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Best of CoolPile.com - 2014 Edition!

Another cool year passed by! Thank you for being a CoolPile.com visitor. We appreciate it …
Bellow we gathered a list with the most popular post on our website for 2014. Enjoy! …more

Oct 042014

Cool Zombie Hoodie With Full-Face Zipper Hood
Get ready for the next season of The Walking Dead with ThinkGeek’s Zombie Hoodie. This cool hoodie is made of 100% polyester and features a rotten flesh design with exposed ribs, muscles and internal organs. The full-zip hood zips over your face to complete the horrific effect. Grrrrr … – also check the 136 Coolest Halloween Costumes That You Can Actually Buy!

$49.99 | BUY NOW
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Apr 022014

Show You're A Real Android Fan! Get An Android Hoodie ... For You And Your Family!
So you’ve been a fanatic Android user and refused all those “upgrade-to-an-iphone” offers until now?

ALSO READ: R2-D2 Zip Hoodie – For The Star Wars Fan In You and Officially Licensed DC Comics Batman 3D Hoodie

If you did and even if you didn’t, now can show your love for Google’s little robot in pure Android style!
The Android Hoodies mimic Google’s OS mascot looks, are made of 100% polyester fleece and lined with a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend, have the Android logo embroidered on the left side of the hoodie chest and feature 3D fabric panels and the cute Android eyes and antennas on the top of the hood. Available for toddlers, youngsters men and women.

$71.35+ | BUY NOW
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Feb 282014

Superhero Hoodies - Spiderman Top Hoodie
This amazing collection of superhero hoodies drawn by DeviantArt user SevenThirtyTwo is not for sale! Imagine that! I would grab a couple of them with my eyes closed, but unfortunately they were not manufactured … yet! I am not even sure if they will ever hit the markets, but I really hope they do!

While we’re patiently waiting for this to happen, take a minute and check these other cool superhero pieces of clothing here: Official Marvel Iron Man 3 LED Light-Up T-Shirt, Superhero Muscle T-Shirts by Under Armour and the Nike Air Force 1 Iron Man!
UPDATE 09/16/2014 – Thanks @Hana for letting us know that one of these cool hoodies is up for sale on the BetaBrand crowdfunding platform under the Mercenary Hoodie name.

Mens Military Gray Mercenary Deathstroke Hoodie by seventhirtytwo

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Sep 302013

Optimus Prime Zip-Front Hoodie
After featuring the Starscream and Soundwave Transformers Hoodies earlier this week, I felt kind of bad as I did not give you the choice of being among the good guys!

So here I am with another cool Transformers hoodie – The Optimus Prime Zip-Front Hoodie.
The Autobot leader hoodie comes with big kangaroo pockets, rib knit cuffs, waistband and a half-mask.

$60 | BUY NOW
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Sep 262013

Transformers Decepticon Hoodies - Starscream

Enough with all those good guys … Forget about Superman, Spiderman, Batman and all the justice defenders out there!
It’s time I bring you cross the line and pass into the dark side …

To help you ease your translation to the dark side, I am featuring two cool Decepticon hoodies: The Starscream and The Soundwave. Starscream is the former scientist able to the transform in a jet and he is well known for his desire of taking Megatron’s place and lead the Decepticons. Soundwave on the other hand, is a trusty Decepticon which, when needed, transforms into a small micro cassette recorder with a metallic voice.
Both hoodies will be released in the next couple of weeks and are available for pre-order in sizes ranging from S to 2XL.

While the hoodies have different names (probably because of trademark licensing reasons) they closely illustrate the 2 Decepticons “real-life” designs.

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Sep 102013

Dragon Hoodie Black and White - Front View

The Dragon Hoodie is an incredibly well detailed anorak that allows you to take the shape of a dragon in seconds. The hoodie comes with articulated claws featuring escape hatches for hands, over sized hood, lightweight back wings, a detachable tail and features realistic dragon skin detailing on the shoulder, arms and back – if you’re into hoodies also check the Batman Hoodie and the R2-D2 zip hoodie.

The Dragon Hoodie will set you back $385 US, but hey … a gal has to to what a gal has to do to … look like a dragon!!!

$385 | BUY NOW
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