Apr 042014

Nylon USB Cables By Boone Collection
Today smartphones and tables are high energy consumers and, regardless how big your battery is, chances are you’ll have to charge your gadgets during the day. But why be like everybody else and carry the classic, manufacturer provided, USB cable in your bag? There’s nothing cool about it!

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Make a fashion statement with the Boone Collection USB cables. Made of braided nylon, the Boone Collection cables are not only more fashionable than the classic cables but also more resistant and don’t get tangled! The cables come in multiple colors and models, various lengths ranging from 10in to 10ft (that’s 25cm to 3 meters) and are available for iPad and iPhone (30-pin and Lightning plugs) as well as Android (Micro USB).

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Mar 172014

HISY Bluetooth iOs Camera Remote, So Your Selfies No Longer Suck!
Cool selfies have become the norm these days!
So why not get yourself a bit of advantage over the cohorts of self-photographers out there? You know, not much … just a bit of a head start…

The Hisy Bluetooth shutter remote was designed to allow you shot selfies and group selfies from distances ranging from 1 meter up to 30 meters (that’s about 90 feet). The remote activates the shutter via Bluetooth, is compatible with iOs 7 and later devices (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 3rd & 4th Generation, iPad Mini & Pad Air iPod, & iPod Touch 5th Generation or later), is powered by a button battery which is good for about a year at a pace if 100 photos per day and comes with a headphone jack plug which allows easy and handy storage while not in use.

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Mar 052014

Tempo Bluetooth Smart Temperature Monitor by BlueMaestro
The BlueMaestro Tempo Bluetooth Smart Temperature Monitor is a cool piece of home gadgetry that allows you to constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside your home and set alarms based on predefined temperature thresholds.
The BlueMaestro monitor works on devices equipped with low energy Bluetooth 4.0 running on Android 4.3 and iOs 6 and higher (check your device’s compatibility here)
Here’s how it works: first, make sure your Bluetooth connection is set to not time out (some smartphones come with connection timeout setup to 2 minutes), instal the free Android or iOs app, hold the monitor’s button pressed for 1 second (you’ll hear a small beep when it turns ON) and you’re ready to roll. That’s it, no setup, no syncing or any other action required. In a couple of seconds the device will start reading information from the monitor.

Both Android and iOs apps will show you temperature stats and will allow you to set triggers based on your temperature preferences. I find this feature very useful as it can help you quickly identify sudden temperature drops or increases and gives you the chance to take action before it’s too late (think about saving those flowers when you forget the window open in the middle of the winter … this actually happened to us while we were testing the device) as well as smaller differences which, addressed in time, can help you cut heating and AC costs.

The Smart Monitor can connect to your phone for up to 75 meters (that’s about 225 feet) if it has a direct line of sight, is weather proof (can be used outside as well as in humid environments), allows multiple units to hook up at the same smartphone or tablet (you can easily monitor multiple rooms at the same time) and is conveniently powered by 2XAA batteries (included) which will last for about 1 year (you can easily change them by unscrewing 2 screws and removing the back cover).

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Feb 242014

iPad Mini Carrier Sleeve by KillSpencer
Here;s a cool iPad carrier to help you go through your day in style. Made by Craig English bridle leather in a L.A, U.S.A. shop by a team of skilled craftsmen, the Killspencer iPad Mini Carrier features a main pocket for your iPad as well as three external pockets design to carry gear you might need on daily bases – think about business cards, charging cable, pen and a small agenda and so on …

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Feb 222014

iPhone Controlled Bluetooth Wall Climbing Car
Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control this cool gravity-defying wall climber car toy!

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Sounds incredible? Here’s how it actually works – the car has an USB rechargeable battery powered small internal motor which creates a vacuum between the car’s body and the wall or the ceiling, giving you the impression the car is stuck to the wall. The RC toy can be controlled via Bluetooth and a free dedicated app by any iOS device.

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Feb 192014

Acoustic Stream Or How To Perform, Record, Tune And Protect Your Guitar Wirelessly

The Acoustic Stream is a small little gadget design to make you guitar playing life easier.
The little gizmo hooks up to your guitar’s output jack and streams information to any iOS7 device via Bluetooth. You can record tunes, perform live or in group, tune your guitar using the free app and even constantly monitor temperature and humidity to protect your instrument. And, if you’re not connected when the inspiration hits or your iPhone‘s battery is dead, Acoustic Stream has your back covered – double tap on any external part of your guitar and the device will start recording your creation, store in the on-board memory and download it to your smartphone or tablet as soon as the Bluetooth connection is available. How cool is that?

The Acoustic Stream is in project mode at Kickstarter and you secure one for an early bird price of $97 (regular price $200). Estimated delivery for April 2014.

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Feb 152014

PopCord Or How To Keep A USB Charger Cable Handy On Your Keychain
More and more gadgets go for the Micro USB charger standard (well, there’s always Apple standing apart from standards and pushing their Lightning plug), so having an USB cable on you to charge your gadgets on the go it’s more and more a necessity than a precaution.

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Here’s where the PopCord comes to make you life easier and allows you to always have a charger cable on you hooked up to your keychain. The PopCord comes in two flavors – the generic Micro Usb plug that fits most gadgets and smartphones out there and a Lighting plug for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. The cable features a clean design, comes in four color combinations (gunmetal/black, silver/white, gunmetal/red, and gold/black) and the two plugs snap magnetically to form a secure loop that can be easily hooked to bag handles, key rings and even jeans belt hooks.

The PopCord is in project mode at KickStarter, it already reached it;s founding cap and you can secure one for an early bird price of $31 US.

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