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Jun 292015

Superhero Compression T-Shirts - Black Spiderman Muscle Shirt Front And Back Views
Display your hard earned six pack and impress your everybody on the jogging track with these cool Superhero Compression T-Shirts!

ALSO CHECK the Superhero Muscle T-Shirts by Under Armour and the Superman Alter Ego Men Compression Shirt By Under Armour we featured earlier.

The Superhero muscle shirts are made of breathable, lightweight, moisture wicking fabric (90% polyester,10%Lycra), sport anti-odor fabric technology and come in a huge variety of models including Spiderman, Superman, Flash, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk and many more. Their quick dry moisture management fabric makes them perfect for any kind of sports activity. Which one is your favorite?

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Oct 052013

The Seated Whole Body Pedaler

Just as the FitDesk X1 and the Compact Elliptical Trainer, the Seathed Whoole Body Pedaler is designed to allow you a complete cardio training from the comfort of your home. The pedaler is a combining a bike-simulating pedal exercise for the legs and a upper-body ergometer to allow you to “maintain overall cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone without strain on weight-bearing joints of the body“. It can be used in combination with most home chairs and, given it’s compact design, it takes little storage space when not in use.

Both pedals and the arm crank can be cycled in reverse to allow you a more complex and efficient workout.

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May 312013

TrekDesk - The Treadmill Desk That Allows You To Get Things Done While Exercising

If I had to make a choice between working and exercising all day long, I would probably choose the second option. But, unfortunately, I am not there yet!

So, as much as I want to spend my day exercising and staying in shape, work still asks it’s fair share of my day time. There are some solutions out there that allow you to combine getting things done with exercising (check out the Elliptical Office Desk, or the FitDesk X1), but, for some reason, I was not ready yet to go this route.

The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk is another cool office desk that allows staying in shape while advancing your daily schedule. This time, rather than pedaling on an elliptical machine or a desk standing bike as the above models), you get to go through your work while walking on a treadmill.

The TrekDesk desk is an add-on compatible with most small sized treadmills out-there, includes a manuscript holder, a three level files folder, a phone stand as well as two cup holders (the cup holders can also be used as office small gear holders).

How do you like to exercise? Are you the type that likes multitasking work with exercising, or you prefer affecting individual time for each activity? Let’s hear you in the comments …

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Apr 112013

FitDesk X1 Allows You To Stay In Shape While Getting Things Done

Everyone knows exercising is one of those things we should do on daily bases. Unfortunately, not all of use get 1-2 free hours per day to exercise as we should do.

For those of you out there craving to exercise, but not finding the time to do it, the FitDesk X1 might be what you need to get you rolling. The FitDesk X1 is a folding exercise bike that features a sliding desk platform, allowing you to comfortably work on your laptop while pedaling and improving your cardiovascular health. Apart many other features, we can spot a quiet twin belt high velocity flywheel, an adjustable arm rest with massage rollers, adjustable FitDesk laptop stand and a lightweight and easy to store product format.

Hop over to Amazon to check a full list of the FitDesk X1 technical specs.

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Nov 072012

Compact Elliptical Trainer for Winter Indoor Exercising

Winter came.
Do you like exercising? Are you worried about the low temperatures outside? You’d like a stepper but you do not have an extra room available?
Well … we had the same problem … so we went out there and found the Compact Elliptical Trainer.

Basically, this compact trainer features:

  • 20″ L x 12″ W footprint – that’s 51 cm L x 30 cm W for our European readers
  • Easy storage due to it’s small size
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Tension adjust
  • LCD screen with reporting stats (number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned)
  • Steel frame supporting up to 250 lbs (that’s 113 KG)
  • Our favorite “feature”? The Price … $169.95!

Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments.

Hit the below link to watch a movie clip with the compact trainer in action.

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