes, so it will perfectly fit your iPhone or any of the current larger Android models); the second slot is made to host small gear like writing instruments, paper clips, etc…; while the third slot is bigger and ready to accommodate the rest of your daily gear: sunglasses, keys, business cards and anything else you can think of …

The iSkelter Station keeps it simple: there are no wires, chargers or any other external accessories to mess with – just a simple, nice, high quality of Bamboo caddy perfectly shaped to bring some organization to your daily gear.

The project in s funding over at, which means you’ll get a nice early bird deal on the Station while helping the iSkelter guys manufacture the Bamboo caddy. And, as the project is already be founded after only 5 days of fund raising, there are no doubts you’ll get your desk organizer Station in May 2013.

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