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Apr 232014

Nokia 3310 Inspired iPhone 5 Snap-On Case
Nostalgic for the ’90s? Do you miss the simplicity, the cool look (and of course City Bird) of your old Nokia 3310, but you’re not ready to give up your iPhone and go back in “phone time”? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Simply grab a retro Nokia snap-on iPhone 5 case and you get the best of both worlds – the cool looks of the world’s best sold cell phone ever and the power of the latest iPhone! How cool is this?

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Mar 252014

SenseCover Touch-Sensitive iPhone Case
Just like the Samsung S-View Galaxy S series cases, the SenseCover iPhone Case protects the front and the back of your iPhone and allows you to do accomplish basic operations like seeing the time, call and SMS notifications as well as answering or ending a call without having to open the case flip.

The SenseCover is made of strong polycarbonate hardshell and leatherette front cover with a brushed titanium or black steel finish, offers access to all iPhone native ports, buttons and the camera, features a magnetic clasp that keeps the flip closed and avoids unintentional flapping “in the breeze” and the Moshi proprietary SensArray pads allow you to answer or end a call without having to open the case.

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Mar 222014

World Map Laser Engraved Wooden iPhone 5 Case
The World Map Carved Wood iPone 5 Case is made in U.S.A and combines a hand finished real wood back cover with a plastic encasing to make a stylish protective case for your favorite smartphone.

ALSO CHECK the Natural Wood iPhone Cases by SigniCase and the Unique Wooden iPhone Puzzle Shaped Case For iPhone 4/4S and 5.

The iPhone case is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5S, sports a laser engraved world map design on the wooden back cover and allows direct access to all iPhone buttons and ports for easy operating your smartphone.

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Mar 042014

5-in Smartphone Distressed Leather Wallet Case
Safely carrying a smartphone in your pockets is no longer an easy job. While most people protect their smartphones with cases, pouches or sleeves, most of protective gear out-there is not that fancy at all. More than that, most cases make your smartphone bulkier.

So, why not protect your smartphone with something else than a case? Why not protect it with something you already have on you every day? Why not carry it in your wallet?

The Smartphone Distressed Leather Wallet Case does just that, and it does it in style! Compatible with smartphones up to 5 inch (works with Samsung Galaxy S4 and smaller models as well as all iPhone versions) the wallet case is handmade of sturdy distressed leather and can carry up to 3 card, and few bills as well as you smartphone.

I use this wallet since about a month ago and it took it only one day to make it to the top of my proffered wallet list (now, keep in mind that I am a wallet freak and I own about 15 wallets. I used to rotate wallets on almost daily basis … until one month ago). The thick leather, it’s vintage look, the cool design make this wallet case a real head turner (now … bear with me … I am trying to be as unbiased as possible here … but this wallet is so cool, that it’s tough for me to hide my excitement!!!).

So, back to business – it’s simpler you check out the video review in this post and you judge for yourself. Please note that this particular model requires folding USD and CAD bills in order to fit properly in it’s bill pocket. If you’re in EU and using Euros, smaller EUR bills might fit unfolded, but bigger bills need to be folded as well. Not really a big issue, but I felt I had to mention it. Check it out now …

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Mar 032014

Oaxis InkCase - The iPhone 5 Case With ePaper Screen
Do you like the idea of having a low energy, e-Ink secondary screen on your smartphone, but you’re too much in love with your iPhone to dump it and get the YotaPhone we featured earlier???
The Oaxis InkCase is what you need! This iPhone 5/5S case (also available for Galaxy Note II) features a secondary screen designed to display notifications and reminders, serve as e-Ink reader for your books and articles, act as picture slideshow, while protecting your iPhone just like any other case on the market. The InkCase connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth with low power consumption and allows the secondary screen content management via a dedicated proprietary application available for free – also check the PopSlate another cool e-Ink iPhone Case, not yet on the market, but available for pre-order.

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Feb 262014

Wally Snap-On iPhone Wallet Case By DistilUnion
Combining smartphone cases with wallets is nothing new (check the iPhone 5 Leather Wallet Case By Danny P; Transit Issue iPhone Leather Wallet By Apolis and the Retromodern Aged Leather Handmade iPhone Wallet), but the guys over at DistilUnion managed to do it with more style than most models out there!

The Wally iPhone Wallet Case comes in two flavors – a snap-on plastic protective case and a stick-on iPhone back cover. Both models feature a slim leather pocket perfect for carrying a couple of cards and bills as well as a pull-tab which makes it easy to access you gear. Both models are available on black and brown leather for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S.

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Feb 192014

IN1 - The Versatile Multi Tool iPhone Case
The IN1 iPhone Case is a cool addition to your daily gear. The case has a sleek design, comes in three flavors (white, black and clear) and offers a cool set of tools to help you with small challenges life throws at you every day.

ALSO CHECK the TaskOne, The iPhone Toolkit, another cool multi tool iPhone case.

The IN1 case is TSA (Transportation Security Administration) compliant, meaning you will be able to board planes without getting in trouble with the security agents, is made of strong polycarbonate and includes in it’s outer shell the following convenient tools: two pens (blue and red) for quick notes while on the road, Philips and a flat-head screwdrivers, nail file, tweezers, scissors, toothpick and a kickstand that will allow you to keep an eye on your iPhone’s screen for notifications, messages and anything interesting you might find there.

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