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Oct 112015

Explore Jakku Desert From Star Wars -The Force Awakens Via This 360-Degrees Facebook Movie

Lucasfilm and Disney are working on a new for of immersive entertainment and you can have a glimpse of it with the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Immersive 360 Experience interactive movie clip.

Posted on Facebook back in September, the clip created exclusively for the social network by Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB and presents a short interactive 360 degrees video of the Star Wars Jakku desert. Click and drag the screen to take a full 360-degree look at your surroundings.

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Aug 302014

Cool Moto X Interactive Magazine Print Ad That Is Actually ... Interactive!!!
Print ads are somehow boring to create … and even to read. While advertising in magazines and newspapers still brings new business and customers to companies, technical ads possibilities are very limited. Advertisers are blocked using images. No video, no sound, no GIF’s, no moving parts, just simple plain imaging, which limits the impact of ads and makes the advertising agency work harder to be creative and acquire reader’s attention.

Well … this is what I thought until now! Other than the classic “scratch-here-to-smell-this-perfume” there was literally no interactivity in offline magazine ads. But things start to change and advanced technology gets into offline advertising as well. Should we call it Offline Advertising 2.0?

Check out this cool Moto X print ad made by the advertising agency Digitas which allows readers to change the colors of the smartphone by touching various tone choices bellow the image. The ad appeared in 150,000 copies of the Wired January 2014 issue and made use of a slim transparent plexiglass slab, some LED lights, four small embedded batteries and some buttons disguised as color choices.

Let’s hear your thoughts about it in the comments. Also, what’s your take on the future of offline advertising? Will the magazine ads look the same as today in 10 years?

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Jun 102014

These People Whip Out Their Phones In A Movie Theater. They Never Saw It Coming - Volkswagen - Eyes on the road
Amazing story with a powerful message. in less than 2 minutes into the clip the spectators will get an unexpected surprise … hopefully most of them learn something out of it! – also check the Is This The Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever??? – another inspiring cool piece f advertising!

How do you think you would have reacted to this? Comment below!



Oct 302013

Interactive Advertising - Is This Cool Or What

Tipp-Ex is a correction tape manufacturer. That’s it. Nothing cool about it. Nothing amazing or viral or exciting about this product. Don’t get me wrong, I use Tipp-Ex myself and I have to agree it’s a very good correction tape. But … that’s it. Boring.

So what would you do if you was the band manager for Tipp-Ex and had to make a cool commercial that would make people go crazy about the correction tape??? Check out this interactive video to see what actually happened and how a correction tape advertising reached 22 million views on YouTube! The campaign is from 2010, but it’s still an amazing proof of what creativity can pull even if the product is boring.
iPhone and iPad users – this might not function properly on your devices … Thank Mr Jobs for this as he refused to include flash on his devices.

If you can’t play the vid, please bookmark it, share it on Facebook or send yourself the link by email and check it out on your PC/Mac. This is way too cool to be missed!



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