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Feb 182014

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite iPhone Case
Han Solo is one of the most loved characters in the Star Wars saga. And not for nothing, the courageous Corellian smuggler constantly amazed us with his adventures around the universe. He loved, he fought, he ran away and escaped the Empire only to come back and fight again, he even was frozen in Carbonite by the Imperials as a test to make sure the hibernation process is safe and Luke Skywalker will survive a similar procedure.

Freezing in Carbonite is one of the most replicated moments in the entire movie … we already featured earlier ice trays, bottle openers, wall posters, hand jewelry, and even fridges made after the famous scene! Today, we’re back with another cool Star Wars gadget featuring the already famous design – the Han Solo Carbonite iPhone Case. The snap-on cases are made of hard plastic, feature a flat back (hey, you don’t want Han waving hands from your jeans pockets!!!) and easy access to all iPhone buttons and plugs and are designed to be compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S.

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Feb 172014

Cork Eco Pouch For iPhone 5 And 5S
Today’s smartphones are sensible to shocks, scratches and small pocket bumps. While there any many cool cases out there to help your Precious iPhone stay safe (check the iPhone 5 Leather Wallet Case By Danny P, the Full Grain Leather iPhone Pouch By InCase or the Pelican ProGear Vault iPhone 5 Case), there’s not much choice should you want to stay fancy and eco at the same time!

Here’s a good contender to achieve fashionable eco protection – the iPhone 5/5S Eco Pouch. The case is made of eco-friendly materials such as Cork and Tyvek and features a warm cork outer design. A wide corner cut allows easy manipulation of your iPhone while inserting and removing the phone from the sleeve.

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Jan 142014

Smartskin Condom Temporary Protection For Smartphones
Although I am one of those guys that likes his gadgets as they were built (no cases, no protection, no sleeves and screen protectors … bare naked as when they came out on the factory door) I still realize out gear needs some kind of protection depending on the situation.

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Take for example the last summer, I was jogging int he park when, all of a sudden, it started raining. Lucky me I had a little plastic bag where I hid my smartphone (which I was using as chronometer, GPS tracker, MP3 player and calories counter!). Should I have not been prudent and bring a little baggy with me, I should have had one phone less in my gadget drawer!

Based on the same premises, the Smartskin Smartphone Condoms offer temporary protection your your precious gadget. The covers are available for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, iPhone 4 and 4S and iPhone 5, come in packages of three products and allow re-usage to up to three times per sleeve. Keep one in your wallet and simply pull it over your phone when needed. That’s it! The Smartskin condoms will effectively protect your phone from water, rain, sand and dust.

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Jan 062014

iPhone 5 Wallet Case By Danny P - Cognac With Blue Leather Opened Wallet on Gift Box
Stand apart of the pack with this head turner iPhone 5 Leather Wallet Case!

Made of premium naturally treated cowhide, this wallet features a very practical side slide which fits iPhone 5 and 5S models. While there are many iPhone cases with wallet slots around (check the Retromodern Aged Leather Handmade iPhone Wallet, the iPhone Leather Wallet Case by Pack & Smooch and the Dodocase iPhone 4/5 Pouch & Wallet we told you about earlier), the Danny P case is the closest an iPhone wallet case gets to a regular wallet. And this my friend is a very cool feature – as, looking like a regular wallet, your phone will stay away of prying eyes! Not that those prying eyes are not looking after wallets too, but a classic wallet is a lot more common than the latest iPhone in town!

The wallet features a cash slot (fits USD, EUR or GBP bank notes), eight slots for credit and shop convenience cards as well as interior side pockets for ID’s and business cards. Available in cognac leather with blue interior complete black for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

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Jan 032014

Full Grain Leather iPhone Pouch By InCase - Brown And Tan Hand Crafted Sleeve Design
Hand crafted of full grain brown or black leather the Incase iPhone 5 Pouch is designed to protect your bellowed iPhone from bumps, drops and pocket scratches in a stylish way – also check the The iPhone 5 Sport Leather Case by Hard Graft, the Pack & Smooch iPhone Leather Wallet Case and the iPhone Leather Mod Cases by Incase we featured earlier.

The InCase iPhone sleeve features a low profile design so it doesn’t add much bulk to your pockets, genuine suede interior lining to keep your smartphone as scratch free, a front pocket to keep handy a couple of credit cards or a few bills and universally fit for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C.

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Dec 292013

Pelican ProGear Vault iPhone 5 Case - Bumper To Bumper iPhone Protection
When choosing a smartphone case it’s important you take in consideration when, where and how you’ll use it. Some cases are designed only to be cool, some to offer basic protection against pocket scratches and some are built to … withstand a nuclear war! Well, don’t quote me on the last one! Even if your iPhone will be safe after a nuclear impact, not sure anyone’s gonna be around to use it!

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Anyway, back to our business … The Pelican ProGear Vault iPhone Case. The Pelican iPhone case has a full-seal build designed to protect your iPhone against extreme weather conditions such as wind, snow, rain, dust and sand storms. The case is made of aluminum and polymer materials, features optical glass on both front and back cameras to not affect the photo quality, elastometric co-polymer rubber to absorb shocks, speaker and microphone covers to keep water and dust away but assure a high quality sound on both headset and speaker calls and aircraft grade aluminum buttons to allow easy access to all native iPhone controls. Available in black, white, green and purple.

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Dec 172013

Officially Licensed Marvel Vintage iPhone 5 Cases (Venom And The Punisher)

Reveal your dark side with these vintage looking Marvel iPhone cases featuring the “anti-heroes” Venom and The Punisher! Also check other Spiderman gear we featured earlier.
The cases are made of polycarbonate, fit the iPhone 5 and the iPhone5S, are slim enough to not add much bulk to the overall iPhone thickness and also offer easy access to all iPhone native ports and buttons.

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