Dec 122012

Olive One - The Media Player That Brings It All Together All In One

Music collections are just like picture collections – we all know we have to put some order into it, but we never get to actually do it. If you’re anything like us, you music collection is a bit all over the place … on YouTube, Spottify, the Pandora radio, your PC, MP3, tablet … you name it …

The guys over at Olive (Olive is into cool music gadgets since 2005) decided it’s time to help all of us place some order into those tons of music files. We thank them and welcome their newest gadget: The Olive One.

Here are some of the awesome things the Olive One does:

  • Consolidates all your music collections into one cool circular touchscreen unit.
  • WiFi connectivity to retrieve the music
  • Connects to our HDTV (and lets you navigate back and forth your music collection) via WiFi Miracast
  • Connects to your smartphone, tablet and iPod via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Open architecture – allowing quick development of new features and quick, simple software updates
  • PC, Mac and NAS compatible – option internal HDD available to order (to create your own cloud)
  • Control the Olive one via the free iOs (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android apps

All this being said, we urge you to go and reserve one and get some order into those GB of music MP3’s. The Olive One available on Indiegogo.com as a crowd-sourcing project. The actual unit will be available for delivery in mid 2013.

$399 | BUY NOW
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Dec 052012

Pelican U140 Elite - The Backpack That Protects Your Tablet, Ultrabook and DSLR Front

High quality backpack for the urban traveler, the Pelican U140 offers your gadgets (tablet, ultrabook, DSLR) special protection due to it’s special built compartments and materials used.
Slightly bigger than the Revolver-8 PL Camera Backpack, the Elite U140 also offers extra protection to your gear.

Here are some features of the Pelican backpack:

  • Rugged ABS protected, watertight and crashproof compartment for tablet, laptop or ultrabook.
  • Alternative hard shell front tablet pocket
  • Wide, adjustable back straps
  • Ergonomically S-curved back panel
  • Padded lumbar area DSLR specifically designed area

Hit the jump below to check all this backpack’s features and how it can help you keep all those precious gadgets safe while roaming the town!

$234 | BUY NOW
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Dec 052012

Miniot Wood Cover Mk2 for iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generations

High quality iPad covers are popping out all over the internet “like mushrooms after the rain” as my grandfather used to say! After the DodoCase Shinny Case and the Root Woden case – it’s time for the Dutch guys at Miniot to enchant us with a high quality iPad protection.

The Miniot Mark Two iPad Cover is a beautiful cover crafted of high quality wood that will protect your iPad Generations 2, 3 and 4.

The cover features a magnetic hinge that snaps to the back of the iPad. The magnet is strong, so it’ll stay fixed on the iPad – no danger of falling or getting split apart.
The interior of the cover is made of microfiber linen for screen protection.

The Miniot Wood Cover is made in Holland, is available in multiple wood tones and doubles as an iPad stand.

$89+ | BUY NOW
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Dec 042012

E-Tip Gloves From North Face iPhone

If you’re looking for a cool pair of gloves and the Bluetooth Gloves are not your type, check out the E-Tip North Face gloves.

The E-Tip model is made from an ultra durable stretch knit that will perfectly mold to your hand. The gloves palm is featuring a nice silicon pattern to ensure a good grip of your smartphone, while the glove finger tips are 100% touch screen compatible (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad and tablets).

$44.95 | BUY NOW – US market

£22.50 | BUY NOW – UK Market
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Dec 032012

Full HD (1080p) HDMI Wall Pocket Projector

While not as small as the i20 iPhone Pico Projector but at least as portable as the Roku 3M projector, the Brookstone Pocket Projector is capable of 1080p projections on any flat surface.

Here are some of the Brookestone Full HD Projector:

  • 1080p image up to 60″ diagonal
  • Contains a rechargeable battery of 3800mAh – up to 2 hours of usage
  • Doubles as USB chargers for any smartphone, tablet
  • Fully portable
  • Connects via HDMI
  • Smartphone and tablet ready (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry) – basically it connects with any gadget that allows HDMI signal output.
  • Bright LED lap – 85 lumen
  • Dual built-in speakers
  • The package includes: 3′ HDMI cable, Micro HDMI adapter, Mini HDMI adapter and AC adapter
  • PC / MAC / Linux compatible (if the computer had HDMI output)

Perfect for a gift, the pocket Projector allows output projection of any content from your PC, Smartphone, TV box, Xbox, Play Station … you name it … (TV channels, pics and vids recorded on your smartphone, games, movies, PowerPoint presentations … etc)

$299.99 | BUY NOW
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Nov 302012

DodoCase - Design Your Own iPad Case

DodoCase is San Francisco manufacture0r specialized in protection cases for most Apple products. They produce high quality cases with unique unmatched style and by preserving traditional bookbinding techniques.

Some of their great pieces like the iPad Mini Case or the iPhone 4/5 Durable Case were big market hits straight from their release.

Now, DodoCase let’s you be a creator and design your very own iPad Case. You can choose a solid or a two tone design, get your own colors and patterns as well as your own materials of choice. The DodoCase builder is available for iPad 2/3 and 4 as well as for the iPad Mini.

Give it a try here – DodoCase iPad Case Builder and enjoy their high quality tablet protector cases.,

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Nov 172012

Tylt iPhone Band Car Charger Dash

Smartphones and tablets burn a lot of battery power due to their big screens and their constant connectivity to the network. Most of us have chargers and USB cables all over the place – at home, at the office, in the car … etc.

Car chargers haven’t evolved a lot since we started using them 10 years ago. Apart of increasing the charging power, the auto charger manufacturers kept them the same. If you use a dedicated car charger the old pig-tail cable looks nasty and it never stays where you wanted it to stay. On the contrary, if you use a USB plug (the ones that hooks up into the lighter source and it only outputs power to USBs – you must have noticed that most USB cord are stiff – so placing the cord in the position you want it’s a big hassle.

The guys over at Tylt came to a proposition to solve the above issues – The USB Band Car Charger. As the name suggests the cable has the shape of a band which is fully non-tangle and easy to manage.

Some of the Band Charger‘s features:

  • Has an iPhone 30 pin plug on one end – so it’s compatible with any iPhone model until the iPhone 5; and any iPad (less iPad 4)
  • Also features a plain USB plug for a second device
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 2.1 Amp
  • Cable Length: 2 feet (that’s about 60 cm)
  • Cable Thickness: 1/10 of an inch (that’s about 3mm)

How do you manage your car charger cords? What advantages you see with this new type of cord? Let me know in the comments.

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