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Apr 022013

Cool Item Piles - 10 Premium iPhone Cases To Protect Your Precious Smartphone
Either you want to protect your iPhone or simply make a style statement, a well crafted quality case can do the job for you.
Here’s a cool selection of 10 premium iPhone cases to choose from:

1) Piel Frama 525 Red Crocodile Magnetic Leather Case for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S
2) Gradual Swarovski Crystal iPhone 5 Cases – Pink
3) Mophie Juice Pack Pro Ruggedized Rechargeable External Battery Case for iPhone 4/4s – 2,500 mAh Outdoor Edition
4) iOuter Jacket for iPhone 4S/4 (Boombox)
5) Apple Iphone4 4s DLP Pocket Projector, 2100mAh External Power
6) CalypsoCase Austin Chill handcrafted leather case for iPhone 5
7) MAPi Cases Orion For iPhone 5 – Flip Style Leather Smartcase, Folding Cover Stand Design, Black
8) HITCASE for Iphone 4/4S
9) Urban Armor Gear IPH4S-COMP-CBT iPhone 4/4S Composite Case With Impact Resistant Bumpers – Cobalt
10) LifeProof Black Waterproof Cover for iPhone 4s, 4 with Car Charger, House Charger with extra long cord, Dock Extender Adapter and Radiation Shield


Mar 292013

AViiQ Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Case Lightning Port

AViiQ is one of our favorite iPhone and iPad gear manufacturer – also check the AViiQ Portable Charging Station. The quality of their items, as well as the cool design combined with a reasonable price makes us simply love them.

AViiQ’s Thin Serios of iPhone Cases is considered one of the thinnest cases available for the iPhone 5. With only 0.07 mm (that’s 0.002 in) of thickness and just a couple of grams in weight, we can say that the AViiQ case fits your smartphone like a surgery glove, all by providing a decent amount of protection. The cases are available in multiple colors (Black, Clear, White, Yellow, Green, and Blue).

$17.31+ | BUY NOW – US Market
£12.99= | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Mar 232013

Mophie iPhone 4-4S and iPhone 5 Battery Extension Case

There are two things your iPhone constantly needs: charging and protection.

The Mophie iPhone battery case combines the convenient extra power of a battery pack with the useful protection of a quality iPhone case. The battery case is ultra-thin and offers an extra 1500 mAh of power to keep you running through the day (that’s about 80% extra power than what you iPhone already has by it’s internal battery).

The case also features a battery level LED indicator, and gets charged simultaneously with your iPhone. The Mophie Power Pack Case is available for both iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

$79.95 | BUY NOW – US Market
£22.50 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Feb 102013

Natural Wood iPhone Cases by SigniCase - Leica M1, M7 and M9 Bamboo, Sapele, Walnut

SigniCase is a Hong Kong based manufacturer that produces high quality wooden accessories for iPhone.
They use commonly-available wood species for their products and promise that no endangered woods are harmed in the iPhone case making process.

The SigniCase most famous case series is the one mimicking the Leica camera models M1, M7 and M9.
The cases are designed to perfectly match your iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, they’re made of Bamboo, Sapele or Walnut wood and they’re fully handcrafted.

If you’re on the market for a warm touch, nice handcrafted wooden iPhone case, this might be just the perfect choice for you …

$9 | BUY NOW – US Market


Feb 032013

iPhone Pico Projector Pico Genie A100 Doubles As Protection Case and Extended Battery

Portable projectors capable to connect with your iPhone and project it’s screen content on an outside surface are great additions to your gear arsenal. Either you use them for professional reasons (to project a PowerPoint presentation to a customer, use them as coaching tool or simply share documents with your co-workers) or for personal situations as playing movies or playing games projected on a big screen – the pico projectors become more and more a must for all of us – also check our previous featured pico projectors: WowWee 8410 Cinemin Swivel and the i20 by Aiptek.

The A100 Pico Genie has a plethora of features which should make you take it in consideration if you’re in the market for an iPhone projector. Here are a brief overview of them:

  • No need to carry an additional projector with you – the A100 is included in your iPhone’s case
  • DLP Projection up to 60″ (152 cm) diagonal with 640×360 resolution
  • Lamp lifespan – 20,000-30,000 hours
  • Manual focus allows you to adjust the image clarity
  • Built-in 2W speakers
  • Rechargeable 1900mAh Li-Ion battery – allows 3 hours of continuous projection

The beauty of the Pico Genie A100 is that it is not only a simple iPhone pico DLP projector – it also doubles as protective iPhone case for your gadget and an extended battery (the projector’s battery will also power the iPhone if needed).

$313 | BUY NOW
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Jan 282013

Manfrotto Klyp Photography Case For iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S - LED flash and tripod

There are all kinds of iPhone cases – from indestructible Otterbox cases to stylish leather and wooden cases. Most of these cases are design for the simple reason of protecting your iPhone. On the other hand, there is another class of iPhone cases – cases that have utilitarian value – check the SprayTect designed as a protection tool or the card holder.

The Manfrotto Klyp case is part of the utilitarian iPhone cases. While protecting your iPhone, the Klyp’s main purpose is to help you take better pictures with your iPhone’s camera. The Klyp is designed to counter 2 main issues of iPhone photography – lighting and stability.

Manfrotto offers the Klyp in 5 kits that include LED lights, pocket tripods and 2 adapter clips for using the case with your own accessories. The accessories are “snap-on”, so you can easily adjust the iPhone to take the perfect shot by adding or removing functions as you go.

Check all the details about each one of the five iPhone Klyp Kits on the Manfrotto website.

$35+ | BUY NOW
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Jan 242013

OtherBox Armor Series - iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 - Orange, Green, Blue

Is this the “Toughest Case Ever Built?” We’re not sure about it, but this is how OtterBox advertises their news line of smartphone cases – also check the LifeProof iPhone Case (water, duct and shockproof)

The new Armor Series is presented as a re-invention of the classic OtterBox model. This is reassuring as the previous model can be considered a successful smartphone case. To add even more to this new generation of protective cases, OtterBox presented the following specs:

  • Waterproof – 30 minutes submersion up to 6.6ft (10 meters)
  • Drop Proof – 10ft (3 meters) on concrete
  • Dust Proof
  • Crush Proof – 2 tons of pressure
  • Weight: 3.91 oz / 110.88 g
  • Dimensions: 5.51 in x 2.97 in x 0.70 in / 14.02 cm x 7.55 cm x 1.78 cm

The new Serios of the OtterBox Armor will be available for Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S, and we consider them a good protection if you’re in in the military, constructions or you spend time in any environment that can endanger the integrity of your bellowed smartphone!

$99 | BUY NOW
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