Mar 172014

HISY Bluetooth iOs Camera Remote, So Your Selfies No Longer Suck!
Cool selfies have become the norm these days!
So why not get yourself a bit of advantage over the cohorts of self-photographers out there? You know, not much … just a bit of a head start…

The Hisy Bluetooth shutter remote was designed to allow you shot selfies and group selfies from distances ranging from 1 meter up to 30 meters (that’s about 90 feet). The remote activates the shutter via Bluetooth, is compatible with iOs 7 and later devices (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 3rd & 4th Generation, iPad Mini & Pad Air iPod, & iPod Touch 5th Generation or later), is powered by a button battery which is good for about a year at a pace if 100 photos per day and comes with a headphone jack plug which allows easy and handy storage while not in use.

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Feb 222014

iPhone Controlled Bluetooth Wall Climbing Car
Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control this cool gravity-defying wall climber car toy!

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Sounds incredible? Here’s how it actually works – the car has an USB rechargeable battery powered small internal motor which creates a vacuum between the car’s body and the wall or the ceiling, giving you the impression the car is stuck to the wall. The RC toy can be controlled via Bluetooth and a free dedicated app by any iOS device.

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Feb 152014

PopCord Or How To Keep A USB Charger Cable Handy On Your Keychain
More and more gadgets go for the Micro USB charger standard (well, there’s always Apple standing apart from standards and pushing their Lightning plug), so having an USB cable on you to charge your gadgets on the go it’s more and more a necessity than a precaution.

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Here’s where the PopCord comes to make you life easier and allows you to always have a charger cable on you hooked up to your keychain. The PopCord comes in two flavors – the generic Micro Usb plug that fits most gadgets and smartphones out there and a Lighting plug for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. The cable features a clean design, comes in four color combinations (gunmetal/black, silver/white, gunmetal/red, and gold/black) and the two plugs snap magnetically to form a secure loop that can be easily hooked to bag handles, key rings and even jeans belt hooks.

The PopCord is in project mode at KickStarter, it already reached it;s founding cap and you can secure one for an early bird price of $31 US.

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Dec 112013

eyeTV Wireless Allows Your To Watch Live TV On Your iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets
A while back we showed you how to play live TV on your iPhone and iPad – check original post here: EyeTV Mobile – Turn Your iPad and iPhone Into a Classic Live TV. Now, we’re back with an improved way of getting classic live TV on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The EyeTV W, the EyeTV Mobile’s younger brother, features a Freeview (DTT/DVB-T) tuner which allows it to tune into free over-the-air TV broadcasting and a built-in Hotspot which transforms the TV stations broadcast into a Wi-Fi Live TV stream. Although this looks pretty complicated, it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s how it actually works: turn on the the eyeTV, go to your smartphone or tablet and hit the eyeTV iOS or Android app (the app is free and available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Apps for Kindle) and you’re ready to watch Live TV on your handheld device.

The eyeTV W comes with built-in rechargeable battery which allows up to 4 hours of continuous TV watching on a full battery charge and runs on 802.11b/g WiFi with a wireless range up to 33ft (that’s about 10 meters).

Let’s hear you in the comments … does the eyeTV fit into your home video setup? What other cool uses can you find it?

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Nov 292013

iQi Mobile - iPhone Wireless Charging On The Cheap

iQi Mobile sets new standards in smartphone wireless charging.
Their newst product – the iQi Mobile Charging Bundle – is designed to allow you to charge your iPhone without the hassle of plugging and unplugging cables, and, the most important part, without the need of a bulky special case. The iQi works with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and 5S and iPod Touch 5th Generation – for iPhone4 and 4S please check the Duracell Wireless Charger we featured earlier.

Here’s how it works: place the charging unit under your case (the charging unit is 0.5mm thick and perfectly fits under any case on the market), hook up the rubber cable ending with a Lightning plug into your iPhone charging port (the plug fits perfectly without adding any external parts to your iPhone) and place the phone on the charging unit. That’s it … you just activated wireless charging on your iPhone – check the video for more details and an actual demo of the product.

While there are other iPhone wireless chargers on the market (check an Amazon selection here), iQi stands apart of the pack by it’s low profile and the fact that you can use it with any iPhone case. Simply brilliant!

The iQi is in project mode over at Indiegogo and you can secure a wireless iPhone charging bundle for only $25. The campaign is fully funded, so no fear you’ll not receive the product. Delivery is scheduled for January 2014.

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Nov 202013

Moga Ace Power Controller Aims To Transform Your iPhone Into A Gaming Machine!
The Moga Ace Power expands your iPhone gaming capabilities transforming it into a complete handheld gaming console – also check the Moga Mobile Gaming Console, the GameKlip Dual Shock Android Controller and the Brick Screen Attachable Smartphone Joystick.

The Moga Ace Power is built to be compatible with all fifth series of iPhones and iPod touches running on on iOS 7. The handheld console adapter has a retractable design which allows easy transport and storage when not in use, features a build in extended battery which doubles your iPhone’s battery life and a full kit of gaming controls including two analog sticks, a D-Pad, four action buttons and four shoulder buttons for an improved gaming experience.

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Oct 282013

Scosche smartSTRIKE USB to Lightning and Micro USB Charger and Data Cable White and Black

For those of you who have a Lightning device (newer iPad, iPod or iPhone) and also have to carry around a Micro USB piece of gear (everything else other than Apple gadgets) the smartSTRIKE 2-in-1 cable will bring you piece of mind – also check USB Utility Charge Cable Tool.

The cable features one standard USB plug which can be used with any Android, Windows Mobile or Apple charger, any laptop, desktop computer and most extended battery packs out there. On the other end the cable sports a 2-in-1 plug with Lightning and Micro USB plugs. The cable is 3 feet long (that’s close to 1 meter) and has a slim barrel design so you can use it even with larger protective cases.

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